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Kensington chapter 13 . 8/6/2009
Great conclusion to this story.

While I enjoy reading all of your work, so far this series is my favorite. Your Xander/Jenny is the most realistic student/teacher relationship I've read (especially with the need to keep it secret) and I'm really liking how you've written the characters of Vi and Colleen. I'm hoping that both of those characters remain central to the next story.

In these latter chapters I would have to say my favorite parts deal with the Watcher's Council and its interaction with the people in Sunnydale. I like how so far you haven't truly painted them as villains, but with their high-handed nature they seem to be bound to create an enemy of at least Xander, Jenny and Amy.

I'm truly curious about how the Council will handle SHIELD if they start poking their noses into Sunnydale. I can't imagine Nick Fury rolling over to let Travers do whatever he wants to American Citizens.

Eagerly awaiting The Waking of Titans.
s-david-m chapter 13 . 8/3/2009
Nice close, and a good setup for a sequel. :-)
Gogolu chapter 13 . 8/2/2009
Very nice chapter.
RobC chapter 13 . 7/31/2009
Great to see more of this one.

So much politics. Tough being a good guy and not just killing off the Watchers like Travers...
Kyle E chapter 12 . 5/25/2009
Way of the warrior and its prequel took me 3 tries to get past the first page, i usually love xander crossovers with any form of superhero but this one didnt stick right away,it wasent that it was poorly written, because it was extremely well written. it just had a hard time drawing me in, but once i was hooked i read the entire thing in a few hours, i didnt want to misplace anything, and usually when the story changes pov i skip ahead because it loses its luster but this is the first time i didnt skip ahead at any point. you took a character id barely heard of and you instilled an interest in finding out more,your writting style leaves me wishing every fanfic writter was of your caliber because unlike most you dont give point A, some conflict, the end. you crafted an entire world that made sense and had very few plot holes, i rarely if ever thought no the character wouldent react that way, you made each character human and you avoided mary sues, im thankfull that you felt inspired to write such an excellent piece of work about my favorite character and didnt character bash or make him a god. i like how mutants are absent from this universe it makes people with powers seem more special this way and not factory built. one thing i feel like mentioning is your lessening reviews, dont let it dishearten you, your work might have lost some interest but many simply dont review (this is my third in 4 years)one more thing i would like to comment on is most stories have the characters go from little bad to only big bads with a few vamps thrown in as filler, youve avoided this mostly and i hope you continue to have a few medium classed threats, otherwise the end of the world threats seem less important and detract from the effort gone into stopping them.

ps. nice mislead on the "scotts parents died in a plane crash"
Fionn the Otaku chapter 12 . 5/20/2009
This fioc and the one it's a are really great stories. I really like how well you have intigrated various parts of both the mainstream Marvel universe and the world of the current marvel movies into the Buffyverse as well as the changes that has made to Sunnydale.

Still i'm a bit conflicted about your choice to make Mutant powers fictional since on the one hand Mutants don't fit very well into the universe as it's presented in BTVS but on the other hand Mutatns ingeneral and a few in particular are a essential part of any Marvel Universe. Not to mention i am a huge fan of Wolverine and Jubilee.

That said i think that Ultimate Wolverine could easily be intigrated into this story since in the Ultimate universe he was a more or less normal human who was caught with Nick fury trying to break into a safe during the US invaision of Italy during WWII and both were shipped off to be experimented

on as part of Super soldier programs.

Also I'd like to see Tigra or She Hulk (who could be the result of a attempt by Sterns's to recreate the Hulk useing Bruces closest liveing Relative).
Lord Musashi chapter 12 . 4/21/2009
I'm logged off, soz, but I have been reading this story all the way through, now I'm exausted. It took me about 4 days. Well done

"You're all just tourists."

A wonderful description, and a fantastic wayto end a story...



/ \ ;D
A Fan chapter 12 . 4/20/2009
Loving the story. Hoping you will update soon. I have to admit that I don't have much experience with the Marvel Universe... frankly when I was comming along, it was too big and had too many strange crosses for me to put money into (although I DID have some favorites, I'll admit). This story has pushed me to scan the net to get the backstory on some of the characters I don't know. Yes, your writing has inspired research!

To be honest, I don't know why the review numbers are so low. Did you update some chapters or something? Sorry to see a good story aparantely getting overlooked. I'll admit, I had some trouble with your frist story... to be honest I'm still at the half-way mark and waiting to go back to it. The writing on that one was very dense - lots of stuff going on and at time letting imagery overwhelm story... but this one seems to have hit a good balance and flows well.

The only bit of criticism would be from the choice to keep shifting between storylines. I imagine that the ultimate goal is to bring the two major ones together, probably at or near the major climax of the piece. The only real criticism is that doing so affects pacing in the story, so that several times I found myself following the Xander story line and being at an exciting point when you suddenly switched to one of the other strands. While this can be a very effective techinque to build tension and reader interest, there were a few times doing so made me want to skip ahead to find the next "interesting" section. I think this mainly took place where you had a bit of a cliff hanger on one story line and then switched to another that started with, and kept going with, quite a bit of exposition. In that case, instead of building tension it ended up killing the pacing.

But, hey... if this is the major type problems you're having, good story right? Only other things are minor (word order out of sequence or sections where words are obviously left out). One request though, if you'll forgive the impertinance: maybe make an effort periodically to state/remind the reader of a character's speach style or voice. I have to admit that till you said something about a New York accent, the voice I heard for Orson was essentially the voice of Holst from "Angel". Generally you do a very good job painting a picture, but sometimes it feels like you forget the sound element.

Still. Great story! Love reading it. Hope you can continue it soon. And, as always, thank you for writing and for sharing your story with us.
jarad hillman chapter 12 . 4/18/2009
Don't be discouraged, your ironfist storys have a great deal of flare, and I am enjoying them quite a bit
leader chapter 12 . 3/24/2009
Not bad, this seemed more like an inbetween chapter. I did love the scenes between the Council's goons and Xander though. I knew his flippant attitude would drive them crazy. I'm starting to see similiar stuff with this story and Spy Game. The Council and Xander's group have the same goals, but different methiods; and ultimately methods are what matters, not goals. I also liked the progression with the Avengers, especially with Black Widow. Is Captain America going to make an appearance? Personally, I love Cyclops. Look forward to more.
Kensington chapter 12 . 3/20/2009
As enjoyable the previous arc was, it is nice to see events taking place back at Sunnydale.

I'm really liking how you're structuring the conflict between Xander and the Watchers. While I would say Xander is more in the right, the Council certainly aren't true antagonists, despite their overbearing attitude. The way you've given individual personalities to the various Watchers simply makes the organization all the more realistic.

Looking forward to future chapters.
eader chapter 11 . 3/13/2009
To answer your question, I think part of is that sequels just get less attention. I did not read the Iron Fist comics, so I don't know, but how much of this is similiar to the comics? If is very similiar, maybe people feel like you are taking what did happen, and just changing the characters?

Personally, I love it. I really liked the scenes in Sunnydale. "Is this another dangerous magical artifact?" made me laugh, I could sense her exasperation. I'm glad Joyce at least trusts Amy, but I think part of Giles' anger was just that she wasn't doing it his way, or that she doubted the Council. I was surprised that Vi and the others didn't come to help Xander; but I knew the other warriors would. Fat Cobra is still a hoot. I liked how Xander did not fully make peace with Davos, it seemed more real. "By Grabthar's hammer? By the sons of Worvan?", well done. I'm glad Vi got to keep the dog, it was sweet. The best scenes were the ones where Xander was interacting with Vi, Jenny, and Amy.
MaXandeRoswell chapter 11 . 3/12/2009
In response to your chapter 11 Author's Note: I think possibly less people are responding to this one because of what is inevitable in stories like this: scope creep. The first story was rewarding and easy-to-follow, and this one has far more to try and keep track of. It is, as I say, inevitable that when a character steps out into a larger world (which is the whole point of this story) there becomes more for the reader to keep track of. Your writing style is excellent, but I sometimes find that it's very hard to remember from one chapter to the next all the characters we've found and what's going on with everybody. It's something I'm guilty of myself (I'm writing a Buffy/Roswell/SG-1 crossover, and that leads to all kinds of expansion in different directions. However, I'm trying to keep the story centered heavily on a few main scenarios.

I've personally really enjoyed this story so far and look forward to seeing what's next; but I hope that if you continue the series you move back to a more localized view of Xander, and decide what specifically your stories will be about.

If they're about Xander, give us a more specific view of his world. It's too big to take it all in at the moment. It's not a slam to your writing style, I tend to think the same way, and I'm not exactly about to hold up my own writing as a shining example of succinct and focused.

If it's about the scoobies in general, give us more of Willow and Buffy, or Amy. Tell the story from two or three points of view, and keep it focused on the important parts, and you'll be more likely to reach more people in a meaningful way.
PKsoldier chapter 1 . 3/11/2009
I reported Anitun to the moderator for abusive language, he posted in other categories with the same pattern. He is a troll and leave it at that.
s-david-m chapter 11 . 3/10/2009
Since you asked, I think the pacing feels a little off. This chapter was better than others, but the arcs are sometimes too long and involved. I think the bigger deal to most Buffy fans is the missing camarederie of the Scoobies from the show. People spent 7 years learning about all the major characters on Buffy, and you're only using one of these characters, and you've also changed him significantly. That's ok, but I suspect people are missing everything else. It doesnt feel like Buffy anymore, but your own universe with characters that just share the same names.
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