Reviews for Guarding It All
hfs9c1 chapter 4 . 10/29/2008
cant wait for the update and if she does forgive them will she go live with them or stay in voltiira
Sheeijan chapter 4 . 10/29/2008
I just found this story and I'm interested. I'm confused on why Bella seems so happy to be there, but I figure it'll come out soon. Also I was shocked on her wearing such high heels without a problem! She must have major superpowers now! lol
evilangel3326 chapter 4 . 10/29/2008
i like it :)
Midnightxoxo chapter 4 . 10/28/2008
oh cliffy, i didnt want the chapter to end!

mwah Emma
sheeiur22 chapter 4 . 10/28/2008
I love that the she drops everything and says "shit". Great intro to the Cullens seeing Bella again. Can't wait to read more from Edward's point to view too.
Karren1109 chapter 4 . 10/28/2008
hah! i love the epov! keep writing
Dark-n-Twisty chapter 4 . 10/28/2008
Aw, you can't leave it there! I wonder how the Cullen's, one Cullen in particular, are going to take this newly mature Bella, or how they'll take to the fact that she is now a member of the Volturi? I just can't wait for your next update and I hope to be reading more from you very soon! Keep up the amazing work!
Mkitkat chapter 4 . 10/28/2008
lolz and what fell from her heavenly lips? Shit! that was funny I think you did a good job on the diffrent POVS chapter 4 . 10/28/2008
Yuki-Kowareta chapter 4 . 10/28/2008

is all i could say.


and EPOV was perfectly fine (:
4everKiaRosemeryRoss chapter 4 . 10/28/2008
You should keep doing both
ShadowsDaughter chapter 4 . 10/28/2008
woah AWESOME! haha hm i like BPOV better.
Dark Shining Light chapter 4 . 10/28/2008
I like Edward's pov. keep it up! Update ASAP!
lynn1642 chapter 4 . 10/28/2008
Write more, more, more! please! I liked Edwards POV, don't give up on it just yet :)
Chris chapter 4 . 10/28/2008
Ha! that was funny.

"And what word fell from those heavenly lips?"


If I was I Bella, I would start going off on a string profanaties followed by something along the lines of "Damn it Aro you are so dead." I would be fuming and suddenly stop and say lets go. I would then continue to fume silently until I got back to the castle and was done with the tour. All the while wearing a pleasant but noticable false smile. I would not stop being pissed until I was safely in my room then proceed to cry. But that's what I would do if I were her.

I say you did a good job on writing EPOV I honestly enjoy both his and Bella's. Ha lol, I still love that part "Shit." Don't give up on writing Edward's POV! I love reading those!

Good Job!
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