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Kyrinne chapter 1 . 9/8/2012
I decided more detail was needed. lol
I would keep the chapters about the same length; for a story with this much emotion and drive and _, it's my opinion that the longer chapters allow you to express much more in coherant context in a more managable way.
Time for analysis... I love your use of blatant symbalism. Lelouch is unparalleled, you gave him a parallel; his narcissusism made real, and therefore a much heavier cross to bear. Suzaku is strong and balanced and unwaivering, you made him weak and threatened and broken, bringing back humanity to the hero-figure. C.C. is a catalyst, I believe, and Orange seems to be a Hermes. The use of darkness and light, solidity and fluidity, emotion and logic, all melds together beautifully.

I truly do love this fic. This is the intelligent writing that I look for. Can't wait for the next installment, as I said before.

Kyrinne chapter 2 . 9/8/2012
Absolutely brilliant. The tone and settings you use are spot on, driving a reader to imagine the details that make up any emotion true. I love your use of tempo, and the perfect timing of the tempos, like 3/4 sliding back into 6/8. I look forward to the next installment. :)
Faith of the Fallen chapter 2 . 11/29/2009
Your story was amazing. The imagery painted a vibrant and robust scene. I love the emotion that the clone has as he remembers the past. I look forward to the next chapter.
Shinigami Twin 04 chapter 2 . 10/11/2009

Almost forgot! You wanted to know about length.

I enjoy really long chapters at a time. Especially if I have to wait a long time for the update. But I understand that shorter chapters make updating more frequently easier. So I guess depends on your preference honestly.

I enjoy how overwhelming it is to have a ueber long chapter that takes me forever to read and process and possibly reread because it was so much awesome at once.

My personal opinion: keep them this length, for a story of this complexity, I believe it is almost a necessity. Especially to share all the important bits of the characters thoughts and feelings properly. I don't see how with this kind of story you don't lose a little something in trying to shorten in.

So,... keep up the good work! _~


Shinigami Twin 04

(Quatre Raberba Winner)
Shinigami Twin 04 chapter 2 . 10/11/2009
Gomen nasai didn't get around to this the other night. Things were getting kind of late.

That being the case, sadly I forgot a lot of this. I felt really bad for Suzaku I recall. What a delimma with Lulu feeling very insecure. I hope to see them grow closer as they struggle with Lulu's insecurities come to the surface and Suzaku's frustrations. A really hard situation to live with hear indeed.

As far as the clone. Damn, what a way to ueber complicate an already tough situation. At first I wanted to feel sorry for the thing, but I find like Suazaku I just get angry. I hope there comes a time that Suzaku can exact his revenge against Schneizel.

I don't know if I expect this story to head in a direction where I can continue being pissed with the presence of the damn clone, or if I it will grow into a character to pity. Perhaps maybe something with C.C. and the clone and sympathizing with the poor thing. Another creature that shouldn't exist, similar to herself. Another experiment, another person mistreated for being supernatural or abnormal.

Speaking of C.C., that is the one thing I will be open with you and admit was a turn off. I imagined that Suzaku and C.C. wouldn't get along, but I doubt they would be the type to kind bicker and go at one anothers throats. I can't see C.C. openly showing disapproval to the extent you show here. She really lost her cool, and C.C. is so much a casual and laid back characer. Rarely does much affect and concern her. I figure she would be worried sick, but jealous of Suzaku and Lelouch's relationship, that wouldn't go on my list. She seems to have an intense understanding of her place in the world. I would figure her more the character to understand that she can't have Lelouch's heart, and wouldn't want it. The latter mostly out of guilt, considering she would live forever and that could hardly be fair. And even if he accepted the code I doubt she would want someone to suffer her pain of having to live on past all those she cared for. Not to mention, recalling C.C.'s geass to make those fall in love with her... she would probably have a fond appreciation for SuzaLulu, considering it is sincere despite all the odds and the complications of life. They are will to sincerely have one another, no matter how fucked up.

Yea, that was probably the biggest comment I had. C.C.'s character interpretation was interesting here. I can't wait to see the reaction you have for her next. Maybe then I can get a better understanding and feel for what you are going for. The scenes here were a little short.

All in all, can't wait for everything to go up in the air and see how Lulu organizes everything considering the clone. I am fascinated with his reaction, and wonder if he will be able to put up with it. I was even a little shocked that he was able to stand the earlier situation and didn't just tell Suzaku to kill the poor thing and put it out of it's misery.

But definitely expect in the future Suzaku to need and keep a very close eye on the thing, considering from the current situation it sounds very close to becoming so upset over the memories with Suzaku that he just may kill Lelouch to replace him. Dude, how creepy can things get when he begins to try and perfect Lelouch's attitude. Because that moment when he came back quite casually with how intelligent he was, yea... if I were Suzaku definitely would have snapped and backhanded the piece of shit.

Poor clone, poor unfortunate creation. Way to create a Frankenstein complication here. The irony, the clone is so beautiful, because it has the image of Lelouch. But so hideous in and of itself as a creation. Pity.

What the hell did you have going on in Schneizel's sick twisted little mind for all this? Or was there some other evil mastermind even behind this...? Because damn, to do that to your brother. Talk about playing dirty.

Oh! And hope to hear some of the back story of how Lelouch spent time with the clone and convinced it to come to his side. I am sure there will be sharing of the nightmares of how they took his eyes too. (Dude, teary scene that will be) I am surprised I must say that Suzaku was able to just let him rest like that. But I guess he really needs it, and probably would be horrifying to see the damage up close, although I am sure Suzaku shall eventually, but one too many horrors in one day, ne?

Alright, alright. Dude. See, told you I really liked this story. And I am thoroughly fascinated and hooked. I am glad to see you return for a moment. And really, ueber, super encourage and pray for you to find an ending to it!

For future reference, this is more like how I respond to fics that impress me to no end and just steal my heart and soul for a length of time reading it.

Well, there you are. Hope you can appreciate this review for what it is. _~

Sincerest Regards,

Shinigami Twin 04

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Shinigami Twin 04 chapter 2 . 10/11/2009
Oh... I had reread my first review, and it was kinda short for me. But I just remembered what I found fascinating about this story and couldn't wait to see!

In my first, first post back like a year ago when I said "Score! Down with the clone! Long live SuzaLulu!" Or some such, I didn't recall what the hell that meant... but just had a duh! moment. Dude, awesome idea. Clone killed and SuzaLulu can continue on in secret for all eternity. Yes, I approve. Although the sadness of none of those gorgeous eyes... I admit. That, like Suzaku, would kill me deep inside.

But there is so, so much more to our beloved Lelouch, now isn't there Suzaku? _~

And what happened to Nunnally in all this insanity. Dear god if she heard what Schniezel did. (shakes head)

Honestly, I don't believe I see Schniezel that cold and far gone to have done this level of damage to Lelouch. I think he likes to uphold a certain reputation, no da? Besides, this is a whole other level of fighting dirty.

Alright, There is more like a review I give. I am getting all off topic etc. But you deserved it. Let me read the second chapter and I am sure you will give me more tidbits to comment into the early mornin' over. _~



Shinigami Twin 04

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Shinigami Twin 04 chapter 1 . 10/11/2009
So... will review again. Because for some strange reason I was very smitting with your story here. And I will once again let you know, in hopes that it will help to spur you to keep this one up.

I almost regretted taking review time previously considering it dropped off the face of the earth. It was hard to find. I didn't come across it again until just shifting through. I read it late one night amongst a ton of other works so the title left me, and the ending scene great as it is, was SO different from the plot I had ended up confusing it for something else and couldn't make the Sans Pareil connection. But glad to have found this story again.

And even more excited it seems you are getting back to it. I was sincere in what I said earlier about the originality of the plot. I would like to get an understanding of where the inspiration came from regarding a clone Lulu. And I am sure all sort of complex aspects of Lulu's psyche can come from this one. Oh the relationship struggles this will bring.

I am kinda concerned of what will happen as far as the clone is concerned as well I must admit. Complex story plot indeed you seem to have laid out here. I can't wait for more. _

I'll leave all my rambling at this. I believe because your first chapter is so open and so unique it is hard for me to give detailed feedback, but I assure you I am all estatic to see this story return to life! I wish your muse live long and see this fic to a closing.

So, perhaps I have more love to give for the second chapter. Gotta save some. No da? _~

Sincerest Regards,

Shinigami Twin 04

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alyuchiha913 chapter 2 . 10/7/2009
ohh That was so damn intense..and just...amazing. And that's really all I can say. Excellent work. I do hope you update this soon. I absolutely positively cannot wait to read more of this. It's just so damn compelling..I need more! XD

Peace Out! _
alyuchiha913 chapter 1 . 10/7/2009
Wow. Just wow. This is just freakin amazing! Your writing is just incredible...and this plot is Lelouch being cloned when he considered himself to be's all just great. And I love how you tied it in with the flashback at teh end. Brilliant! I'm totally going to enjoy reading this fic!

Peace Out! _
Blackrose2005 chapter 2 . 10/3/2009
Wha... wha... Whoa...

That was... WOw... I... I can't really say any more than that~ And crap. It took me an hour... -BLEEP- lol. Not that I mind though, I have a lotta free time... At this moment.

O-o I think 25k is perfectly fine. And I love the lemony part at the end. o-o Even if it is... Kinda odd to hear Lulu-kun's clone being the nararator of it. o-o

Hmm... I hope Suza-kun becomes a little nicer to Lulu-kun's clone... But that's just wishful thinking. -sniffs- And I would love to see some present Suza/Lulu-ness, but... -sniffs- MAN... YOU MADE LULU-KUN BLIND... T-T It was literally heart-wrentching when you know that it's fully true... -sniffs- But you can't really blame Suza-kun for being so paranoid when he saw Lulu-kun. o-o

I hope that you're able to update soon~ -waves-

insertappropropriatenamehere chapter 2 . 10/1/2009
Chapter length... just go with what you want, but I highly suggest longer chapters (no pressure here).

Also, I like this chapter. I really do. The only part a bit creepy was the clone's POV.
SomeNameNoneWillRecognize chapter 2 . 9/30/2009
Yay! I'm so glad you updated! Great chapter although I like the first chapter better. Constructive criticism would be try not to spend so much time writing out details that don't really matter. I got kinda bored reading about how long it took them to get out of the Lancelot. About how long the chapters should be, I like them super long like you've been doing them so far. However if shorter ones would make you update sooner I'm all for it 3

Can't wait for the next chapter 3

p.s. I dig how Suzaku hates the clone :p
abls chapter 2 . 9/29/2009
So I just found this story today, and I guess I'm sort of happy I did because I didn't have to wait a year for it to have its second chapter - but now I realize I might have to wait another year for the third chapter. yikes.

Anyway, I wanted to review as I read, but I couldn't stop reading! So here are the thoughts I remembered thinking (haha) as I read the story.

1. I pity Lelouch-clone. Yeah. I'll call him that. I don't know what you have planned for him, what he'll do in the future, so I'm basing on what I've read in the past 2 chaptrs okay? So I may be totally wrong... but I feel bad for the way Suzaku treats him. I mean, I suppose he is an abomination of nature, created and not born and such - but it isn't his fault that he was created in the first place right? Schneizel created him - but in the end, he is the creation, not the creator, right? It's like... you don't blame a bastard child for being born, but you blame the parent, right? Or something like that.

2. Suzaku, I'm not sure what I think of him. I feel a bit annoyed at how he treats the clone, but I suppose he's just being cautious. I think it's pretty funny that the only times he really tolerates/thinks 'okay' of the clone is when the clone is actually a bit snarky. Like that, "I'm intelligent. I undertsand most things" bit. It makes me think that maybe Suzaku's a bit of a sadist and likes being talked down to. Hahaha! but I do like how he contradicts himself on how he doesn't want to compare lelouch and lelouch-clone to each other, but he still does. :)

3. Lelouch! At first I thought the extreme narcissistic quality was "ehh" but I guess I'm getting okay with it. I like how he was annoyed/angry/jealous/mad at Suzaku in the first chapter when Lelouch-clone made a small whimper as Suzaku did a body check, and Lelouch was like, "You touch the clone more easily than me." You see, Lelouch has always been an interesting character, and you still make him interesting. Most of the first chapter we see Lelouch trying to be strong but then he unravels with his long rant of how he's deformed and can't see and hard to deal with - and how the clone is just perfect for Suzaku. It shows (once again, I could be wrong) he is scared, he isn't as calm as he looks, he probably is a bit scared that Suzaku will cast him aside for the more 'suitable' and 'manageable' clone. For all the narcissism and self-love in the past, it's funny how Lelouch is now very self-conscious about his apparent flaws.

Also, I started wondering if Lelouch loves Suzaku as much as Suzaku loves him. I mean, I'm sure he loves Suzaku, but I guess since the story is more in Suzaku's POV we feel more of his love, I didn't feel much from him. Like the last semi-sex scene here, Lelouch's thoughts involved 'claiming Suzaku' more than love - well, just for me, up until this line:

"Right now, he's just Lelouch, and the sounds Suzaku makes in bed make him lust so hard he almost forgets how stupidly in love he is, and how weak that makes him."

All in all, I really like the uniqueness of this story.

I'm excited to see how they deal with Lelouch's problems, what the clone is up to (if it really is as devious as the original Lelouch is), exactly what the clone feels for Suzaku, how will the clone and Lelouch's deformities affect his relationship with Suzaku, and etc. etc. And okay, since I'm a sucker for romance, I'm also excited to see if you have any more scenes that express exactly what Lelouch feels for Suzaku. :)

Okay. Long review. Thanks for the read! :D
Sier chapter 2 . 9/28/2009

this. was. AMAZING.

I just don't know what to say about this (mind blowing) chapter, they were incredibly in character and I loved Suzaku and C.C (almost Cat-fight) scene, and Jeremiah ... this man doesn't get much (love) attention :D

And ... CloneLulu O_O

I mean ... wasn't Narcissist!Lelouch enough?

The first chapter didn't explore him (it?) much, but now and especially with him (it?) and Suzaku interaction it's simply irresistible :D (Will there be some Angry!Zaku/CloneLulu Action? :D)

When I read his part, My heart just torn itself. it's so sad, Thinking that he is Lelouch, this just killed me Y_Y:

“we’re free. We’re free, Lelouch.” until Lelouch raised his head slightly from where he had given up fighting and fallen against Suzaku’s chest and murmured “yes. We are. You did well. Very well.”

Thank you for the great story and please update soon! :)
Fallen One-Winged Tenshi chapter 2 . 9/28/2009
Thank you for updating. My goodness that was the most detailed smex scene I had ever read! And they didn't even reach home base yet. I love reading long chapters, as long as its written well and isn't wondering off the main plot.

Although I wouldn't mind reading shorter length chapters (this chapter was 29 pages long) so about half of that amount would be better. The reason of the shorter chapters is that it allows us readers to have better focus on the chapter. Cause most lengthy chapters causes readers to skim through it and sometimes miss important details.

This was a very interesting chapter to read and I love the interaction between Suzaku and the Clone. I can't for more to come. Thank you for updating and keep up the great work!
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