Reviews for Death Eater No More
teamcarlisle21G chapter 6 . 1/19
i like it
u-r-only-my-shadow chapter 89 . 1/2
What a great, epic story!
I loved your unique approach and the way you characterized the protagonists and the way their lives developed. I have never read a story like this which is focussing on the (Ex-) Death Eaters and their post-Dealthy Hallows lives and I found that I could not stop reading, so intrigued was I to find out what would happen next. Of course, your excellent way of writing also helped with this! :)
Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing this gem with us!
Novacore chapter 6 . 7/28/2014
Seems like a decent story, but definitely not my piece of cake. Might as well edit the summary and add: retarded Harry potter.
Guest chapter 89 . 5/6/2014
I think there is plenty of truth in what Lucius said about the human aspect of teaching children to read. Allowing some machine to fill a job that should be done by a real person deprives the pupil of the personal touch that makes reading a pleasure and an art. I thought the going to the Toys R Us was cheesy. I do however like your story and have read every chapter. I will add that this was fluffier than your normal writing which is most often excellent. Such dedication, wow!
Guest chapter 56 . 5/3/2014
Whoa! Your dedication to writing such a long story is incredible. Not only is it long, but your fanfic is good. :-)
Blue Jay's Feather chapter 89 . 1/24/2014
Words fail me. This was an incredibly unique story arc, and "lovely" or "beautiful" just don't do your writing justice. This was one of the most evolved, in depth, detailed fanfics I have ever been blessed to read. I could write fanfics of your fanfic. I promised myself at the end of Father, My Father that I would review at the end. Now I feel privileged that you're even going to read this. Thank you (so much) for the story that kept me walking through the beginning of high school and for every scintillating word you wrote. I just wanted you to know how much strength your words gave me.
Evesgreenleaf chapter 88 . 11/16/2013
Your story is great, the critics need to blank themselves
anon chapter 90 . 10/11/2013
Hi there
Your writing is fantastic! I have so enjoyed these stories. I hope you don't mind two very slight (and I hope constructive) criticisms. You slightly overuse the word discombobulate, and there are a few too many Americanisms for a story with mostly British characters set in Britain (possibly consider a beta to change them to UK slang/expressions). Other than that I can't fault these stories in the slightest. You made my eyes water at poignant moments and snigger with glee at humorous episodes. I'm truly glad I read these all once complete as I would have been going mad waiting for each installment. There are too many awesome things to mention individually but I just had to mention the karaoke bar and the mental image you gave me of a house elf in a purple minidress trotting happily onstage! That has the ability to make me need to suppress giggles when it comes to mind! Giggling aside your stories are tremendously well written and I enjoyed them thoroughly, prompting my first ever review! I've read too many fanfics to count but never before been prompted to review.
Dorlinda Chong chapter 45 . 8/8/2013
Yes, enjoying the story/stories.
Dorlinda Chong chapter 42 . 8/6/2013
'He'd hexed that sixth year Loughlin with a dark curse so badly he was in the hospital for days, '
'...with a dark curse so bad...' 'badly implies Bayly did the curse incompetently.
Dorlinda Chong chapter 40 . 8/6/2013
Gringott's exchanges wizard money for Muggle money. and Malfoy had funds in both Gringott's and Muggle banks in case the Ministry froze/seized his Gringott's accounts, so they didn't HAVE to confund the doctor into thinking he got paid, they could have actually paid him -if Malfoy felt like funding the operation, that is. (As MacNair's wizarding funds would have been confiscated by the Ministry.)
"...your job is extremely critical,..." crucial
Dorlinda Chong chapter 39 . 8/6/2013
Hogwarts ISN'T free. Harry had to go to Gringott's bank every year in order to get tuition, supplies, and spending money. His parents set aside the vault in Gringott's because they knew they might not survive, and they knew he would need it if they didn't, which is why they left the key in Dumbledore's keeping. Albus gave it to Hagrid so he could give it to Harry when they visited Gringott's in the first book, when they went to Diagon Alley, which is why they BOTH went to Gringott's, and why Harry saw Hagrid getting the stone out of the vault Hagrid visited, otherwise, Hagrid would have gone to Gringott's on some other occasion. Recall, Harry was astounded by the amount of gold in his parents' vault, but he was told to be frugal, as it had to last him seven years -the amount of time he would be going to Hogwarts.
Dorlinda Chong chapter 36 . 8/6/2013
Excuse me? Pinning a diaper? I really don't think a sticking charm on a diaper constitutes using magic on the baby, and I really don't see magical folks using safety pins to secure a diaper in any case. And were I Draco, I'd have used a bubblehead charm to keep the air fresh for ME, and a protego charm to keep me impervious to the mess. A charm on ME isn't going to bother the baby, but it would spare me from the effects of the 'fireboat effect.' Hah!
Dorlinda Chong chapter 19 . 8/5/2013
"Don't sick him on me, Malfoy! I didn't—"
It's 'sic.'
duj chapter 89 . 6/4/2013
A very satisfying and absorbing tale. It was great watching the characters grow and change, finding love and/or fulfilment with their new lives. I especially liked Hermione's arc, and Lucius's. Thanks for giving Snape a better life - siblings, children (of blood and adoption) and a loving wife.
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