Reviews for It All Started With A Visit To Gringotts
Darknessdawns chapter 60 . 9/4
This was an absolutely amazing story. I was honestly surprised by some of the twists and the direction things went. With the way it started, I expected there to be an unveiling of Dumbledore's and other's manipulations against Harry. What I wasn't expecting was how deep the plot truly was, nor was I expecting the villain. The way little things all added up by the end was very well done. As was the historical background information that was sprinkled throughout the piece. What was truly surprising was how little time actually passed within the story. From start to finish, excluding the two part epilogue, was only about four months. What is even more surprising is that nothing felt rushed. There was a good foundation to start with, the character growth felt natural, and the speed of major events were well paced. There's so much I want to comment on but I don't want to leave spoilers. I think the only negative thing I even have to say is that the relationship between Harry and Severus happened very quickly. It was well explained but I still would have liked to see more development between them prior to the official relationship. Also I would have enjoyed seeing more of the things mentioned in the last chapter and the events in Harry and Severus' lives. I can understand why things were only mentioned briefly. After all, truly going into it would have made a book on its own. Anyway, this was an absolutely wonderful story and I enjoyed it greatly.
bunika chapter 59 . 8/11
Eileen is like his dad
bunika chapter 58 . 8/11
Harry is protective husband
bunika chapter 57 . 8/10
it was hard to make a decision
bunika chapter 56 . 8/10
some sacrifice need to be made
bunika chapter 54 . 8/10
Harry is a naughty snake
bunika chapter 55 . 8/10
love is blind
bunika chapter 53 . 8/9
poor Dante
bunika chapter 50 . 8/8
what a small world
bunika chapter 49 . 8/7
I hope they can right the wrong
bunika chapter 48 . 8/6
they will get through it together
bunika chapter 47 . 8/5
Seth is just jealous brat
bunika chapter 46 . 8/4
why did Seth so hard to die
bunika chapter 45 . 8/3
Severus must know it was imposter
bunika chapter 44 . 8/3
Death gave good advice
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