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izdaniael chapter 9 . 10/14
I'll be here waiting for chapter 9 finish remastering and I'll get righg back at it
CocoDreamPuff chapter 8 . 10/13
Can’t wait for the next update, this chapter was Epic! I loved how Luffy ended it all with a tadaaa.
Excalibur98 chapter 31 . 10/11
honestly the original interesting and i like the newer version as well. BUT what the fuck is up with the harem!? does alvida even a point in the story?! also roger sounds like a jackass. also luffy could give his memories to zoro because the timeline won't be affected by zoro... and honestly there is a few plot holes... like who the fck are the other gods?! and Zeus being the bad guy?! also the whole drama with sabo... also the shabdorans are from the moon...
Xiaron chapter 8 . 9/16
Liking the rewrite a lot so far! Good to have you back working on this, I enjoyed the story when it was first written, and the quality has only improved in the second version. I'm looking forward to the rest of The Will of D being redone, and anticipating where you go from there.
Revalution7 chapter 8 . 9/8
MindSweeper chapter 8 . 9/5
I really don’t like that observation haki was revealed to Zoro without him learning it, it ruins the fight with Mihawk even before luffy jumos in. Zoro’s fight with Mihawk and losing it are what set him on the path of being luffy’s most loyal crew mate and give him a lot of character development. By letting him know what observation hakibis Zoro doesn’t try his all from the start, which he really should have, and disgraces his swordsmanship in front of Mihawk. If you go back and just make it so Zoro stays calm and fights to his fullest extent without tricks even if he knows he’ll lose (like he did originally) you could easily make Mihawk a friend of the straw hats and make it so Zoro’s position on the crew seems as sure and stable as it does in the original. Another thing about this is that instead of threatening Mihawk, I feel it would be much more effective for Luffy to let the fight play out the way it did originally. He knows how much stronger this made Zoro throughout the story, even if he spent the arlong arc weaker. I don’t understand why a smarter Luffy would take on someone as strong as he knows Mihawk is to make Zoro weaker in the story and a weaker character overall. I loved the story the first time through and the direction you’re taking the reboot but this really just doesn’t make sense to me in any way and seems likely to weaken the story over time.
Jisa chapter 8 . 9/5
Damn, I like this a lot. Didn't really expect it, with how out there those first two chapters were and how Luffy is so very, very different from cannon, but this is really fun to read. Looking forward to the rest of your updated chapters. I think I'll wait for them before I read anymore.
Shenro chapter 8 . 8/29
I didn't read your story when you first posted it.. Mostly because at the time I wasn't into either One Piece or fanfiction. I found your story when other authors said they got inspiration from it. I was sad at first to see that it hadn't been updated in years so I checked out your profile page and thankfully seen you were reworking it. After reading.. Only the remastered chapters I can tell I've seen bits and pieces of your story in other works plenty of times. Onto the story itself... Holy ****! I love it. Honestly can't wait to read more. It sucks I wont get updates when you fix up a new chapter but I'm ok with that. I will check every so often! This is an amazing story and I'm sure many others besides myself are very glad you came back! Looking forward to the next one!
Kilanna D chapter 8 . 8/27
OH MY GODS. Okay so, I read, a lot, and Im even writing my own fanfic (despite having serious doubts about my talent) but I LOVE THIS. I am not one of your old readers and honestly, I usually wait till rewrites are finished before I read them, but I liked the sound of this one so much that I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed. You balance Luffy and Roger pretty well and you managed to stick enough to cannon for it to not be total AU but you change enough to make it a whole new adventure at the same time and I think that is epic. I admit, I'm a little confused as to why Luffy wouldn't trust his crew with the truth but would trust like, Kuro. I get Nami because she hasn't really gone through her whole arc and maybe not even telling them right away, but he should know that Zoro and the others wouldn't care and cannon!luffy trusts his crew with everything. I get not telling them all of the future events but I feel like he would at least tell them that he knew what was going to happen even if he didn't tell them all of the how and whys. I'll also admit that its weird getting a Luffy that plans and is manipulative and stuff but weird in a good way, you know? Anyway, when you do go fic grammar and typos look out for doubled up letters, I've noticed that happens quite a bit. I honestly really love this one and I love you writing style so keep up the good work. I'm a little mad that FF doesn't notify us when you update a chapter because it makes it impossible to know when you post and I can't stand the thought of missing an update. Have you ever considered posting your rewrite as a separate story? Just a thought. Anyway, can't wait to see the next chapter, I suppose it'll be soon based on your updating pattern. Good Luck and stay in good Health!
Dat guy chapter 31 . 8/24
I absolutely loved the reboot until the mihawk part, I agree with some other reviews that that was stupid, Luffy interfering even before Zoro's fight with Mihawk screwed his first mate over so bad and I would have much preferred it going as the original time line cause luffy should know the importance of Zoro's fight in relation to his dream. And that he would have survived even if he got hurt, it became a major event in Zoro's life and Luffy screwed him over. He changed the events too much even the bit with Nami on the ship I don't understand. I get that he wants to change things and that underworld stuff was a good start, but I don't like the idea that the events that made the crew trust and believe in luffy changing this drasticly. Also, why the hell would Arlong join the crew, I just can't fathom the crew getting along with him especially nami. I can tolerate it if it would be in the background after scaring the shit out of him but not in direct contact with the crew. Now I know you haven't gotten to that part yet in the reboot and your style has majorly improved, I think a lot of people would agree that arlong joining the crew is a no go because I honestly can't forgive that smuck. It would be a constant reminder for Nami of what she went through. I don't know what you have planned for this story but the trust in the crew isn't at a comfortable level, and I really hope that changes soon. I have read many ff and watches the anime multiple times and I personally won't like the distrust to continue after they enter the grand line.
Man I wrote way to much.
Your writing style is good, maybe a bit too good.
I really hope this story gets a bit more positive because I think its a bit too serious at the moment. Or maybe I'm just a wimp. Good luck with your story bruh
dragonfox123 chapter 8 . 8/13
Amazing chapter and can’t wait for the next chapter
The Patient One chapter 8 . 8/7
All right...I need to leave this review now.

Let's start with what I like. Kuro joining the Straw Hats is normally extremely straining on the suspension of disbelief, and the way you've written it here is barely straining that, if at all. I like how observant he is; he adds a good amount to the crew.

The wine-tasting in the last chapter was a bit odd, but Luffy's reason for knowing was perfect, and it was nice to see the interaction between the crew that it brought about.

The way he dipped into the crew's past and helped them along, suffering as he knew he had to for the long run? Good. And at least a couple of the crew will understand if the truth comes out.

Bluejam's...perhaps "redemption" is too strong of a word, but in any case, I do very much like what you did with him and his.

...But at this point, I need to talk about characterization. Back in Chapter 3, I expressed my dislike for Sabo renouncing his brotherhood with Luffy. At that time, I was just thinking on it from the perspective of "Luffy loses one of the most important people in his life, I don't want that." But thinking about it more...yes, Sabo saw his father murdered before his eyes. Yes, Sabo's father was made into a scapegoat. Yes, Luffy was to blame for it by extension. But Outlook III never loved Sabo. He was in the middle of threatening him with house arrest and dragging him back to a living hell. Sabo cleaved to Ace and Luffy because they showed him love and loyalty, which he never had before. He completely separated from his status as a noble. Yet the death and shaming of someone who made his life a living hell were enough to make him completely renounce the only ones he truly called family, and the whole idea of freedom that he sought after for his entire life? I'm not saying he shouldn't have been unaffected...but that was far overblown.

But I'm writing this review because of Luffy's interaction with Mihawk. Sure, his character has changed. Sure, he doesn't want to see his crewmate die again. But to jump straight to threatening Mihawk—whose strength he knows is capable of rivaling an Emperor—before making any kind of good impression on him, when he knows that Zoro's spirit was enough on its own the first time? Zoro walked away from his first fight with Mihawk defeated but branded as Mihawk's chosen successor. If Zoro had done what he did in this chapter without Luffy interfering, Mihawk would have respected him despite his defeat. Here, yes, he acknowledged that Zoro would defeat him...but Luffy had to intervene to save his life because of Mihawk's annoyance at being threatened.

Luffy has become jaded. His whole reason for everything that he's done is to protect his crew and help them reach their dreams. And yet, he's living a lie around them. Can he tell them everything right away? Surely not. But how can the bonds between them form in this time if Luffy is obviously keeping secrets from them at the outset? And then there's the fact that I'm still unsure if or when the truth is going to come out.

And another concern: if you still plan to have Arlong join the crew, having Nami remain on the crew is going to be impossible. After the occurrence with Sabo, no bond would be deep enough to keep her close, and then what would the point be in going on? One of his crewmates will never reach their dream. Is it enough for Luffy that he'll keep going to salvage the other eight? He's already interfered in Zoro's and nearly ruined everything in the process.

I will say that I still don't know what you're planning for the next few chapters, so all of this could just be folding into character development for Luffy...or re-development as it may be. I still maintain that Sabo's reaction was overblown and he should have found his way back to his brothers, or at least have some serious regret that's grown over the years. But I'll keep looking out for your rewritten chapters; there's too much good stuff here for me to drop this story yet.
NPGamer11 chapter 7 . 8/4
Eagerly waiting the next remastered chapter.
Notsae chapter 8 . 7/31
Interesting. Are his hands merely water prosthetics or has he truly crafted new flesh from water for himself?
VoyagersUnite chapter 31 . 7/20
NNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW CCCHHHAAAAAPPPPTTTTTEEERRRRRRR! YESSSSSSSSSSS! i Have absolutely loved the re write so far and a new chapter has made the highlight of my day. (given it's one in the morning, but still...) can't wait for the next chapter and I'm hoping you'll get back in the swing of things, stay healthy.
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