Reviews for Lifeline
saint2sinner chapter 8 . 3/6/2019
If only it had happened that way. As much as I like Finn and Anna they just aren't Robert and Anna.
Wandering121 chapter 1 . 7/16/2015
Fantastic! I love how well you write all the GH characters.
catkthompson chapter 8 . 2/8/2015
Love the new ending. Wish there were more!
MM chapter 8 . 3/7/2012
Loved it, have you ever considered writing something from the other side? You know Anna sick and Robert having to her illness, may be with her seizures. You have an excellent grasp of the characters and it could be really amazing.
Roadrunnerz chapter 8 . 11/9/2008
Fabulous! I love that you added your own ending, and it was just perfect!

Looking forward to whatever else you write for these two.
Kim chapter 8 . 11/9/2008
Fantastic ending as always.
TwoCentsForFree chapter 5 . 11/3/2008
Yay, Digit! I was hoping you'd show up with something like this! You came through for me, mate! Thanks a million! I wasn't so much taken by the story line in which Robert and Anna found themselves, as with the declarations of undying love that came with it. This was brilliant, as usual. Totally awesome. Thanks!
Roadrunnerz chapter 3 . 11/1/2008're prolific lately! Mind you, I love your writing, so that's NOT a complaint.

Have to admit, I wasn't crazy about the whole Robert-cancer story, but at the same time it gave us the best RnA moments, since they "came back". And of course, you're making them even better with your take here. Thanks for posting!