Reviews for If it Takes a Lifetime
Gustin azza chapter 1 . 9/12/2014
Really really sad ;( make me crying, but I do love this
Perennial Rhinitis chapter 1 . 6/6/2011
This fic made me cry because I realized that Oscar and André's story would still end tragically either way.
Kitiya chapter 1 . 10/23/2009
since I read ROV fiction. It's very sad story that I ever read but I love it most. Thanks for good fiction.
MeowPx chapter 1 . 9/12/2009
Lame? absolutely not! this story was wonderful! it make me cry, and i don't cry so easily! T_T

You're a great writer!
oscar with out andre chapter 1 . 5/10/2009
So touching dear so affective , painful story I didn't find many difference between the two ends

in both more sad ,agony, suffering

both of them broken my heart but I finally believed that the main end is better yes the death of their were the best thing happen because as what you wrote they couldn't still be alive long

the life of both just carrying more suffer and sorrow and more pain …..

I couldn't help my tears when Oscar dead and what he said finally to her

I was surprised and shocked how could he said such words how could it come out from his mouth but I know he want her rest even in life and death yes she can go now and I will join her soon she must get some rest it's enough for her all events and works that she afforded it …..

No more sadness , no more suffering and no more tired

In heaven we will met again so why all that tears…

Very very very brilliant and so so creative …I can't say anything more just I liked it so much
zainab88 chapter 1 . 12/28/2008
ohh Manna girl, this is too creul!i cried and cried till i reached spring 2008!well ,in addition im reading this and the time is almost 1:00am ,now i cant sleep!im thanking god that they made them die in the revolution, well its better..ohh i cant say more,,im crying like a baby,maybe im transfering to rosalie now :(
Lily di Rivombrosa Versailles chapter 1 . 11/20/2008
It's a great story, very moving..

I love this anime, it's one of my favorite.
Sara Jaye chapter 1 . 11/10/2008 totally had me fooled until the 2008 section, Manna! XD The scenes with her health declining and him trying to live with his blindness were heartwrenching and I was ready to bawl when Oscar faded away, and then WHAM, we're in the 21st century and Oscar's all eyerolling at Andre and he swears the names were a coincidence. Priceless, I love it.
loulou.k chapter 1 . 10/26/2008
I can't believe that I kept delaying reading this till now!

And Manna! You're soo cruel this time for making all these girls cried, and me as well wasn't an exceptional!

It was soo good that I really, really satisfied with the original story, I don't what them to suffer more months like that so they will died eventually, you made me remember a conversation with my friends since 12 years ago, we were talking about what if the revolution didn't kill them, I said to them: it's better that way, because Andre was going to lose his sight., and Oscar was going to died because of her illness, and she'll die between Andre's arms, and he'll sure had a heart attack and bend over here body and die too, See? Your little one shot 'fic was about to kill me too, I've seen my nightmare coming true!*sniff*

Though, you stared very good, describing (their first night together as a real married couple)even though all the difficulties they met, it was very cute, romantic and touching to read that.

(The glint of his wedding band caught her eye and she smiled again. If there was one scene that could be used to describe contentment, she thought, she was a part of it) that's my favorite part _

(André remembered her last words to her beloved French Guards.“I have tuberculosis.”He remembered the sad, knowing, understanding, and horrified looks given to her. They had all suspected, but none of them… None of them had wanted to believe it.) very good, you've put her men in the scene too, and their reaction.

(They were too old for teasing. It wasn’t funny when he bumped into things anymore, when he wanted to kiss her and couldn’t find her lips. It broke her heart, and it broke his, too. Their love was so deep and so wide…but expressing it became harder and harder.) my heart too!I read this over and over imagining that scene the compared it with" Taste, in Desperately".

(One day, the shadows were gone, replaced by eternal didn’t tell her, but she knew.)Oh, Manna! Those words are so touching, I could see more than one meaning/hint about them, beside Kasia's comments about how both of them was "avoid making the other one worried"…Oscar was the light, Andre was her shadow, but the light was fading so there won't be more shadows, nothing but completely darkness .

(His hands were burned in spots from cooking blindly) Oh, I wanted to kiss those hand till they heal!

(He slept more than was healthy because he wanted to stay with her as often as possible) God! That's too much to bear! I could see him doing that too, staying in bed all the day, holding her hand in one hand, and touching her face with the other, trying to memorize how she looked like, and how she became!

(…hated asking and asking and asking but never giving. So she apologized, over and over and over until he covered his ears and begged her to stop. He loved her, he said, and taking care of her was all he ever wanted to cried.) Ah….I had to stop reading on this, just to get myself together, it hurts, HURTS too much -Cruel Manna!- Sorry my dear!

(She wondered why she was still alive sometimes, when the pain was so bad she wished she was dead, but then André would pull her back against him, giving her more than her fair share of the blankets, and she remembered what she was fighting for) Another scene to cry because of it…

(A small hiccup shook her body, and he automatically squeezed her, hoping to give her a little bit of his own life)a little bit of his life, and a little bit of strength, how could a man loves a woman that much!

(She shuddered, struggling to pull in air, and felt warm tears on her hand as he rubbed it against his own cheek, kissing her palm gently before he closed her fingers around it and laid it on her chest. He held her tight, rocking back and forth slightly as he choked on his own words)I …Damn,I can't stoop crying, I could see them too, he is sitting in the chair and Oscar in his lap, he is holding her as a baby, swaying her till she went to sleep, an eternal sleep….and he may staid hours after that, holding her to his heart, slowing his heart's beats till it stop too….

(“But it’s okay, Oscar… It’s okay. You can go. It’s okay if you go…”) as if he was giving her a permission to go and let him, how hard it would be to say that…I…can't say a thing, just my tears is enough I guess.

Ah, Oscar and Andre in 2008! So the legend will continued, I hope they will not going to have the same fate.

It was as if watching a movie and at the end you discover that it was only a story and you came to reality to find out that it was only two kids talking about it.

Very cut, really, you know how to shift between the past and future in just a short scene.

Oh, he hold her hand, again," but why?"

They had a very cute conversation, and I don't want to spoil it by any farther comment!

But(“If you dreamed of her too… Maybe…”“Maybe what?”“Maybe our names aren’t coincidentally the same after all.”)O.k. I'm having those moments again of not understanding, what did you mean by that?

Well, Very good job honey!

And next time close the window quickly when have an idea _


WhiteTigerLilly chapter 1 . 10/25/2008
I was like... FOR ME?

You totally unleashed the death squeal. I was squealing until I turned purple, and I couldn't get anymore air out of my lungs.

I was definately the coolest present I got. Lol (We don't do much about presents anymore... I'm old :P) But I was SO happy when I got the alert for this. Plus, I was even happier when I read it was for me! Teehee,

I loved how they got to live for a lil while longer and then I loved even more that they were together again. It was so romantic! *gushes*

“Maybe our names aren’t coincidentally the same after all.” THAT'S definantly an epic win! YAY! Gosh, You made my week!

Bendiciones, Josie
Xirysa chapter 1 . 10/25/2008
Heehee, happy birthday again, Josie!

So most of the "what if?" 'fics I've read have involved... Questionable activities. And this doesn't. That automatically makes it amazing.

But... Oh, the deteriorating health, that line about "eternal night" and... Oscar's condition.

I think the little snapshots of their lives worked really well in this case. And then at the end where their "present selves" were talking. XD So cute.

AND LOL AT THIS: [“Must be. Father only gave me such a strange name because boys’ names for girls were 'in' in 1994… He just went a little overboard and picked a boy’s name nobody would ever have normally used for a daughter.”]



Kasia.T chapter 1 . 10/25/2008
Manna, you are killing me. Honestly, you are. This ‘fic was so heart-breaking. So much pain... You tore my heart into pieces. Still, I can’t help loving it.

The way you wrote about their poor nourishment, their struggling together with daily routines and mundane activities - just like a wife and a husband should do. No misery of their poor living could affect them as long as they had one another. And then, those everyday problems became so insignificant in comparison with Andre’s total blindness and Oscar’s weakening life. It’s lovely how they tried to avoid making the other one worried, yet, at the same time each of them knew what the other one wanted to hide.

The most moving lines for me:

[“I don’t want to leave you…André…”] It seems as by repeating these words she tried to stop the inevitable form coming. It reminds me of the scene in the anime when a dying Andre says: „Everything is just starting now. The love between you and me. And the dawn of the new age... Everything’s starting. I can’t die at a time like this.”

[“I love you, Oscar… I love you…” he mumbled, over and over again, before he stopped and brushed her long bangs out of her eyes. “And I don’t want you to leave me.”] Again, in the anime it is Oscar who doesn’t want to accept the fact of Andre’s dying by asking him to take her to coutryside and marry her there. And then, that desperate cry of hers: „Andre! Are you leaving me behind? Andre...!” It breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear it... ToT

Oh, and I could spot one more similarity to the anime: it is Andre’s rubbing Oscar’s hand against his cheek when she’s dying. In the anime it was the other way round...

[He held her tight, rocking back and forth slightly as he choked on his own words.

“But it’s okay, Oscar… It’s okay. You can go. It’s okay if you go…”] I stopped breathing at this point. OMG, his love is so immense and so unselfish that he lets her go, lets her leave him beacuse he realizes the death will bring solace to her suffering. And I believe another reason for letting her die is because he knows he will soon follow... There’s no Shadow when the Light is gone. Remember his words: „Even if it’s only for a moment, I don’t want to see my love’s death if I go second. It’d be too painful to bear.” I am almost sure he dies right after and when they are found he’s still holding her in his arms.

And there comes the ending – the spring of 2008: the 14-year old girl with a boyish name and her friend with passionate green eyes are lying at the creek, squeezing one another’s hands, discussing life... The life has described a circle...
Lady Aone chapter 1 . 10/24/2008
Marvellous fanfic, Manna! It brought tears to my eyes!