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sammi-star42 chapter 6 . 2/21/2009
Gah, that always happens. Something always looks longer then it really ends up being! It's these stupid reply boxes. LOOKS ARE DECEIVING. Except when it's Zero. He is so, most definately a sexy beast. I don't see why people drool over Kaname (Yuuki's bro) either. He was kinda cute in the flash backs, but overall, he's not very appealing XD

Can I tell you a funny story? Well, I will anyway. Because I like to blab on and on. Anyway, I'm a big fan of the game series Harvest Moon. And in the gameboy games this one character, Gray had blonde hair. I never really liked him, much prefered Cliff. *hugs Cliff* Anyway, in the DS games Gray suddenly had brown hair and just as suddenly, I was smitten XD Strange huh? But it happened!

Haha. I take you up on that! I shall write an even longer review then ChasingFireFlies! Okay, maybe that's a little too ambitious. Or maybe not! I bet I could bable on forever! But if I'm gonna babble in a story review, I should babble about the story! XD Okay, here I go!

Okay, so Kairi snuch around in Naminé's room? *gasp* But I've done that to my own sister too. Mainly because I was trying to find a number of video tapes that had mysteriously dissapeared. Never did find them. Hm. And Naminé's doing drugs? *gasp* My sister never did that. But I'm not in a story. And she and Sora fell asleep near a carnival? Haha, I find that kinda funny. It's nice that she can open up to someone. Especially about Naminé. Yep. I suspect, that it was Larxene with Naminé right? I ship Larxel XD But it could be however you want it to be too. Who knows. You do though.

Ahaha. Dreams! *read your reply to ChasingFireFlies* Man I've had quite a few weird dreams. Like one where I was dancing with Ikuto from Shugo Chara. I was afraid the fangirls would murder me XD And the one I had last night had an entire plot going! To bad I don't really remember most of it. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Okay I'm gonna end this review now. I think I've chatted enough. Hope you don't think I'm annoying DX Update when you're able! Oh and I don't really care how you reply _
Sora195 chapter 5 . 1/25/2009
it's cool i love long stories and your stories are beautiful so take as long as you want i love your story so just take your time an tell it how you see fit man i wish i could write stories as good as yours but saddly i'm only a skilled poet so ppl say if i say that i love you will the next chapter be out alittle faster if so well than i love you lol please update soon
Sora195 chapter 4 . 1/25/2009
i love ur story it still just so amazing yours awesome you should write your own book if i ever met you in person it would be an honor to write with you
chasingfireflies chapter 5 . 1/19/2009

'tis rate lame.

i suck at it.

i suck at sports in general., i'm beating up kairi's daadd.

i suggested it.

i own teh big evil plann.

Now i hafta write, like...

...three more chapters out of the blankness of my brain.

i don't know where it's gonna come from.


...does that mean you've read all my reviews?

'cause Krystal's were pretty long.

and Zeros were (once).

and WAYY back in the day when eCZi was still with me-

hers were almost as ridiculously long as mine to KLP.

and THOSE are ridiculously long.


...longest reviews EVER.

when I'm bored I go through fandoms.

but i only read particular pairings-

so it doesn't take long enough.

and then i have nothing to do so i have to find another one.

writers block sucks alright.

i wish it a million painful torturous long deaths.

and that an understatement.

actually, i wish it repetitive piercings.

getting your ears pierced BURNS.

i know it now.

...i don't remember all my excuses.

i might go look at them later.

oh, no, i don't do sleep that much, really.

i'm an insomniac.

that sucks too.

but i 'sleep in'-

which normally means i just lay in bed doing nothing.

i pretend to be asleep so i don't have to get up.

i lay awake envisioning plotlines.

i made up an entire teen angst story last night.

i almost forgot it when i finally fell asleep last night.


i must've eaten something bad before bed or something.

it involved police, robbery, hiding in my highschool-

and running a long, LONG way, just to get home.




no, no i have no life.

I'm going to the dentist on wednesday.

that's about the highlight of my week.


how old was your cousin's boyfriend in comparison to your ma?

because i would be disturbed if i was him aswell.

good times indeed.

and next thing you know-

YOUR face gets a face full of peafy's old guitar.

maybe axel should.

or namine.

or kairi's mum.

or riku.

or even OLETTE!


and that was an oxymoron, bud.

like 'smart' and 'peafy'.

they just don't go together.

no sir.


update soon plx?

and I'll... try... maybe...

sammi-star42 chapter 5 . 1/17/2009
*warning long review alert! And here's hoping doesn't cut it off*

Hahaha! I do that too~! I just lie in bed and imagine scenes of my stories! To many to go over! XD I love doing that... it's so calming. I'd stay in my room for the rest of my life if the computer wasn't downstairs TT Ah well. Can't win every battle... well, I will when I rule the world though! BWAHAHAHAHA! *cough* ... you... didn't read that... Unless you wish to join my quest for total anime/game world domination! BWAHAHA. *shot*

Haha, Riku teh old man. XD I don't really care for blondes or the likes. I like brunettes more. Although, Tamaki from Ouran and Zero from Vampire Knight definately made the cut into the Bishie Closet XD *talks more giberish*

Wow, is this review long or is it just me? And long stories are good! Love long stories! Long stories make for good reads - And long reviews are good too? XD *shot*

See you next time! Bye!
crystalnami chapter 4 . 1/2/2009
Merry christmas and a happy new year :]

Whoa, Namine really is a byotch, totally lying about what Kairi was doing T_T and her dad is such a jack ass! hahas.

but this was a really good chapter :D yay for sora rescuing kairi from her room haha xD but boo about him being mad about Bluebell!

I'm intruiged, update soon! _
chasingfireflies chapter 4 . 12/30/2008

glad to see you share in my...

...insert something distasteful here...

...of fangirls.

i agree.

it's horrible.


...yeah, yeah, yeah, i'm working on it.

me and Krystal have actually been 'discussing' my chapter...

...for a couple of weeks now, actually.

at least.

so i sent it to her for a few suggestions.

she didn't get a headache from reading it.

i was surprised.

but i'm closing in on the end of it now, don't worry.

i had writer's block, and then exams-

then gremlin mode, and some more writer's block...

...then it was the end of term

wherein i spent 90% of my time sleeping.

then, pretty much straight into christmas.

which went into my newfound nintendo wii craze.

which started dying to a low boil yesterday, so i'm good.

i would've written two pages yesterday-

which, in the scheme of things now, is pretty damn good.

i will try to update tomorrow.

my new years eve.

because i do nothing on new years eve, y'know?

i have no life.


...okay, now, i'm going after kairi's dad with a baseball bat.

namine can take the traditional aussie cricket bat...

maybe some barbed wire covered stticks for her mother...

...and sora?

well, he can have my old guitar to the face.

i don't think it breaks easy, either-

so i should get a few swings in

that is my game plan for your next chapter.

well, consider this my 10:42 signout.

update soon.

sammi-star42 chapter 4 . 12/29/2008
Hahaha! Good excuse 3 I'm lazy too but I go balistic over the tiniest errors XD Oh well. I get up around ten during the holidays, but I remember during summer I it was always noon by the time I was downstairs XD god... I love sleeping X3

*cough* Hehe, Naminé the bitch *was nosey and read your replies to the other two reviewers* And Riku does have to many fangirls DX I prefer Sora *huggles Sora* X3 But I don't mind Naminé. *shrug* OOCness ftw? XD
crystalnami chapter 3 . 12/15/2008
Whoaa, all your chapters are so long!

Then again, so are mine generally xD

I like longer chapters; shorter ones are silly xP

This was great! Awh, first proper meeting haha.

And yayz, a Halloween date xD

Namine's a bitch! Rofll.

Keep it up!
chasingfireflies chapter 3 . 12/14/2008
here is where i poke my tongue out at you and say

"yeah, well I'm still not GOING to update so NYEAH!"

...i haven't actually finished my next chapter.

i'm making it uber complex and all.

and adding in an extra dose of cunfusing, just for fun-

as if i'm not confusing enough normally!


here's where i say

"well namine's a bitch, isn't she?"

and be done with it, 'nuff said.

"and Riku's a total jerk-off".

and now HERE'S where I say

"woohoo, you better update soon, as opposed to me"

and then send the review.

and after that i plan out my day off school tomorrow-

try and figure out when i'm going to see my friend in hospital's one of those 'extra worried buddy' moments for me.

ain't a good feeling...
sammi-star42 chapter 3 . 12/14/2008
Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! I noticed a couple grammatical errors, for instance:

... actually, I can't find it DX but there was some tense confusion in there. Like using standing instead of stood or without using a helper verb. Something like that. Well, I'll see you next chapter! It jut keeps getting better and better -
Sora195 chapter 2 . 12/7/2008
the story was amazing it was making me fall in love with kariri and sora all over again it was a chap i got abit annoyed when she was trying to make up her mind to leave her room or not i loved how you made her see the luminous sketch pad as door to his heart your writing is amazing i thought i was falling in love with you as read it you are the one of the best authors i have ever read on i hope you update it soon i can't wait for chapter luv lol
chasingfireflies chapter 2 . 12/6/2008

i like your chapters.

they're long.

and very insightful.


very nice.

and now looking forward to the next chapter.

and don't worry, no one updates slower than me.



...this ONE person...


...update soon.



good, good.

sammi-star42 chapter 2 . 12/6/2008
Whe, chapter! I'm sorry about my last review actually, it got cut off D8 But anyway, you might want to proof read your chapters, there were some minor grammaticle errors. Besides that it was flawless! Very deep, has a lot of meaning behind it. Great job!
sammi-star42 chapter 1 . 11/10/2008
This is so good! Please continue writing it
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