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Divadog72240 chapter 1 . 10/14
Will there be a sequel?
Ohimenana chapter 10 . 6/25/2015
O-M-G! Most hauntingly beautiful story ever!
I mean, it's kinda sad that Demyx and Aerith couldn't be together in the end although I was holding some hope that they will be in the end as I progress through the story. The ending... Is just so sad that I actually felt my heart ache for him and sniffed. How I wish Aerith could just see him for the last time. Oh man. I wasn't prepared for this ending and it's just so sad.
Vheeri The Succubus chapter 10 . 7/6/2010
Grawr! Stupid good guys assuming every single Nobody is evil! *shoots cloud*

Anywho, great fic. Cool story, bro *thumbs up*

But I cant help to notice the constant mis-spellings. Or maybe the fact that its 3 am has fried my brain.

Shurikan last time I checked was shuriken

Bastion not Bastian

Organisation should be Organization
Sora Tayuya chapter 10 . 6/29/2010
Wow...this was, truely...amazing. It was perfect, you even incorporated it so that it was perfectly possible for this to be canon. That is really hard to do, and you did it so well. I am also glad that you made this last chapter, because it wrapped things up well. It was really sad, but it was a classic and perfect movie ending, and that is the ultimate praise I can offer you. You are a very talented writer, and I enjoyed this very much. Thank you.
Sora Tayuya chapter 9 . 6/29/2010
This chapter was painful to read. If only for all of the overwhelming sadness.
Sora Tayuya chapter 8 . 6/29/2010
Speculation: The creepy eyes were Vexen's, consitering that his eyes would totally be consitered "creepy" anyday in my book.

Now, this was a beautiful, enchanting chapter which just made me clench up when I read that Aerith is taking the first steps to understanding/accepting Demyx, even ever so slightling. That is always, and I mean Always, when the terrible event is to happen occurs. Now Cloud with find them, or one of the Org with tell Xemnas, or something will ruin this very, very slim chance that Demyx has at happiness (or whatever is closest to happiness that a Nobody can feel).

But, I do believe that this is ultimately the best chapter so far. Also, it was a cheap trick (but very interesting and romantic...kind of) that Demyx pulled, using rain to seem harmless and innocent but then controlling it to hold her in place and not let her push him away any more. It is almost unnerving, if it were anyone but Demyx. It is really, really sad though.
Sora Tayuya chapter 7 . 6/29/2010
Well, it really isn't going to be long now before either one of four things happens.

1. Zexion's nose will find her

2. Vexen will make an unexpected visit again

3. Cloud with open his heart to darkness and find her

4. ...well, there are many other possiblities and I really don't feel like naming them off

I really, really liked this chapter. But...I kinda like all of your chapters. I still am wondering how this will end. I fear that it will not be good for Demyx, for usually in situations like this, either Demyx will get killed by her friends, Aerith herself (probably on accident), or by the Organization for sneaking a human in and keeping one around like a pet.

Oh, and bad Demyx for using a (probably very nice sounding) hypnotic melody to keep her asleep. That is cheating, and still one of those innocent things that he just cannot understand is really wrong.
Sora Tayuya chapter 6 . 6/28/2010
This was an amazing chapter, to describe it in so many words. This phrase, however, really made me seize up. It is well, just so very ironic and very touching, yet so innocently naive that it terrifies me and saddens me too: "When she woke up she would certainly love the surprise and everything would go back to the way they were before".

Now, of course that Cannot happen. And poor Demyx just gets rejected again and again. A person can only take so much rejection when they do not fully understand something, say, like a heart for example. Which fully explains Demyx's angry outbursts and why they were totally expected from him. Yes, I Did expect them, and they were wonderfully put.

And of course, Aerith cannot simply 'play along' with Demyx's little fantasy of how perfect things were. That was a fragile, very unrealistic relationship he had set up and he should have backed out of it right away. It was doomed to fail him, and probably only because he was Demyx and very naive did he continue to chase a want, no, more of an idea of what he really wanted. It is really sad, it really is (in the serious way).

Of course, this chapter was very enticing, with Demyx finally showing off his water skills for her, and then attempting to act out emotions he does not have. It was really sad, too, when he thought that just by bringing her flowers it would restore his time with her back to original.

It is, well, it is like if my best friend (who I may have only known for a year or so) turns out to be a mutant. Things Cannot ever be the same if he/she starts acting irrationally and not understanding complications when they develop with others finding out about them. It is a really, really sorrowful occurence, and I really feel for Demyx right now, and especially Aerith (oh, and Cloud).
Sora Tayuya chapter 5 . 6/28/2010
The emotion of feeling like a sad pet in a cage can be quickly deduced here, but for one minor difference. Demyx is a little too naive/innocent/confused to really be doing this like someone like, oh, purhapse Axel, or Xigbar. Normally, in a situation like this, the captor would be much more intent on getting something, either from the captive or someone else who wants to get them freed.

However, Demyx actually is going about this in a very interesting way, consitering that he cannot really understand it, with him being without a heart and being to lazy to read about stuff like this to boot.

That part at the end, with Demyx flipping out, is inspired by the scene in which he seems to have a big personality chance right as he accuses Sora/Roxas of being a 'traitor', am I not mistaken? That, and it is partially where he is trying to be really nice, and Aerith isn't even for a moment even consitering that he Could be nice, or even bothering to pay attention. Of course, who would in a situation like this?

Otherwise, excellent chapter.
Sora Tayuya chapter 4 . 6/28/2010
Yes, this is a very good scenario. Demyx is being very selfish, but since he has no heart he cannot understand how many emotions are coursing through Aerith, and how things simply Cannot be the same as before. The only thing he could have done to even attempt to back out of this irksome situation was to immeadiately left without doing anyone harm.

However, if Cloud gives into the darkness again, I fear that there would be no return for him. Darkness may give raw strentgh, but light gives true power in the overall.

And this situation is a very unusual classic piece. I rarely chance upon bits like these, and it is just playing out marvelously. It is truely astounding, the very clearly defined thoughts and emotions circling through here. It is a wonderful relief.
Sora Tayuya chapter 3 . 6/28/2010
This is very realistic, and I have decided to continue on with the whole thing. It is remarkably well done, and a very nice cool off from the more common fast-emotional reachings that I find here. This is very true to the original characters attitudes and workings, so I congratulate you on a wonderful job. I am enjoying this tremendously, thank you.
Sora Tayuya chapter 2 . 6/28/2010
Hmm. I think I like this because you are keeping them very canon-like. It is not one of those "oh look it's the love of my life even though I have no heart I will instantly love them" stories that are so prevalent, it is really actually working its way into, well, an interesting scene. It does sound promising, and Demyx's mind is displayed quite well.
Sora Tayuya chapter 1 . 6/28/2010
Hmm...well, this was really well written. Not sure if I will read more or not, but if I do continue with it, I will review more. It sounds promising though, I hope that it is good.
surxi25 chapter 10 . 4/23/2010
Beautiful story. All the fluffy moments between Aerith and Demyx made me smile and "Aww" like an idiot xP Though I wish there had been more... she should have developed Stockholm Syndrome and been more understanding ;D

Anyway, great work. The ending was especially well written. And sad too.

Definitely, one of my fave crack pairings so far. Hope you write more in the future :) Keep up the good work!
SecretBox chapter 10 . 12/30/2009

I finally am done reading this! xD; But may I say it was fantastic from beginning to end? Complete and utter love for Aerith crack pairings - Demyx/Aerith is such a rare gem to come across nowadays, much less a WELL-WRITTEN and multi-chaptered one. This was insanely amazing and well...NYAH. I loved it.

Poor Demyx, I just cannot believe that the Nobodies do not have hearts..the parts between him and Aerith were sweet yet melancholy - and rightly so. Buutm not over the top either. So good job! *nods*

Hee the Clorith was great. It's hard NOT to include that pairing in Aerith ficcage, even cracky ones ne?

;; & the ending was so sad, yet cute.

To the faves, of course~! ;D

- love, me~
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