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xcloudx chapter 1 . 10/21/2011
God this is perfecto!
LaedieDuske chapter 1 . 11/24/2010
THANK YOU! Gods that episode stuck in my throat. I had to write my own tag to try to get it out of my system, and I'm still not quite there yet. You did a lovely job summing up exactly what I felt - Sam was a cold, callous, insensitive bitch, completely brushing off Dean's fears and the fact that those very fears were what was going to KILL him. Ugh. So thank you, lovely piece!

Rhapsodista chapter 1 . 6/11/2009
I loved this! This is EXACTLY what this episode needed. Yeah, sometimes Dean freaking out was hilarious, but there was so much potential to go so much further with it, and that opportunity was completely wasted. And Sam's response (or, more appropriately, total lack of) has always bothered me. Dean was SECONDS away from dying-again-and Sam spent the entire episode giving Dean all the consideration of a kid on a sugar high. So I love this fic, because I can buy Sam's behavior here. It makes sense, and surprise! Sam actually gives a crap about his brother. I just wish the show had given us a little something like this-much as I love the episode, it's always seemed incomplete.

And I love the end-Dean "showing off" his purchases. Totally in character, totally cute.

Yeah, I ramble. Awesome job! :)
bhoney chapter 1 . 12/5/2008
First I have to put in a plug for the chocolate pop tarts-specifically, the s'more ones. They are yummy! :)

You did a great job with this. It addressed many of the things I felt were lacking in the episode, and did so very well. This is the Sam I want to believe in too. Nice to know I'm not alone. Loved seeing Sam realize that Dean really could've died and showing some (albeit belated) concern over that.
kalina-blue chapter 1 . 11/29/2008
Great tag to the episode. It could have happened.
Jusmine chapter 1 . 11/15/2008
I love this! Seriously. Even though I think that I shouldn't have read it, seeing as I'm only on episode 19 of the first season and all...

Anyway, from what I've seen of the two incredibly hot brothers, they were perfectly in character. I loves them, and this story! _
Dark Satirist chapter 1 . 11/15/2008
Thank god there's someone out there that still believes in the same Sam I do. I was beginning to get worried there for a moment that everyone had hopped on the Kripke Train and had become season 4 Sam lovers. I hate season 4 Sam, at least for now. He's to... unSamlike. I really wish they had a scene exactly like this one in season 4... they really need it...

Enough of my ranting and on to the reason why I'm really reviewing. This story is amazing! I like the brotherly interaction and the way you write both Dean and Sam. You capture their real (not season 4) personalities perfectly. if this had happened in the show, I would expect it to go exactly like this. Great job.

To everyone who loves the real Sam and not the twisted version of himself he is in season 4,

~Scott Winchester 22 3
Mikiya2200 chapter 1 . 11/4/2008
After watching that episode I was left with that feeling of "wait, there's so much left unsaid" and everybody just kept on laughing about Dean and his fears and the Eye of the Tiger-stunt of Jensen in the end (though I have to admit I really loved that one) and it all felt.. kind of wrong. Just like the last episode with Samhain and Halloween, I kind of get the feeling that Sam couldn't care less about anything because they just stopped talking to each other. I hate that.

Your tag had EVERYTHING I would have wanted to see in the episode, it's exactly how I picture Sam, holding it together for Dean's sake to be able to help/save him. What I liked most was the fact that Sam didn't start to cry as one might have expected, although that would have been perfectly fine with me as well, I think his "laughter that felt like dying" is so much worse than tears because it shows how helpless he feels.

Thank you so much for finding words to express what most of us must have been thinking during the episode.
TimesARiver chapter 1 . 10/30/2008
Perfect Tag!

And a good explanation for Sam's attitude in 4.06. I kept getting annoyed at Sam during that episode for blowing off Dean's fears, but you handled it well and gave an explanation I'm very happy with.

Is it sad that I felt a very big swell of relief when Dean walked into the room? It was like - Dean's here! Good, now Sam'll be okay.

...Dude, I think I'm obsessed.

Seriously - fantastic job.

I look forward to what tags you make next. So far, you've nailed all those pesky little problems that I have with the episodes head on, and I look forward to what else you come up with.
DixieHellcat chapter 1 . 10/29/2008 know, that totally makes sense. Seriously. It makes everything about the way Sam acted in that ep make sense. I love it! Especially Sam comparing the whole thing to a lucid dream. Excellent. (applause)
anon chapter 1 . 10/28/2008
Yeah, you know after a whole summer of great stories showing all the pain fanfic Sam went through without Dean, all his heroic attempts to save him, and then the many stories where he worried himself sick after he brought him back slowly and so caringly helping him get over hell, canon Sam's reactions have so far been kinda disappointing. I like to believe he's just holding it all in too cause otherwise it honestly doesn't seem like he gives much of a damn. One hug? Then he just leaves him alone to go skanking around with Ruby that same episode? Not even a lingering glance like he hated to leave him? Not even the slightest of chick flick moments? It's all "I thought it was my car Dean" and "I went to see Raiders without you, cause you know you were in hell and all and they had a matinee special." It's not even the old "Faith" I refuse to believe this can happen because I can't face it. It's more like he probably won't die, but if he does eh there's always the new Bond movie next week. I mean when he was sitting on the car waiting for Bobby just chilling like an hour before Dean died, he seemed decidedly underwhelmed. I mean they have GOT to be building for some guilty, grief-filled, angsty, tear stained explosion out of the numbness right? Cause I'm not as much of a Sam girl and he would annoy me sometimes but I do like him and he's never been this bad.
SupernaturalGeek chapter 1 . 10/28/2008
That was great. I haven't seen the episode yet, but I've read enough for it to make sense and I really believe - even without the viewing - that this is what Sam was thinking, both then and afterwards.

You had their voices down really well and despite the chick-flick moment it never felt out of character or over the top. I particularly loved Dean's explanation of why Sam hadn't freaked out, and his total acceptance of that, and also the lightening of the mood afterwards with Dean's pride over the shopping. That bit made me chuckle out loud along with Sam.

Excellent job, I really enjoyed it :)
InSecret chapter 1 . 10/27/2008
I really like this explanation for Sam's lack of reaction during that episode, and also that he says he knows he should have been disgusted at having to kill the spirit that way. So glad he says that, because that whole thing was awful and I do think Sam would react to it. I feel much happier now with this tag in my mind, LOL. Great work!
Antonella chapter 1 . 10/27/2008
Exactly what I wanted read after 'Yellow fever'.

A perfect post tag

thanks 8-)

sammygirl1963 chapter 1 . 10/27/2008
Fantastic. I wondered if Sam ever took the time to relaize what happened-that he had almost lost Dean again, and how it would make him feel-would he lose it? You answered that question beautifully!
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