Reviews for Fearless
AbbeyPotter chapter 1 . 10/25/2008
That was really cute! Fearless is one of my fave songs from Taylor Swift. I liked how you used it! :) And HSM3 is AMAZING! It's like, the best ever. lol XD I saw it yesterday. :)

Great job! :) Going on my faves list! :)

hinata-37 chapter 1 . 10/25/2008
okay that was really really cute! great job princess! loved it! oh and you're going to see HSM3 tonight...*squeal!* I went to see it yesterday with the girls...awesome! you won't be dissapointed!anyway...I won't say anything else... but I'm so excited right now! argh! i jump around the house and sing HSM 3 songs (my mom is about tear my head off...) lol can't wait to talk about it with you..I'm like an energie ball right now, jumping everywhere ...just came back from my friends house..and we watched the whole season three again! Sam is so hot...dude I'm babling now...gotta go we are going to watch Max Payn tonight in theatre!

okay so ...excellent job! again bravo babe! It's so good to have a new one-shot written by you! I kinda missed them...they are so well written..keep it up beautiful!

Love ya!


P.S.: you probably assumed that I'm crazy after reading this review right? I get like this when I get to much of the hot Zac, Jared and you know the effect they have on time you can't say that I didn't warned! lol ;)
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