Reviews for The Middle Ground
Salome Maranya chapter 26 . 9/16
Aww, I've been intrigued when I saw this in some fic recs, because it's Shino and Tenten. They're characters that are just, "there" but with minimum development and exposure. And aside from the typos and some other mistakes that I didn't notice (if there are), it was quite an enjoyable read. Sometimes the "goals" are quasi-spoilers though. Haha, it just feels that way. It's likewise good that the brevity matches the wit in it. The pure dialog at the end of the chapters are so win.
nuriablackrose chapter 26 . 9/15

Loved the fic! I don't think you should worry so much about Shino's POV, because I loved every bit of it you wrote. It's a very untouched character, not much is known from him in the series, so there aren't a lot of fics about Shino; however, the way you made him was just perfect! Also, the OC family was very well developed, I hope I could read more about all of them.

I've seen there is an unfinished sequel to the fic, and that you actually have not updated for more than a year so I guess maybe you won't, but just you know, I will be waiting for more!

Thanks for writing,

super-rat chapter 26 . 8/25
Katsu. Oh, Katsu. He's a star.

Thank you for writing this delightful story.
It's simply brilliant!
super-rat chapter 14 . 8/25
Am also fangirling over both the POV's you have written here.
Dangit. It's wonderful.
super-rat chapter 12 . 8/25
Grandfather Katsu is an amazing character. He's...Just right. Brilliant old man. Lovely.

And aww, an adorable hand hold scene~! Yay!
super-rat chapter 8 . 8/25
That ending! Awaah!
super-rat chapter 6 . 8/25
Thank you for ending comment from Neji. It made me laugh.
super-rat chapter 5 . 8/25
Heh. Hooray for Girl talks!
You've kept them wonderfully in character so far!
super-rat chapter 2 . 8/25
Still pretty good! I am enjoying these very much.
super-rat chapter 1 . 8/25
Oooh, lovely first chapter!
I'll just keep reading, thank you...
Lynati chapter 1 . 8/21
Happy Fanfic Writer's Appreciation Day!

It's been some years since I read your fics, but I remember them. I really enjoyed your Naruto works- the reason I found your account- particularly this one (The Middle Ground) and the other Shino / TenTen works. I'm a Shino fangirl at heart, and it's nice to see well-written, interesting stories that feature him as one of the main focal characters. The dynamics you have between him and TenTen always made for a fun read.

- Lynati
pikachucat chapter 26 . 7/7
lollipop-chan chapter 26 . 7/1
This was beyond adorable. I didn't know I loved this pairing till I read this. Loved it!
Iris chapter 26 . 6/25
HA! That was mean :) Leaving us hanging like that, I totally agree - we're just at the good parts! Anyways, awesome story, feel free to roll out some more ;D
EdenMae chapter 26 . 5/1
This was far the best ShinoXTenten fanfic!;) I loved them together and I appreciate that you made this with legit characteristics of their original personality!
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