Reviews for Trust
BabygirlClara chapter 1 . 8/9/2017
ptl4ever419 chapter 22 . 8/5/2013
Wow, I love but such a cliffy :( can't wait for the sequel :)
reader chapter 4 . 5/31/2011
I am new to CM fiction but I've been reading/writing fan-fic for years. I chose your fic because I enjoy these characters; the length of your story was a big draw as well but you really need a beta reader. The plot is great (from what I've read so far) but there are places where I have no clue where you've ended a sentence or when a new on starts. I've seen several mistakes that make reading this story difficult. I think that if you put this much effort into writing you should give your stories a second look before posting them.

Here is an example of what I mean: "Angel please.(Y)ou promised not to do anything (remove too) stupid.(T)rying this on your own would be (remove way)stupid, these two are obviously just there to knock out the officers, there has to be at least one more driving the get away vehicle. You said yourself just now that it would give you away to a possible watcher." Garcia chimed in his ear.

"I know baby girl.I was thinking of making a noise near the one closest to me.(T)o make the officers look, to (remove be) (add make them) aware…" he trailed off as he heard the radio in the car go off.

This chapter was great, as far as plot goes but re-reading paragraphs can be a bit much. I see in your profile that you've got a beta reader lined up to go over your stories but that it was a while ago. I hope that others wont pass on reading what you have to offer, it is a good fic.
BettyTheGreat chapter 2 . 4/15/2011
I love just kind of ...walking into a new relationship. There are no grand discussions or anything, you just feel the chemistry change and you go with it and it works!
nitetales chapter 22 . 10/8/2010
Please say that you are going to continue this story. I need to find out what happens to JJ and the outcome of the proposal. Love this story. Its one of the best I have read.
PaceyW'sgirl chapter 22 . 6/16/2010
great story, cant wait to read the next story to find out what happend to JJ.
Cricket22 chapter 22 . 4/17/2010
I hope everything is alright. I have a feeling it has to do with will or henry, and with reid just dancing with JJ, I am guessing it is will. But I must say I just read through your whole story and I loved it. I can't wait to read what happens next. You have really good timing about when to put in a little angst and drama. And great cliffhanger this chapter. Update soon please.
Mechia132 chapter 22 . 2/28/2010
I love this story. Looking forward to the next chpaters and what they will beging for Morgan, Gracia and the team.
LeoAngeldust chapter 15 . 12/28/2009
Hi, I've gotta say that I absolutly love your story line, and how you've got things going within this novel. I have to say though that while the plot line is very good, you might want to consider getting a beta reader. There are a lot of bad grammer, and some parts... speaking parts could probably be reworded to sound better. I don't want to infuriate you by any means because like I said this is a great plotline, it just needs some serious editing work. I know the story isn't finished here at chapter 15 but its where I'm stopping.
darkgirl3 chapter 22 . 12/5/2009
That is one of the 2 best stories i've read with multiple chapters about Morgan and Garcia so far. Plz keep up the excellent work and continue this or at least let me know what happened with JJ.
IlovetowriteSMP chapter 11 . 12/4/2009
another fab chapter
IlovetowriteSMP chapter 9 . 12/4/2009
Love Pen and Reid joking around
IlovetowriteSMP chapter 8 . 12/4/2009
Love the convo with his mom
IlovetowriteSMP chapter 7 . 12/4/2009
Looking forward to his reunion with Penelope
IlovetowriteSMP chapter 6 . 12/4/2009
Loving this story
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