Reviews for Some Truths Hurt
Romantic Journalist chapter 12 . 7/13
When did they break up? Where? Conner & Veroinca, I mean.
NerdinaMemina chapter 49 . 7/2
True VM fashion ending with a tragedy that changes everything. I feel like I noticed more this time around. The next time I read this I'll probably notice even more. Seriously, not only one of the best in fandom, but one of my favorite things to read in all categories.
NerdinaMemina chapter 48 . 7/1
V and Logan are ridiculously mature in this chapter for their reconciliation. I don't they ever communicated maturely until the books, even then it was pulling teeth. Again, I'd be happy to just accept this story as canon. Whew, I'm determined to finish this installment tonight, it only took me a month, but unfortunately there's that pesky real life that gets in the way of my reading time. Have I mentioned I love this story? Because I love this story.
NerdinaMemina chapter 47 . 7/1
Most of the questions I had were answered in the author's note. Poor V, so much on her small shoulders. Thank goodness for the Fennell's.
NerdinaMemina chapter 46 . 7/1
How did you come up with the pranks on Lamb? They're awesome.
NerdinaMemina chapter 45 . 7/1
The thing that I find funniest about this chapter is Enbom's response to Veronica's outfit. Like, crap she's dressing slutty to stir the pot. I also love that V popped all of Logan's tires.
I really don't like Lianne and Jake in this story, they have exactly no redeeming qualities. They're so dumb, why would they need a third paternity test? For real?
The angry smutty scene, was probably my favorite smut in this story.
NerdinaMemina chapter 44 . 7/1
Okay, so that's where Duncan gets it from. If I don't acknowledge it, it isn't happening. The Kane's lives are charmed enough that if they will it that's how it will be, or so they think. Pretty sure Lianne needs a swift kick in the ass. When she was gone in this chapter was she checking on Shi?
NerdinaMemina chapter 43 . 7/1
Angsty Angst. Pretty much some this chapter up.
NerdinaMemina chapter 42 . 6/30
One of the things that makes this story so satisfying is that so many of the loose ends are tied up. I know there's a fallout, but this covered so many things the show did not, so thank you.
NerdinaMemina chapter 41 . 6/30
I too, love the juxtaposition of the other "normalities" compared to what V's situation is. Like Mr. Shuster from "Glee" said, "Sometimes, being special sucks." Totally the case with V. Again, you have V hold Duncan accountable for being intentionally oblivious. He doesn't deserve a break, and he definitely doesn't get one.

The only big problem I have with this chapter is that it doesn't seem likely that Logan would forget his phone. I understand why you did it, but it's very out of character to him. Especially with all the hubbub that is currently surrounding him and therefore Veronica.
NerdinaMemina chapter 40 . 6/30
Lynn gets out of rehab and wants to move to L.A. I get that Logan would go into jackass mode because it's a defense mechanism, but I feel like he's moved past that. I guess, though, sometimes when we're at a complete loss and scared we revert back to old behaviors. I like that V wasn't taking his crap though, and how she revealed to Logan that she knew about the abuse. Also so heartbreaking that she didn't tell him she knew because she couldn't figure out a way to right that wrong.
NerdinaMemina chapter 39 . 6/29
Maybe the reason I love MacBom so much is because, I love your version of Mac SO much! I feel like this is the truest Mac in any AU ever. She's totally her own person and so many people morph her into someone she's just flat out not. The V/Mac prom before, during, and after conversations were just so perfect. Mac and V sidestepping Nadia when she's trying to kill V, comedy gold, and Mac's response was so ding dang cute. The cousin thing was just awesomeness. Seriously best Mac ever.

Dick's response to the girl's revenge was so great, and very true to his character. Oh, high school prom, is only this were canon.
NerdinaMemina chapter 38 . 6/28
Skeevy, gross, and dark, but very well written. I physically shudder every time I read this.
NerdinaMemina chapter 37 . 6/28
Honestly the only thing I remember from before about this chapter was the fight. I forgot about the Keith and Logan conversations and that Meg heard LoVe in the pool house, crazy and effed up, but so, so good. Did you reveal who the other person is you had that killed Lilly? I'd like to know. Also when did Kate and Rams get together, because wasn't he single during Spring Break?
NerdinaMemina chapter 36 . 6/26
I never got it before that "Crash Into Me" was foreshadowing that Duncan was being a creepy voyeur, that was clever. I love that MacBom got the 5 minutes scene. MaDi can suck it, I'm MacBom all the way. I'm still holding out that they'll get back together in HS. Sweet LoVe scenes at the end. How many wishes has he used now, 2 or 3? I also thought it was cute that Logan's last negotiation was higher than his initial offer for buying her things from LaPerla.
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