Reviews for Relaxation
Gothgirlreid chapter 1 . 8/12/2009

are they in the order of :

Rossi, Garcia, Reid , Emily, Morgan, Hotch?

Couldnt resist trying to figure out who was who :D
Tuli-Susi chapter 1 . 4/18/2009
Lol, story of their life, right?

Let's see if I got everyone in order:

Rossi, Garcia, Reid, Prentiss, Morgan and Hotch.

it does sound like something that would happen to them - thought maybe not THAT bad of a case. I mean, it would have to be a team to work that fast, and they'd have to have it preplanned to boot.
LoraLee2 chapter 1 . 11/2/2008
Excellent, I had to work to figure some out, but I got 'em. Great job figuring out all their little luxuries, spot on I think.
Parzival chapter 1 . 10/23/2008
Lovely little fic. And very inspiring. I really enjoyed the relaxing hot bath I just NEEDED to take after reading your story :-D What a pity our beloved profilers didn’t get to savor their well deserved bathroom pleasures.
Emerald Eyes of Flame chapter 1 . 10/22/2008

poor guys

mabelreid chapter 1 . 10/22/2008
Very funny, I enjoyed trying to figure out which was which. I like their relaxation techniques! Too bad for the interruption though.
kdzl chapter 1 . 10/22/2008
I love this chapter! I like when we get to see part of their lives outside the BAU. Incredibly well written!
Sue1313 chapter 1 . 10/22/2008
This was so good. I love the look at the personal life and how they relax.
ssbailey chapter 1 . 10/21/2008
I love this! Great chapter!
tearbos chapter 1 . 10/21/2008

Cute. I could definitely see it.