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Fiona Coyne-Torres chapter 4 . 4/4/2006
I really love all of your are like one of the best writers in this writing stories about Touya and need to fill that section but unlike you,I can't you can,can you help me write?

From one of your fans

pnaixrose chapter 4 . 4/9/2005
AW! this is a really good fic! I never see touya&nakuru fics! great job! continue plz!
Sweet Ruby Moon chapter 4 . 6/9/2004
A TouyaNakuru ficceh, huh? Great! I love that coupling! _ I also especially like the way you gave Nakuru's character some more depth than they do on the manga/anime. Really, really good! _

Keep up the great work and update soon, okies? Ja ne!

xFilipina-Angelx chapter 4 . 5/26/2004
aww its so cute! i like ur story a lot. update soon.
Star Katt chapter 4 . 11/22/2003
I really like this fic & I hope u put more of it up, though I'm sure u won't. Oh well, bye
Syaoran's Cherry Blossom chapter 4 . 10/14/2003
Aww! How cute! You ARE going to put SS in the next chapter right? LoL Please update soon!
Sora no Hairo Yuki chapter 4 . 9/16/2003
I totally luv them story! its so kawaii!
anonymous chapter 4 . 9/15/2003
Great story!_ Update soon!If that was the end then write another story!
Klaudine chapter 4 . 5/24/2003
Kawaii!I want Touya to realise his feelings but in a way that nakuru is pushed in anothers arms. good job! Is this, the end?
astimegoesby chapter 4 . 5/3/2003

Touya: *blushes like crazy*

user496832 chapter 4 . 4/17/2003
FINALLY! I like, gave up on you after all this time! lol... Anyway, it was a good chapter! So Kawaii *has stars in eyes* lol! Please update soon! (soon as in a week soon... not a year soon!)
AngelWarriors chapter 4 . 4/16/2003
it was really good please update soon
Chibi Neko-Chan2 chapter 4 . 4/13/2003
That was a very kawaii chappy. Is that the end? Well if it is that was a really good story! If it isnt then update soon! keep writng!
Naruko-chan chapter 3 . 3/28/2003
please up date it is a real cool story. What happened to Nakuru is heartbroken that her her is so heartless.
Nadako-Mika chapter 3 . 2/23/2003
Oh Mi GOSH! thats so sad! I bet nakuru wants to be loved like dat! PLZ continue! You haven't in a while :P
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