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AnglcDmn1986 chapter 35 . 7/8/2009

This was amazing. I've been hovering around the B/A fiction for a while, and I really love to find stories that are completed. I may have reviewed this once before because I do remember reading the first few chapters, but I was ecstatic when I realized that there was way more than the last time I started to read it. Restoring the soul to EVERY vampire? That was a gutsy, creative move on your part. It worked very well. I loved every single chapter in this story, even the dark parts.

Wonderful, wonderful job. :D I might go check out some more of your fanfiction now.
tanya2byour21 chapter 35 . 6/30/2009
This story was fantastic and I loved it. You are a great writing and I hope you write a sequel to this story. Please please please write a sequel to this story.

brittanyyl90 chapter 1 . 6/16/2009
This is one of the best Buffy stories I've read. Everyone is perfectly in-character and the storyline is very believable. I also think you did a wonderful job getting into the characters' psyche. It felt like watching an episode.
cdmc chapter 35 . 5/2/2009
this is quite possibly one of the best fanfic's i have read for the sole fact that every character was rendered with the same attributes the characters from the show had..even speech. so awesome! good story line too, I absolutely loved it
faelyn leaf chapter 35 . 4/25/2009
Wow. That was magnificent. Truly the best B/A story this side of the Sublime Archive that doesn't leave you feeling suicidally depressed. Quite the contrary.

It's bittersweet, but there's hope. And love. And friendship.

I love that you squeezed Riley in there. Too bad Giles isn't a gossip queen, because that would have been an interesting conversation.

I don't think any story featuring both Spike and Angel would be complete without them fighting at least once. Spike's smart though, he understood. I absolutely adored how he mentioned that Angel thinks people belong to him. It's true in a way, he thinks they are all his responsibility, and that would be easily stretched out into something perverse sans soul.

Lydia cracks me up. I keep picturing Winona Ryder a la Beetle Juice. I hope Angel won't be too terribly hard on her. Must be hard for him to wrap his mind around a whole bunch of newly souled vampires who might not consider themselves an evil, blight on humanity.

And, of course, the big scene. Angel finally figures out why Buffy needs him to drink from her. Why she let him in enough to trust him. Beautiful.

Astounding chapter. With so many possibilities for other stories in that universe. *hinthint* ;)

Thank you so much.

Akimbo And Askew chapter 35 . 3/29/2009
I was lucky enough to stumble onto this around 2:30 this morning, and several hours later, here I am.

I didn't think I would finish this all in one go, but your writing was too compelling to minimize for the night. I really felt that you captured the characters beautifully. Not only that, but your style and mechanics silenced my grammar demon.

Thanks for an excellent read!
JUCIFICS chapter 35 . 3/28/2009
i loved it cnt believe its over is there gna be somethingmore 2 it like if angel becomes human or what happend after buffy went back 2 sunnydale. keep us informed loved it xoxo
ashes at midnight chapter 35 . 3/28/2009
a lovely ending to a terrific story.

amazing work.
melody's muse chapter 35 . 3/27/2009
Aww, it's over! Yes, I'm a little sad to see it go as I will miss this story. But at the same time, I think it ended where it needed to end. By the way, really cute scene with Buffy and Angel and the hotel room invitation thing :) And the ending with the goodbye but not really saying goodbye...I thought that was well written too. ;)

Thanks so much for keeping me entertained! :) I enjoyed reading this story and looked forward to every update. It's hard sometimes for me to find a fanfic that I can really get into, but I really liked this one. You have obviously put a lot of effort into this story. Whatever you write next...I'm sure it will be great!

Speaking of writing, I'm sure you've probably lived and breathed this story for like months and need a break (lol), but if you ever feel like writing some more Buffy/Angel, or even a sequel to this story, you should definitely write it :)

But for now, go take a much needed writing break! Congrats on finishing! :)
Maverick500 chapter 35 . 3/26/2009
Excellent ending Will there be a sequel
angelplusbuffyequals4ever chapter 35 . 3/26/2009
oh my god that was awesome
MacKenzie Creations chapter 35 . 3/26/2009
Great End Chapter! I hope that one day you will write a sequel. I know right now you need to do other stuff, but one day... :-D


Taaroko chapter 35 . 3/26/2009
*sigh* Wow. I've never read a story that ended with a parting of ways more beautiful than this one. Mostly, obviously, because it's only a temporary parting. Not that that's cheating or anything... I'm totally in contentment land about this ending. It is entirely made of win. I love how she lent him strength in the very literal sense, and that it left them feeling connected. Hee...

Moving on. Or, more accurately, moving back, since I started with the last scene. This is one of *very* few stories in which the Shanshu was made to appear an unlikely eventuality that I haven't had a problem with. They didn't hang all their hopes on the prospect of it happening and they didn't get around the curse by way of a deus ex machina, but things still worked out. It's a comfortable equilibrium with just the right amount of vague regret.

The scene with Angel and Spike was *awesome*. I particularly loved the plays on "all the rage" and lion prides, and I'm really glad they didn't just want to kill each other. Spike accepted defeat without departing from his classic form, Angel was very blunt and pulled no punches (verbally and physically), and Spike got in a last blow (again, both verbally and physically). All brilliant.

Buffy in the Hyperion! You got the wonder she felt being there for the first time really well. The part when she and Angel made it up to his room and she had to invite him in yet again was both cute and hilarious-the hilarious came when he started growling and taking his clothes off in the hall and distracted her from her diabolical plan. Awesome.

Pancakes scene! Yay Willow and Oz! I wanted to hug Willow when she was all nervous about what he would say and trying not to get her hopes up. Giles was highly amusing throughout (hehe, "strongly worded letter"), and as usual, you wrote everyone spot on. Lydia as Buffy's sidekick is an entertaining notion, and I love that she giggles at her lack of reflection. Her mindset doesn't exactly leave room for angst about what she is. Being weirded out about dinking blood aside, she's more than just cool with it, and that's fun. The nods to the Initiative, the Council, and the Church were really good touches contributing to the "this isn't really over even if the story is over" ending.'s over. Again, wow. For one, thanks for actually finishing it in the first place, because the endless discarded WIPs lying around that make me want to break things in frustration. But more importantly, thanks for finishing it well. Better than well. I think I can safely applaud this as the best veering off mid-canon fic I've ever read, and the thought of rereading it on occasion is like having an extra squishy stuffed animal.
riencrz chapter 35 . 3/26/2009
I have one thing to say.

I really really love this story. Thank you.
ba2006 chapter 35 . 3/26/2009
sad this fic has come to an end, it was awesome :)

Thanks for staying with it and completing it

BA forever
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