Reviews for A Dream Date with a Character from Twilight
ShallNotBeNamed chapter 1 . 9/29/2012
Name: MusicBox123 and My real name is Lauren

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Long Straight Golden Brown Hair, Tan Skin, Blue Greyish Eyes

Country: Tenessee,USA

Personality Traits that most distinguish you: Funny, very very adventurous, Independant, Rebellious, Smart, Sarcastic and Cynical

Pet Peeves: Anything Slow or Boring

Little habits that you may have: Never picking up after myself

Indiviualistic triats that distinctly define who you are: Trys to handle everything kind of Fast but usually gets really nervous and overthinks things.

How you would react when you have a crush on someone: Get nervous and very shy but doesn't really show it , also not really saying much.

Hobbies: Drawing, Painting or Writing

Any pets: Pet weenie dog Penny

Fav Book: The Shadow Thieves

Fav. Movie/Actor/Actress: Her Favorite Movie is Remember Me her favorite actor is Chris Hemsworth and actress is Angelina Jolie

Fav. School Subject: Geography

What to do in spare time: Listen to music

Which Cullen you would most like to date: Jasper

Your Dream Date: (location, month, what you are doing, etc): She doesn't really care about the date she'll do just about anything fun and simple like a drive or playing in the snow or just a plain walk around town.

Anything else that you feel is useful: She loves music her favorite song is Renegade by Paramore because it describes her.
Twilight Addict 3 chapter 1 . 7/25/2010
Name: Twilight Addict 3/ Emily

Sex: Female

Age: 13

Appearance: Medium blonde hair just past my shoulder; Blue eyes; pale skin; 5'6"; skinny-ish

Country: United States

Personality traits that most distinguish me: Hmmm...I get straight A's, I'm not a girly girl but I'm not a tomboy, I'm very shy, I'm a nice person, and I've been told that I'm hilarious when I'm slap happy/ hyper.

Pet Peeves: I hate people who think they're better than everyone else just because of their social status.

Little habits: I bite my nails sometimes and tuck my hair behind my ear.

Indiviualistic traits: Strait A student; I can be very emotional; I get upset at every little thing but I hate showing weakness.

How I react when I have a crush on someone: I blush when I'm around them and don't talk much. I also find myself thinking about them.

Hobbies: Reading and playing piano

Pets: A cat and dog (Meow and Bubbles...I was 4 okay)

Fav Book: Breaking Dawn

Fav Movie/Actor/Actress: Hmm...Eclipse/Robert Pattinson/Ashley Greene

Fav school subject: History or Math

What I do in my spare time: I play on the computer and read FanFics :D

Cullen I would most like to date: Edward Cullen

My Dream Date: Anything romantic, it doesn't matter when

Anything else: I love the color purple and my favorite flowers are lilacs.
XxDark-maiden201xX chapter 3 . 9/22/2009
Name: XxDark-maiden201xX/ Raine

Sex: Female

Age: 14

Appearance: waist lenghth brownish black hair, brown eyes and 5'3 height

Country: hmm...could it be that I've come to live in the US for a few years because of my dad's job?

Personality Traits that most distinguish you:Top of my class and no, I am not a nerd XD, Tomboyish, Wierd, Funny, Kind.

Pet Peeves:Hate girly girls and show offs (especially guy show offs)

Little habits that you may have:I Bite my nails alot when I'm nervous.

Indiviualistic triats that distinctly define who you are: I'm good in art and singing and I'm a straight A student. But I lose my temper really often and at the slightet thing and hate showing any weaknesses.

How you would react when you have a crush on someone: I wouldn't really show anything. Just think about him/her alot...I'm not as gutsy to ask any one out XD

Hobbies: Art, hanging out with friends, staying on the internet, music, swimming, reading (I LOVE reading books),pulling pranks

Any pets: Fishes and I used to have 2 cats

Fav Book:Twilight saga, Princess diaries, LuckY star, All American Girl, The Host

Fav. Movie/Actor/Actress:Actor- Robert Pattinson, Actress- Anne Hathaway

Fav. School Subject: Science/Physice, Art,Sports

What you like to do in your spare time:Draw,sing,listen to music,chat online with friends,prank people

Which Cullen you would most like to date: Edward Cullen

Your Dream Date: Umm...On a boat ride at night? XD I'm not that creative but I love watching the night sky with the wind blowing and all that XD

Anything else that you feel is useful: N/A
chloexxgirlthing chapter 3 . 8/12/2009
woops i forgot one!

Crush : Probably Talk About Random stuff and like really embarrass myself!
chloexxgirlthing chapter 1 . 8/12/2009
Name: Chloexxgirlthing and my real name is Chloe but my nickname is Nessie ((honest truth!))

Sex: Female

Age : 14

Appearance: Brown/Red Below Shoulder length hair and Blue Eyes and im very very pale.

Country: Ireland

Personality : Okay im very bubbly,mature,laugh easily, can be clumsy at times.

Pet Peeves : I hate when people talk complete nonsence!.

Habits: I get nervous really easily and when that happens i usually fiddle with my thumbs.(it really annoys my friends! lol)

Hobbies: Singing,Dancing and Acting oh and i play the piano.

Any Pets : A Cat who is really hyper.

Favorite Book : Twilight (Duh) and My Sister's Keeper

Favorite Movie: Marley and Me

Actor : Robert Pattinson

Actress: Amy Adams

Favorite School Subject : Probably Science or Business.

Spare Time : Play Piano and Write Songs.

What Cullen i would like to Date : Edward or Emmett.

Dream Date : A Picinic in a Meadow or on a Beach.

Anything Else : I Dont Have a favorite Colour! ((i know really random))
Bekahful chapter 3 . 5/6/2009
GIR! I HATED this girl Bianca at my old school. She was one of those preppy bitches, but she was like a C or something (what? It's not like I keep tabs) so Everyone just LOVED her. It was so annoying and she just ate it up. Gir. Stupid ditz.

Doesn't stop me from liking this chapter though, it was sweet, too, and I think Jasper should tell her his secret... bom bom bom!


-vampirefan17 þ
Bekahful chapter 2 . 5/6/2009
Aw, that was sweet, I liked that chapter. Hah, the Mike thing was funny. The vampire thing Was a little rushed, but not rushed at the same time. It's like... it was sudden, but she took her time to believe him, so it was rushed but not rushed.

Later! Oh, and you know you're not going to choose me! Please don't stalk me by the way. You know, now that you know exactly who I am/what I look like. Please. That would not be fun.

-vampirefan17 ;þ
Bekahful chapter 1 . 5/6/2009
Okay, I feel kinda stupid, but I just want to see if it would work, I really suck.

NAME: vampirefan17/Rebekah

SEX: female

AGE: Way too young to date Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson

APPEARANCE: blond, blue eyes, white- I am NOT a Nazi, dammit!

COUNTRY: You don't have to send him anywhere (if he's in Hollywood)

PERSONALITY TRAITS: Exactly like Alice- really eccentric! Wait... no! Not Jasper! Actually I don't care. Just not Mike Newton. Or any of the humans. Or Paul.

PET PEEVES: Those pretty, preppy bitches. Laggers (people who repeatedly fail & are late to class). My sister. Why does this matter?

L.H.T.I.M.H.: I fidget A LOT when I have nothing else to do. You know, mess with my shirt, play with my hair.

I.T.T.D.D.W.I.A.: I will mostly always speak my mind. Kind of a bitch, just not a super pretty, preppy one. Slightly bossy. Okay, can be Very bossy, but still. Waves A LOT! might laugh at someone else's pain every once in a while, when it's someone I don't like. Still a good person though.

H.Y.W.R.W.Y.H.A.C.O.S.: Honestly, I try to ignore them and sometimes pretend (really well, I might add) I really hate them or are annoyed with them easily. What?

HOBBIES: Reading, fanfiction. Talking. I'm really messed up,

why am I doing this again?

ANY PETS: I have a dog, used to have a mouse named Fireball but h died on Halloween four years ago. Dog's name is Chewy. I wish I had a Floffle though (lol, see my community to undertand)

FAV BOOK: Oh, gee, I wonder what that could be. Let's see, I write Twilight fanfiction, I read Twilight fanfiction, I'm reading Breaking Dawn for the second time after reading the first three. I read Midnight Sun off of Steph's web. I truly wonder. Maybe Twilight and then Eclipse and then Breaking

Dawn and then New Moon (I'm VERY Team Edward.)

My favorite non-Twilight book is Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen and then the HP series and then Anne of Green Gables.

FAV MOVIE/ACTOR/ACTRESS: Movie: Twilight because I'm loyal. Oherwise... Idk... Actor: Probably... Daniel Radcliffe... Or...Taylor Lautner. Fav actress: Anne Hathaway. Ben Stiller, oh wait, that's a guy.

FAV S.S.: Lunch, Used to be BAND! and English, but then I moved and now it's History and P.E. because the History teacher is super cool and funny and P.E. b/c that's the only time I can really

hang out with my friends.


W.C.I.W.M.L.T.D.: Jackson Rathbone is SO hot and so is Kellan Lutz, Rob Pattinson is only hot when he plays Edward Cullen but the fictional character is Definitely Edward Cullen!

M.D.D.: Dinner and then a walk on the beach at sunset. preferrably at 7 on September. 13th. But I wouldn't do that, it's Bella's 20th bday! September though.

A.E.T.I.F.U.: I can predict the future. You're not gonna pick me! OMG! I'm psychic! I'm not entirely sure if that's reverse-psychology or not, though. Oh, yeah, and normally I don't like blonds. 'Cept Cody. Cuz he's awesome. He's a grade above me, though. And he doesn't know my name. I only know his name through Band.


-vampirefan17 þ
ayame81131 chapter 1 . 4/13/2009
About the date place,maybe in that forest in which Edward told Bella he was a ,and Thanks a LOT,it ca't possibly be easy what you're doing!
ayame81131 chapter 1 . 4/13/2009
Name:just call me Ayame Murasaki


Age:14,will be 15 on 8 aughust this year


blond,long,hair,pouty lips,of the color pink-red,delicate and fragile looking

Country:Forks is just perfect for me

Personality traits:serious,mature,yet childish sometimes,don't smile or laugh easyly,don't fall for guys at first view just because they're hot (most of the time...Edward Cullen is the exception,obviouslly),know what's like tobe anoutcast,shy,

sincere,has few friends but real friends,likes anime a lot,especially Naruto,favorite character is Sakura from the verry begining,is a good student,not strait A-s but somewhere close,likes to listen to all kinds of music,and to read SasuSaku fanfiction in spare time

How I would react if I had a crush on someone:not tell him,first of all,secondly,have my friends spy on him so I can find out his type of girl,and finally get over my shyness and go and talk to him so he will notice me and no other bithc would take him away from me and if he really is my type of guy,and I'm his type of girl,get togheter with him

Pets:fish and a parrot

:fantasy ones,can't choose between them

:Twillight and :Robbert Pattison,duh,that's why I'm taking this test

Subject:English and Biology-it has nothing to do with Twillight,I swear!

What I like to do in spare time:relax,listen to music,read fanfiction,read a book,watch TV

Wich Cullen you would most like to date:Edward Cullen-sigh-He's so dreamy!

Your dream date:a beautifull park,in the spring with sakura tress everywhere,in the morning,isolated,with no people at all

So,I will soon be going on a date with the hot Edward Cullen?

TheAsianSensation chapter 3 . 4/3/2009
Hey thanks again for my chapter!
Yeah this is Bianca by the way. I was sharing that old account and decided to make my own.
I have a few new stories i'm working on and i would be happy if you read them if you get a chance.

Thanks again...again (lol) for my Jasper date, while I'm working on all these stories i could write you your own date if u want. Just PM me.
renmeili chapter 3 . 3/1/2009
*takes deep breaths*


I think Im good now.

I literally just screamed my head off for a whole minute! I'm actually surprised I didn't pass out.

OMG! That was EXACTLY like me. The whole giggling in between words things and my appearence! AND even the part where I make things up as I go when Im creating things! I do that in my art class all the time. Oh My God! I just...I love you!


I'm still shaking of how amazingly epicly...just fucking...GREAT that was!

LMAO I blushed in RL when I was reading what Jasper was saying to me in the story. And nearly passed out when I read Jasper kissed me, I actually got a little jealous of myself. XD!

You're Amazing.

BY the way...

I'm sorry about you cousin in Iraq though. And that you were sick and all. And I know how you feel about school. It seems like theres just more work now a days. Well, thank god the year is almost over...well not really for me I get out in June now becuase of all the storms and shit in KY. Ugh. Well I hope you start to feel better.





PS- this feels like I didn't say enough about how much I love you and your writing for this but I don't know WHat else to say at the moment, so yea.

Sharnee Brookee chapter 3 . 3/1/2009
Yay you haven't wrote one for emmett yet! :P Hehehe. MINE MINE MINE MINE ) Lol
sunshine4047 chapter 2 . 2/28/2009
Name: Sunshine4047/ Kelsi

Sex: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Long brown hair. It's the same texture as Jasper's hair. My eyes are hard to explain. They're dark blue with green in the middle and brown specks. I have an oval shaped face. My lips are naturally red without having to put lipgloss or lipstick on. I part my hair on the right. I'm about 5 feet 5 inches.

Country: The U.S.

I love to read outloud in class. (as long as it isn't health) I speak my mind even if it might get me introuble. I'm very caring. I always listen to peoples problems. I'm a good advice giver.

Pet Peeves: When people say "Anyways" when the correct grammer is "Anyway" When people use "Um, uh, so, anyways/anyway, you know?, and a, ect.)

Habits: just like Bella, I bite my bottom lip. I correct people if they're wrong. I tend to finish people's sentences or if they're singing a song I start singing it also (which gets on my friends nerves)

Indivualistic traits: I usually brush things off. I mean, hey, you only live once.

Crush on someone: If I see them and they talk to me I blush. I talk about the person a lot and what I like about them. What makes them the type of person they are and the way they live their life.

Hobbies: I love to sing and dance. Swimming and playing with kids.

Any Pets: I love cats. I love to play with kittens.

Fav Book: Besides the Twilight series I'd have to say, Whispers from the dead by Joan Lowery Nixion.

Fav Actor: I'd have to say Shia Labuff or however you say his name. And Jackson Rathbone! He's an awesome person. Not only is he talented in movies, he's a talented photographer, piano player, singer, poet, guitar player he can play the harmonica etc. For shia, he is a great actor.

Fav school subject: English hands down.

Spare time:I read in my spare time.

Cullen I'd like to date: I'd have to say Jasper.

Dream Date: The Ocean in May or June. At a picnic.

Anything else useful: I love guy's eyes and their hair. But if I really had to say what I really like on a guy it'd be their abs or the v-shape of their pelvic bone. They can be fully clothed to see it. That's even cuter.
inudemon02 chapter 3 . 2/28/2009
This was great I hope you do my one-shot That would be funny! anyway hope you get your school work finish keep it up Violet Kasayo(real named)
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