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leader chapter 8 . 1/27/2009
Very good. I love the inclusion of Thor (I love Thor) and Hawkeye. I liked how Xander kept trying to defend Orson's actions, it seemed very in character. It took me a few seconds to get what he meant by Jenny not bending in anywhere (assuming I did get it), and yeah it is corny but sweet. I laughed out loud at the Thunderer commenting on how Xander collected women. The scene between him and Davos was perfect, even if it did come back to bite him. His playing of Lilah was well done as well. Looks like Faith is starting to see her watcher is up to something too. The scenes back in Sunnydale were well done, though Amy wanting to keep the thing for herself makes me nervous. Really looking forward to the next one, especially the fight.

P.S. Was the mind defense thing in Spy Game being called Harvey a reference to Farscape? If so, I salute your sir.
Fist of Steel chapter 8 . 1/26/2009
Love the story. Just hope that you let Xander beat Fat Cobra, unlike Randy in the Iron fist comics
Aaron W chapter 8 . 1/26/2009
Nice couple of chapter. The first one I did like the leaving and how Xander said his goodbyes and had things to do. It was well written and done. I couldn't wait to see what happened in the tournament.

This new chapter described how Xander and company is starting to adjusting to K'un L'un. Nice bit of attraction between Xander and Jenny. Of course the August Personage in Jade don't like him very well. He'll probably find out that trying to stop Xander's independence is like sawing a steel bar with dental floss. I liked how you kept with what happened in the Iron Fist storyline in this, Xander confronting Davos was pure Xander and I like how you described the other immortal weapons. Nice swerve on Lilah that he made. Wolfram and Hart won't be happy. So what will happen to Lilah will she leave because Xander's no long representing W&H? or she'll stay on principle?

Nice to see what was happening in the world with Xander and the rest is gone. Amy is doing fine, Jenny during the brief time has taught her well. Kendra is fitting in as well, and even though some of the scoobies aren't there. the world does still spin and still more bad guys to fight.

And what's happening in the the other part of the world things are heating up Hawkeye's hurt, wonder what happened to him, and they're trying to recruit Thor, I see you're adding a bit of the ultimate universe in this. Love to see what's going to happen next.

Seems like Faith is getting a bit of a clue how deep personally Xander is, wonder what is up with Faith's watcher calculating look and Vi's didn't change. Oh well, we'll probably find out soon enough

Great part and great couple of chapters. Love to see the first fight between Xander and Fat Cobra (the guy's a trip)
Kensington chapter 8 . 1/26/2009
Sweet chapter.

I really liked how you handled Lilah. It had felt, strange when Xander accepted her into his posse, so it's nice to read such a rational conclusion to her presence.

Looking forward to the fight with Fat Cobra!
Zar chapter 8 . 1/26/2009
I'm a big fan of the current Iron Fist run and upon learning you merged Xander with the world of the Iron Fist, I just about had the biggest geekasm in a while.

Xander's filling in Danny's role very well thus far, I must say. I have to wonder if we'll get an Iron Fist/Power man team up in this reality tho. Anyway Loved the work so far man :)
Gogolu chapter 8 . 1/26/2009
leader chapter 7 . 1/17/2009
This felt like it was building up to the next chapter, but it was still well done. I was surprised that The Hulk and Iron Man are working together now, but I like it. I was hoping to see them fight the gamma-bears though. The scenes between Xander and Jenny were perfect. She is coming with him to the Tournament isn't she? Is anyone else? By the way, I've been re-reading Spy Game. Everytime Buffy asks the Immortal if he really deals in drugs, souls, and flesh and he just says "Well... Yeah." I laugh so hard. You also got me to see Spartan through your story. Good movie. The guy who plays Agent Coulson is even in it, which seems appropriate. Really looking forward to te next chapter.
Spidey-phd chapter 7 . 1/17/2009
Looking good! I'm enjoying the flow- very smooth. Good build up. Not too fast, not too slow. And not too much Lilah (which I was worried about).

You're doing a great job of keep it focused on Xander and the Iron Fist. Bringing in other characters and plots just enough to round things out without being a distraction.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
RobC chapter 7 . 1/17/2009
Great story so far. Lots of subplots working too, can't wait to see how you tie them all together.

Gogolu chapter 7 . 1/17/2009
Great chapter.

And next: FIGHT!
Aaron W chapter 6 . 12/18/2008
Lilah's "induction" into Xander's growing group was what I thought it would be, none of the group trust her, but I understand why she had to be brought along. Maybe Xander is a sucker for a pretty face. Seems a lot of women are joining Xander lately. He needs to meet more male friends. Maybe his eventual meeting with SAMCRO will fix that.

Speaking of Samcro great way of using the characters in the show. Even if we never saw "Sons of Anarchy" we know what's going on about the club and its members. Great that you used Xan's uncle Rory as one of the 9 original members. Love to see what happens when they reunite. it will be an interesting experience. I think Faith will fit right in with Samcro (of course saving a priest and a bunch of nuns during a hot summer night with nothing with a stake and a smile she'll fit in anywhere)

I loved Professor Wing's introduction as well as Colleen's and the Hand (loved the TMNT joke you put in there. seems like Colleen wants to see the tournament for herself. In the comics Colleen and Danny were friends and allies. I think Xander and Colleen would make a great team. I wouldn't mind seeing more of her in this story.

Seems like SHIELD and the Watcher's Council is getting close to find out who Xander is really. Things are really heating up around here. Love to see what's up, well the tournament is things are not just heating up, with what's going on the in the comics I wonder if you're going to put what just happened in Iron Fist in this story. keep it up this is a good story
leader chapter 6 . 12/17/2008
Best chapter yet, I really liked the beginning part between Xander and Jenny (and the next part between them too), I thought it was really touching. I was surprised that Jenny does not entirely trust Diana (though I could understand it when it was laid out), and now she's got me all suspicious. Is Colleen from Marvel as well? I was glad that Xander called Vi his student, I really didn't realize that she was until he said so. Vi was so awsome in that scene between her and Faith. I kind of hope Faith doesn't back off though, it keeps things entertaining. With another (hot) girl in their group, Xander should really start getting some guys to go with them to balance it out. Or at least learn to say no to a pretty face. I'm looking forward to seeing them meet with Nick Fury.

P.S. Glad to see he learned to lock their door this time.
Gogolu chapter 6 . 12/17/2008
Most interesting chapter.

Smooth insertion of The Hand.
NeroSparda chapter 6 . 12/17/2008
You know, what he kinda forgets to mention is that not only does the group get's bigger, but it seems to consist of only females for some reason. That, or he knows and is trying to figure out himself why that it is only females joining his group. Well, I hope you update soon, ja ne.
DuQuesne chapter 5 . 12/11/2008
Kill us please. It hurts us, it kills us! This is BS Beyond the worst comic-booko ever done!
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