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Peabodythecat chapter 5 . 1/28/2015
I can't believe it took me so long to find this! But what a fabulous backstory! I love the boarding school ( sheesh, I swear I didn't read this before writing my Plums stuff!) and I love Winton and Maria and Luis and Os.
I love backstories!
otherhawk chapter 5 . 4/29/2013
Was indeed requested by otherhawk. More than once. But then, is well established by now, and especially tonight, that otherhawk is useless, here I am just reviewing.
Also I do not have cup of tea. But really, wouldn't mind one. :) You offering?
Also also I like long chapters. Also short chapters. Also all chapters.

So much going on in this chapter. So much arrgh and so much that Danny's learning and chapter title is, as ever, extremely appropriate. And you know, one thing that I find so very, very and effortlessly clever, is the fact that there is no description of Danny's summer holidays. Because nothing happens. Nothing at all. Along with Christmas is supposed to be the time every child looks forward to, and it's the time Danny dreads. Oh, he's so alone in this fic.

First impressions of Mr Winton are of course far from favourable. Intelligent, but stricter than strict and very rule-bound, and even without his fondness for humiliating children, that would rub Danny the wrong way. And much sigh for the clothes that he's grown out of through the year, and of course no one cares enough to notice. Neglect on the basics, and he shouldn't have to buy his own clothes, but of course he's right about how Cole and Randall and his mother would react. Just never going to happen.

And of course, with the friendliness and the actually helping, Mr Cahill does endear himself. Probably even more when he doesn't make a thing over it the next day. Le sigh of the rest of the chapter.

Giggled for Danny's ambition being to know three words in several languages. "Have you seen a beautiful, blue eyed American wearing a surprising shirt?" by any chance? That's more than three. And his plan to write to Luis and Maria in Spanish does make me smile and sigh. Is so, so Danny and really, really makes me wonder what happens there. At some point, right?

Much amusement for the needlework and the metalwork - which when Danny actually gets to try it is really going to go disasterously wrong, I just know it - and even more for the trip to the farm and the running away from the cows. And of course Danny would be laughing at the adventure, and of course Os wouldn't. Os isn't the sort of person who likes adventures. And you're right that it doesn't make him a bad friend, not at all, but it also doesn't make him the best friend for Danny. Still. Least he's not Rick, right? (You're not going to make him grow up to be Rick, right?)

Much sigh for the thieving, and for all the little clues that Mr Cahill's putting together - the tutor, the questions about Danny's surname and where he's from. And see, first read through, I really didn't guess anywhere close. Thought he was looking into Danny's background in a caring way. Thought he was worried Danny was being neglected. Hate the truth.

Sigh for the episode with the bullies. At any age, Danny is Danny, and there are things he will never let go. And sigh for the plan that lacks the details, and even more for Os not following him into the room. And yes, he went to get help and that's *good*...but he didn't follow. And sigh for the little hurt thoughts that Danny tries so hard not to acknowledge. Really, what Danny is learning in this chapter is that he can't rely on anyone but himself. And he already knew that. And am glad that Mr Winton did listen, and growling for Mr Cahill not listening, and for the excuses Danny finds, because unlike Os, he's never learned that adults are supposed to protect him. And of course Danny is going to apologise to Mr Winton, and if he was punishing him by not doing well in his class, then he'll thank him by doing better. And imagine Mr Winton found the thanks and the conversation entirely unexpected. Think he did a lot of re-evaluating. And amusement for the sympathetic elephant essay.

The kidnapping. And hate this so much. And goes wrong for them from the start with Mr Winton going along, and even more with them using Mr Cahill's name, because even if Danny doesn't know it, Mr Winton does, and of course Danny is Danny and he understand's from Mr Winton's face what that means. Le sigh.

And in the midst of the arrgh, small sigh for Danny thinking of Mr Winton as "the older man". Because something in the phrasing makes me think that it means that Danny thinks of himself as a man. And he's just a child. And that shows so much in the fact that he thinks this is about his allowance. Because yes, obviously he knows his 'family' won't pay, but to even think it could be about just his allowance is so childish.

Much sigh for Danny's admission out loud. That his family don't care about him. That they won't pay. That they'd be happy if he just disappeared. No wonder it brings the tears. And wondering about Mr Winton's reaction to hearing that, and so, so glad that Dana and especially Harvey don't hear that. Because think that they might just change the plan to send a note and ask for money to *not* give Danny back. To just dispose of him quietly. And think Cole might just say yes.

Glad that Mr Cahill does help them escape at least. And sigh for Danny wanting to explain, and understanding the reasoning. And don't think he or Mr Cahill understands what Mr Winton does, that there would be no way they could let Danny go afterwards. Not when he knew all their names and faces. This was always going to end in murder and while I'm glad Danny doesn't think so, am pleased to think that Mr Winton's account would have made that clear to police.

Hate Cole. Just btw. Hate him, hate him, hate him. No words of comfort, no concern, nothing even remotely human. And Danny knows not to expect anything else, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.

And am still sighing for him not telling Os the truth. And for Os not asking too much. And don't imagine he wrote to Luis and Maria either. And also much, much sigh and pain for the photograph that brings back the memories of all the things not in the photograph. All the things Danny has lost. Sigh. Want him happy and loved and with Rusty. And is going to be a decade until he has family. Huh. May go read 'Beginning to look a lot like Christmas' now.
flishflash chapter 5 . 2/21/2013
'"Oh, these taste so good," Osmond said, tearing off the wrapper and biting into it.

There was delight in the final word and Danny smiled. He somehow doubted he'd find anyone who enjoyed food with quite that degree of relish.'

And it all becomes clear: the trait Danny values most in his friends is a hearty appreciation of food. :) I find myself becoming even more attached to Osmond. You have not written an oc that has not completely merited his or her place in the story. Nobody exists just so that Danny has people to interact with.

Excellent installment, and super long too! (worth about 3 chapters in my mind)

Child Danny's attitude towards lessons in general seems quite accurate in that he really just wants to do what he wants, but he has motivations and is treating his education very practically. I hope he becomes fluent in Spanish!

I apologize for not leaving this review sooner: I read this chapter just a few days after you uploaded it. On the plus side, I just had an excuse to reread it :)
flishflash chapter 4 . 10/24/2012
Ha. Kid Danny as Robin Hood. This fits him so well. He's already conning kids...into losing at chess. Whatever-he's headed firmly down the path.
ParisAmy chapter 4 . 7/28/2010
I'm so glad Luis and Maria are writing to him! and sending cake :)

I loved the 'Cole and Randall Prize Fund' it made me smile!

I can't wait for more of this.
otherhawk chapter 4 . 7/13/2010
Still much, much admiration for the opening of the chapter. Just for the bias of the American history over world history. Very clever.

And sigh for the description of the school. Not somewhere that Danny is truly going to feel at home. And with the English lesson, that should be one of Danny's favourite lessons, and it's not even coming close to challenging him. And see, have to think that if there was the magic of learning, if he was interested and challenged, then Danny might have been drawn more into formal education and a more conventional life and his imagination wouldn't be so important and so developed.

Love that Danny's still stealing. Doing what seems to be the right thing.

The letter and that makes me smile. So, so glad he wasn't forgotten. And of course the words aren't the point, it's the sentiment and the fact I can imagine Luis spending ages on the letter, making it perfect.

Sigh too for Danny keeping his head down and fitting in, and the months without making any true, close friends. Because it makes me think of how Danny would be in prison. Everyone and no one's friend.

Danny watching everyone leave for Christmas. And that is difficult. Awful to be left behind, to know that he has nowhere to go, and he is Danny and so he would never, ever show it.

"Two hours later, when Danny was sure that all the happiness had left for three weeks, he walked back to the dormitory."

Of course the happiness would hurt. Sigh. And am pleased for the parcel and for the cards and for the fruitcake, and even more for Osmond. Also left behind. And love the friendship forming and the chess and poker exchange, and Danny thinking sideways.

And Danny wants to help Osmond. Of course. Because that's who Danny is. And other people would suggest the doctor and then let it lie because they'd done all they could. And that's just not really a concept that Danny understands. And *love* the plan. Thinking about Osmond's strengths and understanding that he wouldn't ever take a handout and oh, it's clever and it's Danny.

And making it work, and that involves watching people and understanding who they are. Hate the bullying of Osmond by Mack, and of course Danny wouldn't submit to that, not in a million years, but Osmond would. And love the way he deals with Mack. Simple and effective, not the physical fight that's unwinnable, not anything that could ever be traced back to him. Simply showing Mack that it's not what he wants.

Smiling for Danny trying to puzzle out Karen. "Two days later and the day of the match and Danny was still puzzling about the enigma that was girl." Yeah. Tricky. Oh, and love the reference books to Billy the Kid and Jesse James and probably but not definitely for school work. And smiling for Danny going with the definite answer and not telling Osmond. Definitely not the right moment. Distracts Karen, and Danny doesn't want Osmond distracted too.

Really like the way that Osmond looks to Danny for advice. "Danny, why did she look like that at me?" They're the same age, but Danny seems a whole lot older.

Silas, and the comparison to Cole is a very quick and clever way of making the reader dislike him.

And the laxative filled chocolate cream cake! And much joy for the way that you dropped in the information about exactly what Osmond has in his medicine cabinet so subtly earlier in the chapter. And even more joy for the Danny act that Silas falls for absolutely.

Love the innocence of Osmond's smile. And he doesn't know even for a second what Danny's been doing.

Oh, and smiling for "A lesson to be learned about paying attention to detail." Yeah. You *could* do that Danny. You definitely could do that, or else you could find someone to do it for you.

And Danny might say that he's leaving it up to Osmond, but it's his charisma and support that gives Osmond confidence and takes Wally's away. Even at this age, Danny just has the ability to make his peers listen and believe.

Oh, and smiling for Danny not wanting to rule out telepathy existing. Yeah...

Cole. Still hate him. Hate the annoyance and the reminder that it's never going to be Danny's mother who comes to see him, and the threat of military school. And that would just be an impossible environment for Danny. Cole really does have all the power.

Like Mr Lawrenson. Who seems to be decidedly unhappy with the whole situation, even if he doesn't have any ability to do anything about it. And like the steering him towards actually asking questions. And, naturally, am wondering what the new plans are. All in time, right?

And love Danny's happiness at Osmond's happiness. "Seeing someone he liked happy was a good feeling." Sigh. Oh, that's just never going to change.

Smiling for the prize fund. "Cole and Randall Prize Fund" at that. Just Danny's own little inside joke and later in his life it would be for sharing. And the simplicity of 'it must be legal, it's from a law firm' is such perfect child logic. And smiling even more for Danny steering Os towards the allergy tests.

So. Thank you for wonderful, wonderful story. And where is more?
otherhawk chapter 3 . 7/13/2010
You know, it's really very, very clever that you tie this so completely into 'Waiting' with Alexander Lowmen leaving. Just makes this fit so wonderfully into the larger Body and Soul verse. And I imagine that Alexander Lowmen leaving was a considerable relief. Hate him too.

And, of course, there's something very wrong and sad about the fact that the fact that Danny's great days are the days when all his family are away.

Smiling for the Luis and Felipe story and the cookies. Danny learning what friendship can be, and the cards and the poker face and, of course, Danny gets so very good at both. And smiling too for the pride and praise from Luis.

Sigh for the lawyer visiting and the whispered conversation and all the little hints that something is not right. And then the next morning and Danny's mother is just so, so amaternal. Not even thinking of her son, not even for a second, she's not even the one to tell him. And Cole and Randall just dismissing him. Not the way things should be. Very far from the way things should be.

"Danny would have felt much more grief if he could have been convinced that his father remembered his existence other than on high days and holidays when convention forced everyone into the same room."

Line is sad and painful, but mostly wanted to comment on the structure and the "high days and holidays" which is just wonderfully phrased.

And there is no sincere grief, and much growling for Danny's mother. "the dreamy way his mother moved through the house, her fingers clutching at her jewels." All about the money and she's got what she wanted.

Hate that Danny is excluded. And of course he would be, because he really is too young, but there's no one else to speak for Danny's interests. And that's really needed. The terms of the will are so unfair, and of course Cole and Randall and Danny's mother all want there to be as much left in the trust fund to be able to divide between them as possible. Imagine that there was a weighing up of options between the advantages of state school which is free, or the place in Texas which means that they'd never have to see Danny on the holidays.

And of course Cole will meet his eyes. Danny embarrassed Cole just the other week with Alexander Lowmen, and Cole is enjoying every minute of this. Not just revenge, of course, he likes the power he has over Danny and he really hates him.

And ow, ow, ow for the "Your mother says she has the receipts." Not just for the painful echo to Rusty and Body and Soul, but the fact that he's *asked* They're that rich and he - all of them, actually - really does begrudge every single penny spent on Danny.

And Cole says it's a decision between all of them, but I imagine that Cole actually made the decision and Randall and Danny's mother agreed because they didn't care and it meant more money.

Danny begging. Begging Cole and begging his mother and *know* that Cole liked it. And this -

He dropped to the floor in front of her and grabbed her hands and begged her with passion and desperation.

"Please, mother, please. I've never asked for anything but please don't send me away."

His mother disentangled her hands and looked faintly disapproving as if the outburst of emotion was more than she could handle.

Oh, it hurts. Can picture it and she just doesn't care what happens to him at all. Like you said, she'd got what he needed from him the moment he was conceived.

Sigh for him losing Luis and Maria and just the knowledge that he's never going to spend another day in the kitchen with the stories and the baking and the cards and the love. And so much pain for the insecurity that has him imagining them replacing him. And love for the "We won't ever forget you" and the vow to write.

And even more for this. "Remember what counts."

He would. He would. And on that Monday, as he started the journey that would take him to the new school, he told himself over and over that he would never forget what mattered in this world. Who mattered in this world. Because some things - some people - were worth remembering.

Sigh. It's so, so Danny. And we know that he does.
otherhawk chapter 2 . 7/13/2010
Right off, first thing I want to say is how brilliant the chapter title is. Double meaning, about Danny and about Cole. Really am always amazed at the way you do that. So, so clever.

And do love this story so much. Wonderful to see it updated. Yes, yes, a while ago now, but remains true. Love little!Danny. So easy to see the seeds of who he's going to grow up to be.

Beginning and I too have trouble deciding which of Danny's half brothers I dislike. Least I did till the end of this chapter. Now, it's definitely Cole. And smiling for Danny's expanding vocabulary. Can think of several suggestions for the second word.

Like Mark Barlow. Not, perhaps, amazingly important in the scheme of Danny's life, plainly he's never going to stand up for Danny and he's never going to be a source of emotional support, but like the way he challenges Danny, learning to think outside of the box. And see, I'm wondering how many of the lateral thinking puzzles Danny answered correctly and how many he came up with equally possible alternatives that no one else ever thought of.

Smiling for the fast food restaurants too. Beginning of a life long love. And like Danny knowing exactly what to say to persuade Mark and exactly what he'd say in the extremely unlikely event that his father asked.

And sighing for the unusualness of Danny actually experiencing something like normal life. Imagine it's quite uncommon for him to actually see anyone other than the people who live in his house. Of course he'd be doing a lot of people watching. Because he's Danny and he's fascinated and everything is novel.

Oh, and the film. Completely terrific and fantastic first one for Danny to see. And love the influence it has on him. "Stealing. It was fast becoming an attractive option."

First theft. And it's all about the Robin Hood and the righting wrongs and think it's also about having a secret and something that his family would disapprove of.

Estella. And love the innocence of Danny's crush. Can picture him running into the room and stopping dead, the wide-eyed expression on his face. And smiling for the "Good" and the approval and the " - Oh, I would." So, so sweet.

Danny stealing the necklace. And of course, in his mind it's not stealing. His mother's, and like the chandeliers in the first chapter, if no one knows then it doesn't count. And, clearly, Estella deserves it far more than his mother does. Simple, sweet, childish gesture. And, you know, if what happened hadn't happened, I think she'd probably have sent the necklace back. She'd figure where it came from, even if she didn't maybe know how it got there.

Cole. Hate him. Hate him, hate him, hate him. Hate the little "You like money?" and his complete conviction that money makes him better than everyone else and that anything and anyone can be bought.

And the discovery of the necklace. And that really is agony. Because Danny put it there and this is the last thing that Danny would ever imagine and ever want. Oh, it's painful.

And hate that Cole knows that she didn't take it and it makes no difference, and really, really hate the "You can keep the necklace."

"Please," she breathed and she was frightened and he loved the power and the control in this one moment. "Please. I'm getting married next month."

Can hear this line. The desperation. And I can picture the look on Cole's face and he is not a man who would ever respond to pleading except to enjoy it more. Hate him. Did I mention that part?

Danny seeing Estella and he sees the effect but he's just not old enough or street wise enough to be able to imagine the cause. And unbearable for Estella and for Maria.

And no, Cole would never listen to anything Danny had to say, and Danny truly is powerless. Sigh.

It's a great chapter of a great story. ;)
lelann37 chapter 4 . 7/7/2010
love it. Danny's so sneaky
PeanutTree chapter 4 . 6/18/2010
This is really interesting! I like exploring who Danny was before he met Rusty.
Maia2 chapter 4 . 6/13/2010
Awww! Completely love Danny! Such a sweetheart. Glad Luis and Maria are writing to him. About all he has.

I loved the planning and the cunning, and the little nod to his lack of attention to details.

The Cole and Randall fund made me smile. As did the sweetness of Os and Karen.

But nothing made me smile more than Danny. He's great.

Thanks for this.

ZairaAlbereo chapter 4 . 6/11/2010
You know the cruel thing about this update is that after I have refreshed my mind what actually is going on and then read the new chapter, I'm totally sucked in again. I would love to see more. And I am so waiting for Danny and Rusty to meet one day... :)

It was a lovely story. Danny against the world, changing the world, to help a friend to be able to eat something good. Very sweet.

Cole of course is an absolute bastard, and I only hope he will get ehat's coming to him and I don't mean a chunk of Danny's trust fund.
ParisAmy chapter 3 . 3/22/2010
Poor Danny, being sent to Texas!

I really hope Luis and Maria write to him somehow.

I can't wait to see what happens next :)
Maia2 chapter 3 . 3/14/2010
Aw ... poor little Danny. I love that he had Luis and Maria. Hate the "real" family. And yes, real is a relative term, huh?

That Cole... ugh. And Texas! Poor poor Danny.

Of course he'll remember Luis and Maria. I hope nothing happens that'll prevent the communication...

Thanks for the update!
ParisAmy chapter 2 . 12/21/2009
Yay, an update! I do love this story :)

'Fagin and the Artful Dodger' reminds me of Rusty and McAvoy for some reason.

I loved that Danny wanted to steal from the rich to give to the poor; you can tell he's so different from his family.

I can't wait to see what will happen next!
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