Reviews for Naruto's Compensation
Shadowed Sorceress chapter 27 . 8/24
This is by far the best 'betrayed' /independent Naruto fic I've ever read. I love it.
Guest chapter 3 . 8/23
I'm sorry but this retarded naruto makes no sense why the fuck would you still like a village that hates you and an old man who was partially responsible for you losing your leg, even if this is not real it's still fucking stupid
Guest chapter 1 . 8/23
Oh a retarded naruto who hopefully doesn't trust the hokage
Atheist god chapter 5 . 8/5
Just added this fic to my favorite's list
Fishbiter chapter 27 . 7/26
Does Naruto ever find anyone to share things with, or does he stay secretive and alone forever?

Loved this story so much, even after reading a second time. Thanks for writing it!
bellamy1506 chapter 27 . 7/22
Just as good the second read as it was the first! Geat job!
Astiar chapter 27 . 7/8
This was amazing. I would say it's the best story I have ever read that wasn't a pubished novel. The way you wrote Naruto is sad and lonely and beautiful but the best part is BELIEVABLE. His reactions fear and growth feels natural and make the story touch me as a reader. I felt for him and cried for him raged at his losses and smiled at his victories.
I can away wanting more. Was the Uchiha fan for Madara, Itachi or both? What happens during the inevitable war that will come? What happened to Garra and the other containers? I would love to see a sequel or additional chapter or two cover those areas but I do love the ending of this one.
Guest chapter 27 . 7/7
Truly awesome story! It was a look at Naruto without the kyuubi, without some over powered dojutsu, and without him being a wuss to some harem of women that don't really care about him.

Your story was intelligent, and well thought out. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!
setokayba2n chapter 27 . 6/30
Well... I managed to read and I liked it, just what I expected of a puppeter Naruto and even more.

To think I searched the idea of a puppeter Naruto mainly because in a certain fic, Naruto begin to travel different dimensions and find a puppeter Naruto.

Good story, congratulations
Reptil chapter 27 . 6/21
This was an amazing story though I couldn't see naruto in your character at all but that's not a bad thing you created an original character to lead this story a cold calculating broken man who rarely if ever exposed his heart to others it was dark but this story was brilliant thank u
Guess chapter 27 . 6/18
That may have been the best story I have ever read! To be honest, I was a bit skeptical when I read the summary but thought that I might as well read it, and I am so glad I did! Beautifully written, well executed, and powerful!
Vilkath chapter 27 . 6/13
One of the best Puppet using Naruto fics I have ever read if for no other reason than it is actually a complete story. Puppet master fics are not entirely uncommon but most of them barely make it past the first few chapters of set up. I also loved that while Naruto used puppet it wasn't his entire focus, nor what made him truly powerful but rather his ability to think logically and use the rather uncommon common sense in the Naruto verse.

I will say some the closing chapters seemed a bit rushed, tons of build up glossed over to get to the end but at least this story was finished before the author's interest in Naruto fanfics died.
nahte123456 chapter 27 . 6/3
Well the part with Number 2 was just depressing, but the rest was great, Naruto was very nice and he really hammered in the whole "Ninja" thing. Number Three's ending was also great, nice to see that type of thing in this type of story.
Redery chapter 27 . 5/23
That was a great end. Awesome to see what he built in the end.
Redery chapter 26 . 5/23
That's a true ninja for you. Well done fights.
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