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Belikov's-Girl chapter 13 . 4/2/2010
EKK! YAY! :D. i know you like this other ending, but sorry to me this is the real ending, it was awesome! and OMG ROLF from the emmet chainsaw thing a couple chapters back! :D.. Lol i almost crying again when you said you said that was the ending, but then i realised there wass still so much to go i was like... ah :D... :D :D :D





JRParz chapter 13 . 8/3/2009
Totally awesome! Great imagination - great strategy and Jasper was spot on. Loved Rose's character in this and I must admit I was very impressed with Bella. Esme was cute as well. Bottom line - awesome!
HangingOnYourEveryWord chapter 13 . 6/24/2009
I like the ending where it was a dream but I think I like this one better. All your stories have been amazing though and I'll probably end up reading them over again. D

crazycoffeemom chapter 13 . 5/29/2009
i really liked that. thanks for sharing that.
ewichern chapter 13 . 4/3/2009
Hey, thanks for the alternate ending. While I certainly understood your choice as a writer to end the original the way you did, it wasn't particularly satisfying as a reader. I guess "anticlimactic" would be one way of describing it, but I totally respect your prerogative to make that original plot decision.

This ending was much more satisfying. Lots of action and lots of Cullens kicking ass. Thanks again for putting the time and effort into all of your stories, they were fantastic to read and an entertaining interpretation of the varying personalities of the Cullen family.
Walker77 chapter 13 . 3/30/2009
wow excellent story, really that was awsome.
Noirr chapter 13 . 3/17/2009
Fantastic story. And much more worthy of the trilogy...imho. This took wit, intelligence, and charisma to pull together. The entire structure of the plot line is that the small guy wins through dedication and love. This provides the true follow through on that without the jarring 90 degree turn. It's the whole reason why everyone is so enthralled with the entire ExB phenomenon. Impossible circumstances made possible. Well done.
Jexena chapter 13 . 3/8/2009
The End (10:55 am)

That is what happens when you underestimate someone. You come out looking like a fool. Too bad for you Aro. Oh My God! Aro is so not going to be able to use that angle. He cannot say that he thinks of Alec and Jane as children when he was just mocking his so called friends for their way of life. He is a hypocrite. Plain and simple. He also has some audacity to be asking Carlisle why he killed the guard that he sent after them. He is the one not being a friend. Carlisle has done everything that Aro has asked of him. All Carlisle has asked for is to live in peace. I really love when Carlisle puts Aro in his place. Is it at all possible for Aro to be any more of an ass? He forced their hand and they were not going to sit by and let their family be destroyed. Those Cullen parents sure are good at covering the loop holes when setting down ground rules. I love when Aro gets bust out with his stupid one track mind. Jane, darling, don’t give them any ideas. I am sure that you will survive if they just take small chunks out of you. It may even be entertaining to the wolves. See, there in lies your problem. If you truly loved Jane you would have nothing to think about. You would just give a counter offer that should any of them change their minds and want to join the guard they can. However, if that is not the case they are not aloud near Volterra and the Volturi are not allowed anywhere near them. On purpose, that is. For eternity is a long time to live and there is always the chance of running into a guard now and then. Should that happen the guard is to do nothing and should stay away from them. Um … because they were very stupid. You know, sometimes I think that maybe Jacob would be happier if he was one of the guard. He sure acts like them enough. I am sure that hearing the Cullens laugh at them isn’t helping their mood any. This might just be a little more fun yet. Angry vampires make stupid mistakes. Jasper is a military man. They always plan for all contingencies. Edward is very capable of making jokes. Just not when he is in the company of people that have no qualms with putting the woman he loves in danger. Jacob really is stupid. I am sure that Bella will remember his dumb comment, but being her will do nothing. Seth, always the level headed one. Maybe he is a bit like Jasper too. Shut it Jane. You are just a prop in all of this. I hope you realize that. Aro needs to stop acting as if he nothing to do with the destruction that has befallen them all tonight. He was the mastermind. Not Carlisle. Not Jasper. Aro started this war. Carlisle just did everything in his power to keep his family in one piece. What the Hell is Demitri doing out of the Dungun. That right there shows that they cannot be trusted with their word alone. It is a good thing that they had actual papers made that will help keep them safe forever. Does Edward know Bella or does Edward know Bella. That was really quick of him. But they really can’t take any chances at this point. That was a very smart move Aro. The first one you have made in a while I am sure. You don’t need to remind the good guys to do the right thing. They know what they fight for. Do you? I wonder what Edward was hearing from Jane after Bella told Jane she would take her power away permanently? I knew that Jane would make a fatal error before the night was over. And it looks like the Volturi just lost two of its most cherished guards. Too bad though. I think that was the first decent thing he has actually done. The first that didn’t actually advance him in any way. God, can they ever get a break. They were so close and Jane had to ruin everything. I am sure that Carlisle and Jasper can get them out of this though. I am glad that Jacob’s power worked. It would have killed Bella to keep watching Edward lifeless like that for much longer. Bella needs to calm down right now though. She was reacting that is all. It was Jane that broke the contract seconds after it was signed. And the contract said that if anyone comes after them the punishment is death. That is exactly what the bitch got. You did a good job Bella. It really makes my skin crawl every time Aro calls Carlisle ‘old friend’ especially since it is evident that he doesn’t actually know what that title means. It seems you now truly know what it was like for Edward when he bit you. You had so much faith in him then. They all now have that same faith in you. You can do this Bella. Just concentrate. Leave it to Emmett to soften the mood. Sometimes he is actually better to have around then Jasper. But only when you need a laugh. But then again, who doesn’t need a good laugh every now and then? That is an honor in deed. I wish I could be an honorary Cullen. And Emmett is back to his old self already. How could he think that they would let him use that out in public. He would be bound to destroy something. I am just glad that they all finally get their happy ever after. That is such a good thing.

I thought you would like to know that, while I do like the original ending, I prefer the alternate. I like it better that all that she had to go through for that two yeasr was not just a dream. While some of it they could have gone without. I think it is better that it was not just a product of Bella's super freaky brain.
Jexena chapter 12 . 3/8/2009
Importance (10:05 am)

Jacob you really do do a terrible job of helping out. You are not in charge here in any way, shape, or form. You need to learn to listen to directions and follow them quickly and effectively. This is a timed mission and you are limiting their chances. Bella does seem to know her family members well. At least she finally remembers that day at Home Depot. That was a hilarious story. I need to read it again. Good job Edward. You know that she always needs reassurances. Not that she doubts her families capabilities. She just hates to not be able to help. It makes her feel the burden. But this task will help her with that idea. I am sure of that. Poor Bella, she really is tender hearted. She will get over this though and so will Edward. The family will make sure that they do not brood on this tragic night. That was awesome. Edward doesn’t really think that he will get away with that, does he? Emmett was right. You can be very scary when you want to be, Bella. I guess it is a good thing that you are genuinely a nice person. But after a century or two with Rosalie and Alice I have no idea what the boys will do when they get you mad. They will definitely think better of it. That was a great comeback, Bella. I love when she is able to take people off guard. I have no sympathy for Jacob though. That was stupid to say, especially in front of Edward. She is lucky she is still alive even ten seconds after calling Bella a bitch. That was rude and mean. Edward normally would have taken up for her. But they need her right now. She is very lucky though. Edward doesn’t tolerate anyone being rude or mean to his wife. Why does poor Bella always fear her abilities. She is strong and gifted. Emmett isn’t actually scared of her. He is learning yet another reason to respect her. And I am sure that he is loving his extra strength. Not that he really needed it. But a little more never hurt. Seth is so cute. I love having him around. He is sort of a combination of Emmett and Alice. Jacob is lucky that he sticks with him with all of the stupid things he is always doing. He is actually lucky to have any friends at all. You go Esme. You are a rock that this family would not be able to stand without. I say again, it is the women of this family that the Volturi really need to fear. They are fierce beyond anything they have ever comprehended. But their fierceness comes from love not hate. Definitely the more powerful emotion. Hate makes you blind. Love makes you cunning. As I said, Love is actually worth fighting for. Never hate. And I am glad that Esme said in front of all of them that the deaths here are on Aro’s head. That may actually help quell some of the thought once all the dust has settled. Good job Bella being couscous. You make Edward very proud every time you do that. I would say that she is very important to him. Too bad though. I don’t think she will be able to behave. She is very impatient and rude. I am sure something will happen to her.
Jexena chapter 11 . 3/8/2009
Viewing Pleasure (9:41 am)

I knew that Emmett would like those saws. They seemed more his style. The wire would be more for Esme and Alice. They are the real stealthy killers. I am sure that Edward is currently enjoying Emmett’s mind wondering. I am sure that had he been near he would have smacked him himself. Who the heck is he supposed to be? Jason? This is not Friday the 13th, that will be this Friday. Emmett is such a dork. Leave it to him to still come up with comedy relief. That boy really does need a brain scan. Emmett, you deal with it however you need to. If you want to think of this as a cheesy horror movie than you do that. Each of you needs to do many things this night that you would rather not. The point at this moment is just to make it till dawn. Whatever you do to keep your mind from caving under all the actual violence is alright. As long as you don’t annoy Edward with more pictures of Rosalie. LOL Haven’t you ever heard to whistle while you work? This is much better because it allows you to keep working but you don’t have to actually think about what you are doing. Good job Emmett. Most songs now a days are remakes that people don’t even realize were not written by the people that currently sing them. That was cool though for Carlisle and Esme to take all four of them off guard like that. One on ya mate. At least they got their bargaining chip. Jane is going to be pissed. I can’t wait to see what she does. Jane must look so funny wrapped in those big ass chains. I kind of picture something along the lines of what you would find on an ocean liner. Am I even close?
Jexena chapter 10 . 3/8/2009
The Bright White Room (1:30 am)

Fat chance dude. Your fate is to die tonight. You chose the losing side. It may have been the bigger side. But size is not everything. It can actually be a bad thing at times. You know nothing about the Cullen’s. So don’t pretend you do because you have taken down weak vampires before. This is a very strong family. In every sense of the word. Okay, that part just made me thing about the original Batman. You know, the good one with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicolson. I always loved the part at the beginning when the purse snatcher says ‘What are you?’ with his voice all high pitched and shaking, and Michael says ‘I’m Batman’. That is a seriously awesome movie. The song should be ‘Another One Bites the Dust’. Good job for Emmett and his first kill of the night. You actually just proved why you were not sent out sooner. Don’t you know? Time has no meaning in the afterlife. Welcome! Yes, you are dead, and welcome to Hell. That is really terrible if there are thousands deep and there are all your kills. You are really a bad person. * FYI: I like to listen to music while I read and while I was reading this chapter, specifically once they were welcoming Nuncio, The song Dead Bodies Everywhere by Korn came on. I thought it was very fitting and funny. * So if this is the vampire afterlife, what would happen should a Cullen be killed? I only sort of want to know. LOL See, Bella is not the only selfless person in the world. But it really is a rare trait. I feel really bad for that boy. That is really sad, but at least she dies semi peacefully. That is so terrible. Nuncio deserves it though. He ended that guys life for no real reason. He had a choice and he probably chose him because he was out having a good time. I wonder if Corbett has had to wait all this time with the knowledge of what could have been. That would be so evil. He was not a bad person you could tell from his memories. He did nothing to deserve to live in a Hell like that. Well that is good information to have. The fact that others have noticed the effort that the Cullens have put forth. And if only that little girl could let Edward know, once and for all, that he really does have a soul of his own. That would certainly make Bella’s millennium. Holy crap, so the battle with the Cullens and Volturi has been over and the Cullens are enjoying their family vacation now. Cool.
Jexena chapter 9 . 3/8/2009
Calm Before The Storm (1:16 am)

Hey, I said that first. Well, I guess you did since this story came out quite some time ago. LOL I cannot wait to see this plan put int action. Bella really is a mastermind whether she believes it or not. Rose is a much better person now. She is so much fun to be around. I love that she threatened to kick Bella’s ass if she fucked up though. That was true Rosalie and Emmett fashion. So much for respecting his ‘old friend’. Aro is an ass and a hypocrite. Amen. It is time to show them that just because they want to live in peace that doesn’t mean they can’t fight. I would say that they have put up one hell of a fight already. They will show the Volturi who really is boss.
Jexena chapter 8 . 3/8/2009
Too Close For Comfort (12:51 am)

Don’t worry Rosalie, Emmett is behaving, well enough for Emmett anyway. Yes, the sooner you take the last one down the sooner you can set up for the next wave. Focus Rosalie. We know that you can do it. Jacob really is unthinking sometimes. He was to help Esme, not go off looking for more vampires. He really did nearly get Alice killed, if not worse. He will be lucky if Jasper is as forgiving as Alice is being. That is what I am saying. After all if you just kick his ass he will heal … eventually. Well she is just as good with the battle plans as Jasper. Just look at her poker prank and the way she helped them take down Stephen. I am sure she has a very good plan. It just involves her and danger.
Jexena chapter 7 . 3/8/2009
Stress Relief

You would think that after all the battle plans and things that Jasper has come up with Emmett would know better than to mess with him. I guess he likes to get his butt kicked though. I am sure that Edward and Bella would like the entertainment. I always figured Emmett would have been a major jock in high school. Maybe even a pro player if he could pick just one sport. I find it exceptionally funny that Emmett, Mr. Muscles himself, Is afraid of all of the women in his family. That was actually very thoughtful of Emmett. In a very sick and twisted way. It was really a question I would expect from Bella though. Things are getting a little hairy here. Nothing can happen to Carlisle though. He is the patriarch of the family. There is no Cullens without Carlisle. He will take down Alec, he has to. Thank you Esme. I am sure that you had your own reasons for finding them but the family thanks you too. Alice, your husband told you not to take any chances. You need to listen to him and get back to the house. I don’t know what you are doing but I am sure it is something you shouldn’t be.
Jexena chapter 6 . 3/8/2009
Silent Deaths (10:02 am)

Alice: Leave it to Alice to use fashion to justify the life she was going to take. In my opinion ‘us verses them’ is a good enough excuse to me. Alice, this is a battle for your life. Do you think the others are going to care what you are wearing while they are trying to kill you. You go girl. Show them your in diminishable will and determination to fight for what you believe to be right. Alice did a really good job. Everyone knows that she is as adverse to taking lives as Bella is. But like Edward, she will do absolutely anything to keep her family safe. Carlisle: I don’t even want to know how Carlisle is feeling, knowing that he is out there with his wife and daughters. I am sure that if he had the choice he would keep the women from having to deal with such things. Don’t worry Carlisle, Bella healed him once, she can do it again. I have faith in her. You did well for your part. Now you have to move on to the next task. Esme: Esme does know her family well. And it seems that Jasper does too. They also have put a lot of faith in Jasper. Though he has proven his worth before. I believe that they have done well this time too. Jasper has a very good military mind. He will definitely be able to get them through this. And then they will help each other to get over it. You will have your role as their mother back again. It will just take a little fight to show that you mean business though. Rosalie: It is a necessity Rosalie. Remember, us or them. You need to keep that in mind. The family needs your warrior spirit right now. Make Emmett proud of his Amazon queen. As they say, ‘twas beauty that brought down the beast. And there is truly no beauty like you. Jasper is such a dork.
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