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byakkunmarshmallows chapter 7 . 6/4/2015
did you give up on this story ))))): it was so good along with RVDecimo-sama i'm still anticipating your next update :')
yug chapter 5 . 3/14/2014
top music mother foker chit goku vs jose do capeta :D
chi-chan chapter 10 . 5/5/2013
Oh great authoress-sama *bow* please please please update your stories i am just too addicted with it - i can't sleep *hides in the corner* please? *-*
Kay kw33n chapter 1 . 8/6/2011
Fangirls: Go Hayato!

Hayato: ... You poop head.

Fangirls: wtf!

L̳̿Ö̤̣̇ː̗̀)ː̖́Ö̤̣̇L̳̿. Great story
MyDearGoddessofthemoonandsun chapter 10 . 12/17/2010
I absolutely love this story, though I do have a question:

It really seems that Mitsuki truly cares for Mutsuhi, however after reading that very hot Bonus chapter it got me thinking if Murasaki, Mitsuki, and Mutsuhi are going to be a threesome couple throughout this RVD Sidetrack story?

(i personally don't have a problem with that but I did have to wonder if it was all good teasing and all, instead of serious...but like I said, that bonus chapter got me really thinking)
Peach Muffins chapter 7 . 8/26/2010
I loved this chapter. In one word it was "hot". Which sums it all up. Not just the temperature but in the way that people say "that's hot" or something.

It was really interesting to read. A lot of giggles came forth.

I *really* don't understand how/why Mitsuki kisses them "chastely".

Also, I thought Mutsuhi had no brother?

Mutsuhi was moaning loudly, wailing his brother's name over and over again.
Peach Muffins chapter 4 . 8/24/2010
LOL! Emilio is nick-named Eri? That's practically calling him a girl! xD it's a girl's name~

"He was what Emilio wanted to be when he grows up. Refined, disciplined, strong, Hibari Kyouya was everything

Emilio wanted to be."

I don't think you had to write that he was what Emilio wanted to be two times :O

"you're personality"

wrong you're/your. It's "your" :)

I loved the reader corner. Haha~~~~~~~~

Aww. Lunch is over. Bye~ (Keep working hard! 3)
Peach Muffins chapter 2 . 8/23/2010
Okays~ I think I'll re-read RVD-sama in a while. I lost track D;

First up, wrong 'suite' - "suit" and once again I've forgotten something.

Ah, I like this story but I'm still getting used to the amount of "m" names in it. Confuzed me like nuts in the first chapter ._.

I like the reader question corner. It's hilarious.

Um. Yeah. That's it. I think.

Keep up the good work~!
Myu Kuran chapter 7 . 7/5/2010
Hehe~ That was hot~! I never thought of the possibility of two ukes and a seme together! - covers nosebleed- /

Also~ Would you mind telling me the doujinshi name? I'm gonna go look for it later, if I can because I think it would be too much of a bother if I ask for you to send it too me~ x3
Tintin chapter 10 . 6/22/2010
when will you update? i wanna know what happens next!
Cathy Rin chapter 10 . 4/22/2010
About my last question from before...


I wonder if it will come to the point that Murasaki will really be attracted to Emi-kun...if possible, will you make a bonus track about them like what you did with the three M's before?
Kor-chan chapter 1 . 3/22/2010
yay!.. Cool!.. You made a version for Mitsuki-kun!.. And yes.. I read all your other story the one that had the title of : "Raising Vongola Decimo Sama.." And I loved it. I just forgotten to review your story there gomen!..But at lest I read the whole chapter 1 to 23 of your Raising Vongola Decimo Sama in less then 2 week!. Yea I'm that addicted to reading fanfiction!.. X_x By the way.. I just love Mitsuki-kun!.. And I'm happy you made him as the son of Tsuna and Hibari-san!... I'm looking forward for more of yours story!.. and more love for 1827 pairing!.. XDD I'm a Philippines too!.. :3 sorry if my English suck!. X_x

p.s : By the way.. Do the Varia also going to have a kids of there own too and how about Dino-san and Rika-san the mother of Hibari-kun are there gonna have a kids too?..O.o..
ThreeWayDart chapter 10 . 1/20/2010
ahaha, I've been stalking your KHR fics for almost a whole year and you finally updated after Christmas! I wasn't planning to comment but after rereading this side-track chapter for the third time I changed my mind.

So can I ask the Cavallone siblings some questions? Or anyone that can answer for them, I suppose?

Firstly, would Emilio-san happen to be the type of person who is really bad at expressing himself? And takes words very literally?

Secondly, for Nataniele-san. Would it be unanimously agreed by your peers that you are the number one 'slap-me-on-my-right-cheek-and-I'll-turn-to-you-my-left' type of guy? And with your infinite tolerance (which is funny how it coincide with the nature of sky flame holders) and possibly bottomless gauge of physical endurance has there ever been anyone getting a 'saintly' vibe from you?

Lastly, would Emilio-san sacrifice himself for his little brother?

Sorry for the questions, if it's too much to slam them in for your next track its fine. I'm just sorta really REALLY in love with the Cavallone characters you've got.

Since I think this is my first or maybe second comment on your work since I started stalking your fics a year or so ago, I must give you my thanks. Thanks to the RVD series I was greatly inspired to make a KHR roleplay in Gaiaonling and it is a success because Mitsuki greatly influenced the birth of one of my TsunaKyoko characters named Masaru who is to be Unidecimo (but he lost to his twin later on, thats a different story). Now I figured it is somehow, somewhat unfair to you who is one of the origins of the RP to not know its existence I'm just telling you now. w Thanks~

Just google ThreeWayDart and KHR in the same search and you'll probably find the roleplay...
ireadtoomanybooks chapter 10 . 1/2/2010
Man, I'm gonna have to reread everything -.-' Nuts... Oh well, so far so good :D
Amethyst Ripper Kazuki chapter 10 . 1/1/2010
wao. so cool. 1361 is now one of my major addictions. -hands you some chocolate- this is for the awesome work.

anyways, i have questions for the DDAAC(hope they all get answered! ):

mitsuki: aside from murasaki, is there anyone else whom you trust enough to let them "get it on" with mutsuhi? oh,

mutsuhi: will you dress up as a neko maid and call mitsuki "master" if he wanted you to? and, DESCRIBE in FULL DETAIL what among the things that mitsuki does to you do you love the most and keep doing to you, and how it makes you feel.

etto...can i request a bonus track? concerning my question for mutsuhi. that would make me really happy

hope you update soon~ i love all of your fics~


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