Reviews for It All Started With A Visit To Gringotts
sisi chapter 57 . 1h
sisi chapter 56 . 3h
I dont understood the war, but I hope to peace in the World between everybody. It seems neccesserry tu have good soldiers for built a team and win. Thanks.
sisi chapter 55 . 7h
thank you.
sisi chapter 54 . 20h
It was a hard job to remade Hogwards to the original ideas. But the way is before everybody. How dificult will be to be the perfect school of magic?
sisi chapter 53 . 22h
Do You mean,that Janus could be a profesor of history in Hogwards? Probably it could be better than Msr. Ghost Beans.
sisi chapter 52 . 1/20
Blue man is dangerous from Atlantis. Why is no possible to morder it?
sisi chapter 51 . 1/20
Well. Im happy, elfs danced their dance of death and life. Potter - Black and Prince will have a babies and Prince Manor rebuilt and His magnificent Lord of Prince will come there. Thanks.
sisi chapter 50 . 1/19
I have a half of my hard. Daddy and son Snapes met themselves on the street. What happened? Miracles on the World? Thanks very much.
Guest chapter 49 . 1/19
Its very deep, when the history of Atlantis is ilustrated here. I hope it will be put to the story of Severus and Harry. Thanks.
sisi chapter 48 . 1/19
thank you for the may orphans in Hogwards. Thats pleasure by Gofrick, Rowen, Salazar and others from the group of guverners. The stipendium could be use well.
sisi chapter 47 . 1/19
There are s lot of creature what is need to pottions, why is Snape out of it? I hope the love between Potter - Black and Snape - Prince win. Thanks.
sisi chapter 46 . 1/19
very action piece, so I hope it will be good and continue to happy end.
sisi chapter 43 . 1/18
I do sleep - I do dream? Vernon is so ill. Where is aid for him? No death- no live, no hell no heaven, lost soul.
LightningFuryStrike13 chapter 60 . 1/17
Ye Gods and Goddesses this was *chef's kiss* one of the most epic Harry Potter stories I have ever read. It started off like a lot of typical stories do then just went completely off the fucking rails in all the best ways. A train off the rails into a whirlpool that opened into space where there was an island with snakes that begat the world. Just AWESOME in the true definition of the word.

Thank you. Thank you.
sisi chapter 42 . 1/17
Thanks for live back Misty.
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