Reviews for Ultimate Sleepwalker: The New Dreams
JaredMilne1982 chapter 21 . 4/20
Yes, Jean DeWolff is related to Brian DeWolff, but she does not know that Psyko is Jeremy Roscoe, the man who murdered him.
The Lobster's Claw chapter 21 . 4/14
So is Captain Jean DeWolff related to Detective Brian DeWolff?
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 92 . 2/22
No, it's Wally's fault that he decided to attack a crippled person. I know that Wally didn't intend to be hurt, but neither did Rick intend to hurt him. And Wally has thought about his actions long before doing them, unlike Rick who acted in self-defense without any malicious intent or plan whatsoever.
Hobgoblin would have been funny... If he managed to keep a gray hat, instead of using a black one. Wouldn't it have been better to frighten the family, without killing them? To re-educate them, to make them change their worldview? Instead of just killing them.
Just... Don't injure Sleepwalker or Spider-Man or Moon-Knight, too much. They are strong, but they should not be exhausted by fighting against you.
Macendale... You are a good person, and very similar to Tony in the way you loathe yourself.
Hobgoblins's evil smile is a pleasant sight...
Spectra, Hobgoblin, please, find a way to fight alongside Sleepwalker, Moon-Knight, Spider-Man, Dare-Devil - not against them.
Good day, good night, and good luck.
princessanastasiaromanov464 chapter 1 . 12/1/2013
love it
Radio Driver chapter 85 . 8/9/2013
Good goin, Jared. Keep on keepin on.
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 84 . 7/2/2013
Maybe, you are not a true Sleepwalker. Maybe, you need a new name. But it doesn't mean that you are worse than you were. You are... different. Closer to humans.
He was careful to keep his warp vision out of Hellrazor's reach, forcing the killer cyborg to expend his power cutting or breaking himself free.
Sleepwalker had figured out his greatest weakness-he could not absorb or process energy he had already converted.
Amusing and painful.
Good day, good night, and good luck, Rick, Sleepwalker.
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 81 . 3/31/2013
A part of Anthony wanted to agree, but something didn't seem right to him.
Are these diamonds cursed? Is it a trap?
Neither Ann nor Frank had said anything about the diamonds, intending to come back and look for them after they'd been released. By the time that happened, it would already be too late.
Interesting. What could make the devil cry?
Yeah, that's it, Eric realized. They're stolen, and I'll be damned if I get nailed for stealing them… Three days later… Judge Elias Tomb had never expected to have the Devil's Tears back in his possession.
Good day, good night, and good luck, Sleepwalker, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Charles Xavier, 8-Ball, Moon Knight, Fireheart, Severus Snape, Loki, Orochimaru, Gwen, Alyssa, Hulk, Bruce.
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 77 . 3/31/2013
"and I am able to assure you that it is in no conceivable manner detrimental to my objective. Indeed, it will prove to be of material assistance to me."
Interesting. Why so?
"What can you possibly do that I have not already done to myself time and again, reminding myself of what I have lost, and that I am no longer worthy of returning home?"
You cannot break what has already shattered.
"Do you recall how it was a combination of your tainted energy, combined with my energy being directed against me, that entrapped me in Rick Sheridan's mind?" Sleepwalker smiled. "The combination of our energies left me unable to leave the mind I was trapped in. Upon further reflection, I came to realize that if our combined energies could have such an effect on me, it could have a similar effect on you!"
Does it make me a sick person, the enjoyment I feel when observing Cobweb's horror?
"In the coming centuries, you may reflect on the irony," Sleepwalker smiled, "that you presented me with the inspiration necessary to entrap you here when you first banished me to Rick's mind!"
"By reversing my fusion with Rick, I am able to return to the Mindscape in spite of my banishment. And what if I were to reverse the functions of the Imaginator itself, so as to prevent anyone or anything from ever entering this prison once again?"
Thank you, Sleepwalker.
"I'm alone in the world!" Mr. FX shouted back. "You not know what I go through!" "I know it all too well," Sleepwalker replied, as he absorbed some of Mr. FX's energy and began projecting the images of many of the things that had happened to him since becoming trapped in Rick Sheridan's mind, taking care to not provide any details about Rick or his friends. "I too have felt alone in this world, banished from my home and everything I have known!"
Thank you, Sleepwalker.
Dr. Sofen was deeply unhappy at being unable to further study Mr. FX's psychoses, particularly after all the trouble she'd gone through to arrange his escape.
He is not your toy. He needs healing, and you instead rub salt and vinegar into his wounds... What is this pendant?
and how she was hypnotizing Senator Finster into telling his colleagues what she wanted him to tell her.
That's why Senator needs a right-hand in the shadows who would notice the change in him, and counter the commands.
What kind of devil used the Shiver Man?
Red continues to wonder about why the supervillains who make people like Rick suffer should be allowed to live.
Because they could become superheros, if they wanted to. Remember 8-Ball and the drugs?
"Moonstone isn't like that,"
Moonstone is like that. Before the pendant, she wasn't a supervillain.
What, then, is the solution?
To prevent the breakouts from the prison.
"The sustenance I require is mental energy from the Mindscape, which I am only capable of attaining when I am resting in Rick's mind."
Thank you, Kenny.
Mary Jane realized that it was partly because of her incompetence that Moonstone was still on the loose. If she'd done her job as Spider-Woman, Moonstone would be behind bars now.
It's not like you were trained for the job.
The Spot may not have been the most sadistic or cruel of supervillains, but he was widely respected for his bizarre transportation abilities.
I like him.
Of course, when he was alive Bram Velsing had been known as the Dreadknight not only for his savage cruelty, but also his devious cunning.
The heart of fire, the will of fire, the village hidden in the leaves...
"Crying over what happened isn't going to fix my knee."
Phoenix tears...
but in practice every single one of Ravencroft's inmates had proven to be an untreatable lost cause.
Cthulhu's thinking was almost inscrutable by mortal standards, but it knew full well that it was no one's slave. It ignored Sleepwalker, another pathetic mortal who was entirely beneath its notice, and focused its intentions on the Bookworm.
Laughing... Weeping...
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 66 . 3/31/2013
"He described the entire experience as a means of 'making a show', as if he was directing some theatrical production that the students of Empire State participated in."
Well, he certainly didn't want any strangers to watch this show. He had no toys in his childhood, and now all people and objects are his toys, but he has to play carefully, so that they would not be taken from him. Like the other objects and people in his life were taken from him.
"How are you going to do that?" Rick asked.
Visit him, wherever he is jailed now.
Sleepwalker and 8-Ball caught each other's gazes for a moment. They stared hatred at one another, but then they nodded.
For now, we will help each other. Until this boat is destroyed.
Turning around, he was shocked to see his girlfriend Erica approaching him from behind. 8-Ball's cue stick fell limp in his hands as she approached him, a plaintive look on her face.
I hope she is merely an illusion.
Sleepwalker knew full well that, whatever he did next, 8-Ball would only be causing more chaos and death. There was no way he could have caught 8-Ball tonight, but Sleepwalker didn't intend to just let him go.
8-Ball isn't evil. He needs money to attempt to save his father's life. And destroying the drugs was necessary. Though, the lives of the traders could have been spared.
And when 8-Ball killed Black Mamba, it was in self-defence, any decent court can accept that - she has super abilities, he only has his technology and his will, and she attempted to kill him first, and used his loved ones against him.
Sleepwalker felt a thousand questions whirling through his head. He tried to figure out why the Shiver Man had gone after that terrified young man
Who is his father? And Shiver Man knows he is too strong to be caught by an ordinary police. Is daylight strengthening him?
I can no longer call the Mindscape home, Sleepwalker realized. How appropriately fitting, Within the innermost recesses of my heart, I was always aware that I was truly and fundamentally alone, Sleepwalker mused. And now, I have borne witness to the confirmation.
First, your flying out of the window exit is very similar to exit of Severus Snape from Hogwarts. Brilliant. Considering that I have already likened Sleepwalker to Loki, and Loki and Severus Snape are my favourite characters, too.
Second, you may be alone in Mindscape, but you are not alone on Earth. Earth is your home.
"So you're saying that we need more female supervillains?" Alyssa blinked. "Come on," Julia rolled her eyes. "Why should men have all the fun?"
It was also hinted in the episode "Cripple Fight" that Kenny's trademark orange parka may be the main reason he is killed. Within seconds of putting on the same parka, Jimmy Valmer is nearly killed by various causes (a spaceship, gunfire, a car, and a stampede of cows).
Just great... Thank you, Kenny.
But can even Sleepwalker possibly hope to stand against the homicidal rage of the Incredible Hulk when the green-skinned goliath tears through New York, much less confront the nightmarish truth behind the Hulk's rampages?
I like Hulk. Have you read about Clint-Hulk? Clint never misses his target. And Hulk called him "Cupid". Just trying to lighten the mood before the horrors hit.
"That's what I am, isn't it? A monster! This is were I prove it!"
So similar to Loki...
None of them could have expected what came next, as the bright magenta glow of Sleepwalker's warp vision came back to engulf the alien as well and then turned a bright orange red.
What happened?
Sleepwalker only stared at the man in disbelief. He seemed to be pure, detached intellect, not responding to anything except what attracted his curiosity.
Where are the feelings hidden? The rage, the sorrow? Ah, here they are - the Hulk himself.
"…But Hulk angry, not knowing why,"
So where is the thorn, the anger, the rage? I have seen mind of scientist, I have seen sorrow of human, but where is the rage of killer?
I have seen the human-intellect, I have seen the green-sorrow, I have seen the green-human-guilt, but where is the thorn-anger-rage?
Somewhat shorter than the previous green Hulk-thing Sleepwalker had met, this Hulk-thing was a deep stone grey in color, his eyes shining like silver and his teeth pure white.
Cobweb? And why was Rebecca insane?
"And Sh'mballah?" Sleepwalker asked. All of a sudden, a frightening smile passed over Banner's face. "Suffice to say that he won't be bothering me, or anyone else, again," Banner smirked.
"I'm going to turn myself in," Banner lied. "After everything I've done, it's the right thing to do." Sleepwalker nodded. He moved as if to accompany Banner, but then to the scientist's surprise he vanished into nothingness.
Has Sleepwalker recognised it for the lie it is?
Looking around in surprise, Banner saw that the first rays of the sunrise were starting to filter through the trees. It was morning-apparently the Sleepwalker, whatever he was, could only emerge onto Earth during the night.
Bruce isn't the first one to make this mistake. If Hulk read newspapers, he would have known that Sleepwalker can operate at daytime, as well.
He might have been willing to face justice, but the government had always shown itself to be more interested in trying to use him as a living weapon than actually punishing him for what he did.
Looking forward to meeting Moon Knight, again.
Mind-controlling drug. Darn.
Thank you, Marc.
Jyn is returning?
"Jameson's hated Giuliani for years," Julia explained. "There were lots of different reasons-civil liberties violations, problems with the black community, his not doing anything to promote mutant rights."
I like Jameson.
Cobweb... At least, Sleepwalker knows how to fight it.
I nearly fell into the madness that Sleepwalker describes, but for a voice calling me in the darkness…
Thank you, Selene. May peace of moonlight heal you, Moon Knight.
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 60 . 3/31/2013
Reflecting on Sergeant Cameron's words, Sleepwalker could easily see Peter Parker saying the same things to Spider-Man.
Kukuku... Is Goblin the only person knowing that Peter is Spider-Man?
"I need to know about Cyrus," she said calmly, although she winced inwardly as she saw the alien warrior shudder. "Please, I need to know what happened."
It is painful for him.
"So when you get back to the Mindscape, you mean," Alyssa stated.
Only with death, Sleepwalker shall atone for his sins... Sad, sad tune.
Bowing solemnly to Alyssa, Sleepwalker turned and departed through the door to her balcony, before flying off into the night. And reflected on her words.
His death would only strengthen loneliness, pain, hate, all these feelings which sustain Cobweb. That's what Alyssa means. To protect innocents, you need to not only fight to death, but also live for them.
"Why'd Sleepwalker have to be the one to lose his home? Why did Cyrus and N'ogskak have to die? Why do we have to be the ones hurting from all this?"
The world isn't just. Those who shouldn't be hurt, suffer. Those who helped others, are backstabbed. And the justice being done to the killers, the murderers, the criminals, the sadists...
The justice will not bring the dead back to life, the justice will not heal the injuries - or ease the suffering - of those hurt, of those living. And the dead do not care...
Therefore, help the living. If executing the criminal is the only way to stop him from taking more lives, if there is no possibility for the criminal to repent and become a member of the society, then execute him.
But otherwise, give the criminal an option to repent, to heal, to rebuild, to help. Have mercy.
But how can Rick release Sleepwalker when he and Alyssa are two of Lightmaster's hostages?
"I mean, how can she possibly not enjoy a cheeseburger?"
Cheese and bread are enough. Well, you can add mayonaise and tomato ketchup, too. Meat is not necessary.
Even if he somehow managed to fall asleep and release Sleepwalker into the real world, the sounds of any fight would almost certainly wake him up, Sleepwalker would disappear
Darn. Sleeping pills?
Norman Osborn. Cobweb. It was all the same.
You mentioned that Norman was driven to this insanity by drunk anger of his father. What had created Cobweb, then? Sum of humans' pain and suffering?
Sleepwalker charged back, preparing to hit it with a retaliatory punch, only to find himself attacking an illusion that disappeared as soon as he hit it.
The boy was abused - by his guardian - for his powers when he merely wanted somebody to play with him.
It was then that Sleepwalker began to understand. Everything-the hallucinations, the accidents, all of it-were extensions of Mr. FX's will, and whatever he was thinking …
The images Sleepwalker projected were those of a peaceful night sky, a beautiful field of flowers, a rainbow shining in the air, calming images which seemed to relieve Mr. FX's anger and led him to float slowly back down to the ground. The insane psychic slumped to his knees, as tears welled up in his eyes, before he curled up and fell asleep on the floor.
Thank you, Sleepwalker. Will you adopt this child as your son? Will you help him?
Unfortunately, Sleepwalker had absolutely no idea how to find out the rest of the story, or what else he could do about it. That was the most unnerving part of all.
Sleepwalker... Help him. Franklin was fortunate enough to be helped by the Fantastic Four.
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 61 . 3/31/2013
"I had expected you would collapse under the truth of my truthful revelations. You are capable of living with such knowledge?"
Repetition is distasteful.
"Should I perish in battle, I will have no regrets in taking you with me-the Sleepwalker edict against killing makes exceptions for when the warrior may redeem himself by perishing with his enemy. The greater good is achieved thereby, and the cycle shall end."
Sleepwalker... Don't die, please.
"It would appear that the roles we typically occupy in our comedic interactions have been reversed," Sleepwalker grinned in spite of his exhaustion.
Thank you, Sleepwalker, Spider.
After his old one had been destroyed when he had battled Jack the Ripper, Sleepwalker and Rick had used their mental repolarizer to briefly return to the Mindscape so they could craft yet another Imaginator
Good. Sleepwalker deserves to live outside Rick's body 24 hours.
Chris didn't know where the armor came from or why it was possessing him, but it had been using his body to fight crime for almost a year now, despite his best efforts to fight it.
I like Darkhawk. But I don't understand why Darkhawk needs a human inside the armour.
Lansky only frowned, thinking of the work he used to do at Hammer Labs, and his old professorship at Empire State University. God, he missed it.
Lansky... It's your own fault that you decided to do away with it.
Who-or more importantly, what-had he been dealing with all these months?
Jyn'ai. Sleepwalker, do you know the most efficient way to battle them? Ah, they use electricity... Like capacitors.
"That still doesn't explain why he needs to come out at night and fight crazed psychopaths like that 8-Ball character," she muttered.
Would you have preferred for him to be a supervillain? Just so that you would have an actual reason to call him a monster?
"It's just…I don't know how to…you've got this thing in your head, and I don't know how to deal with it."
Sleepwalker is not an 'It'!
So he saved the life of one of my best friends, Alyssa realized, but he nearly ruined the life of another.
Rick's life was nearly ruined by secrets and supervillains. Sleepwalker wasn't forcing him to keep secrets. Sleepwalker hadn't intended for a human to survive Cobweb's attack as Psyko-who-murdered-Rick's-parents. If Sleepwalker wasn't here, Cobweb-controlled criminals would still have destroyed Rick's life, in one way or another.
Sleepwalker is Rick's friend.
Some men aren't looking for anything logical. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.
They can be reasoned with. If you find the reason they want the world to burn.
Do you not realize the glory, the fear, the misery you will cause when your victims see that you have destroyed one of their greatest champions?
Sleepwalker is but one of many, as you know. Inferno is probably related to the Mindscape.
"El Salvador and Honduras," Red replied. "They're in Central America-they actually fought a war over some soccer game in…'69, I think it was." "That's got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard,"
Agree with Cyrus. Sport is for peace, not war.
"but…please…none of the stuff about Mom and Dad, any of the other stuff Sleepwalker has done, or anything like that. Like I said, I don't want to have to go through it again."
It's not Sleepwalker's fault. And it helps, to speak about trauma. I mean, why hasn't Spider-Man attempted to help Sleepwalker after seeing how terribly injured he was?
Dreadknight ... Bram Velsing ... Are you seriously referencing Van Helsing? I am cheering for Dracula, as long as he has no master to control him.
my soul is yours bring sorrow and death to my enemies
N'ogskak... You are to Sleepwalker like Thor is to Loki.
"You probably don't hear this nearly often enough," Red continued, "but, for what it's worth, I just wanted to say thanks. For everything." Sleepwalker nodded, a smile of sincere appreciation crossing his face.
I like Red.
Either these kids have some sort of guardian angel watching over them, or some sort of miracle's occurred here tonight.
Sleepwalker. Thank you, Ghost Rider.
Shaking his head, Sleepwalker took to the skies, honestly wondering if it was a good idea for Alyssa's parents to be coming out to New York in the middle of all this street violence.
Ah, 8-ball...
After the successes of my previous thought experiments, maybe I should focus on just one subject, Dr. Sofen thought to herself. It shouldn't be too difficult to arrange, after all…
Thought experiments? Sounds ominous.
Dr. Charles Jefferson, head psychiatrist and director of the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane, sipped at his coffee, wondering about the suddenly bitter flavor his coffee had taken on again.
Mind-controlling drug? Dr. Octopus?
"You still don't understand-it's war. That's what people like you and Stark don't get," Thomas continued. Those words stuck with Ray Morgan for the rest of his life.
Idiot Thomas...
The green-skinned humanoid tried to follow, but he could not pass through the barrier. He sank to his knees and put his head in his hands, crying out in despair. Cyrus gasped as he suddenly woke up, before instantly falling back to sleep again.
Cyrus... Do you see Rick's memories, or is another Sleepwalker imprisoned in Cyrus's mind?
"You are in no fit condition to be driving," Sleepwalker reproached him. "You are well out of range of the Chain Gang's control, and so I would advise you to use your communications device to alert the police," he said.
Thank you, Sleepwalker.
"This is where it ends," Willis spoke for his brothers. "We won the war."
Hope so. No more deaths, please?
At first Sleepwalker thinks that another of his race has come to Earth, but he finds that the truth is far more shocking than he could have ever expected!
"So why the hell are you asking?" Cyrus snapped irritably. "Maybe the reason I look like hell is because I feel like hell!" Rick stopped in his tracks and stared at Cyrus, completely nonplussed.
Rick, do you recognise your own old symptoms?
"Maybe Sleepwalker could help," Rick suggested. "He might be able to suggest something…" "No, just forget I said anything," Cyrus sighed.
Why does Cyrus not wish for Sleepwalker's assistance? Or does Cyrus not remember the strange dream?
"Remember when you had George W. Bush activate the nuclear launch codes by accident while he was trying to program his VCR?"
"N'ogskak!" Terren'sk called, as the being stirred in response to his call. "My brother! By the Sacred Thoughts of the Silent Ones, where have you been all this time?"
And why does he make Cygnus suffer?
"Cast out from one prison, I am trapped within another, condemned to share your wretched fate with one who is not even fit to breathe the same air as myself!"
So Cobweb casts him from one mind into another... And N'ogskak no longer attempts to help the human in whose mind he is located... N'ogskak seems to hate Terren'sk...
N'ogskak began as a Sleepwalker and ended as a Dreamkiller, an entity that knew only horror and misery, and knew that it knew these things. It knew full well the crimes it committed, although it was powerless to stop them. Try as it might, the Dreamkiller's life was not its own.
How can he be freed from Cobweb?
"I am not possessing your brother. Indeed, I have become one with him! His essence is my own!"
How can this be undone?
N'ogskak to Terren'sk is like Itachi to Sasuke. Tears of blood, sounds of pain...
The light held the answer to all of Cyrus's innermost fears, providing an aura of comfort that shielded him from the nightmare his world had become.
I hope it's not a trap.
Thank you, Teal'c.
"Captain Stacy's out looking for the Goblin," the lieutenant pointed out. "At this point I don't know who's going to go more medieval on the Goblin-the Captain, or Spider-Man."
Do you honestly think I would have accepted taking orders from the crime syndicates?
You could have as easily become a superhero. Why didn't you?
Both the police officers, and the news crews who'd followed them to the warehouse, had gotten a very good look at Norman Osborn dressed in a Green Goblin costume
Brilliant. Wouldn't they see Spider-Man's face too, though? Or does he use webbing for camouflage?
"…What about the Sleepwalker in Rick's mind?" Alyssa pondered. "What's he been going through ever since Cyrus died? How did it affect him?" "Hell if I know," Kenny shrugged sadly.
You should have thought about this earlier, Alyssa. I will not buy into your angel appearance. Not after you had considered Sleepwalker to be a monster. You have turned around now, but will you hate him if he starts killing others? Sleepwalker hadn't begun to hate his brother, even when he gave into his pleas to kill him.
In his condition, it was all too likely that the next one would get him. Now, Sleepwalker found himself wondering if that would be such a bad thing. If nothing else, Rick would finally be freed of his presence.
Rick doesn't wish you to die. Rick is your friend.
"Sergeant Bobby Cameron, U.S. Marine Corps," the young man replied coolly, without blinking an eye. "On leave from Iraq, trying to enjoy a nice, quiet date with my girlfriend. But no, you had to go and ruin it."
Thank you, Bob. Such a funny name... No, I am not laughing at you.
Reflecting on Sergeant Cameron's words, Sleepwalker could easily see Peter Parker saying the same things to Spider-Man.
Kukuku... Is Goblin the only person knowing that Peter is Spider-Man?
"I need to know about Cyrus," she said calmly, although she winced inwardly as she saw the alien warrior shudder. "Please, I need to know what happened."
It is painful for him.
"So when you get back to the Mindscape, you mean," Alyssa stated.
Only with death, Sleepwalker shall atone for his sins... Sad, sad tune.
Bowing so
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 42 . 3/30/2013
He who fights with monsters must take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. - Nietzsche
Thank you.
The boy couldn't have imagined how much fun blowing up frogs, squirrels and other small animals with firecrackers and nitroglycerine could be.
"Had it not been for my recklessness…I…they would have never…" Sleepwalker finished.
It was Cobweb's action, not yours!
When a forgotten part of Alyssa's past comes back into her life, a torn Rick is left wondering how to respond. Sleepwalker can offer no help, as he desperately tries to stop 8-Ball's reign of terror!
Good luck, Alyssa, Peter, Rick, Sleepwalker, Spider.
"I can assure you, we're the real deal…unlike these things, whatever they are," the visor-wearing man replied to Sleepwalker. "Mind telling us exactly what you are?"
"Your mutant abilities grant you the ability to induce somnolence in anyone who hears your singing, placing their bodies and their wills under your control. How unfortunate that your powers are ineffective against me."
"Can we ever know all there truly is to know? Particularly when we have the capacity to bring the truth to light, to see those hidden truths for ourselves, the things no one could ever know?"
Nightmares and fear are not the only kind of truth. In fact, fear is self-destructive. Fearlessness can be self-destructive, too. But ability to aknowledge fear and yet go on against it... is not self-destructive.
Why is Psyko so sure that he will get out of this place?
"Help…please…" Boch muttered. "Don't want it…can't let it go…" Dr. Sofen's eyes became fixed on the pendant as it appeared once again.
Will removing the pendant kill the Moonstone? What is this pendant?
The Silent Ones, his gods, the rulers of his race, had been ready to execute him.
Why? Why had they been ready to execute him? Had they wished to spare him the suffering of self-doubt? Had they thought that it would be the easiest way to 'free' Rick from Sleepwalker, and to get rid of a defective fighter? 'Defective' is not necessarily useless; 'defective' may be a genius, a talent.
"The whole reason I go after Spider-Man is because those heroes flout the law, put people in danger! So how would it look if I suddenly started sponsoring vigilante robots to kidnap people?! I'd be a hypocrite!"
I have liked Jameson from the beginning.
"What was that about?" Rick wondered. "I mean, why was he talking about William Randolph Hearst?"
Completely reasonable. Read in Wikipedia. Hypocrisy: Although he frequently lambasted magnates such as JP Morgan and the Vanderbilts in public, in private Hearst entered into partnership with them in lucrative ventures such as the Cerro de Pasco mines in Peru.
"Wrong, and wrong," Nightstick said darkly, before Cuffs and Wiretap looked at him in surprise. "This goes way deeper than anything you know, freak."
Chain Chang... What's with this name calling?
"You are seeking to indulge a vendetta you hold against me for my role in the incarceration of your brother, the Chain Gang?" "Don't you call him by that name!" Nightstick roared, fire in his eyes. "Willis was family, and look at what you did to him!"
Sleepwalker didn't do much to him. The government, the war, the militarists did this to him.
Che Guevara and the Symbionese Liberation Army, carrying on their dream of violent upheaval and overturning of what she viewed as oppressive power structures and institutionalized oppression.
Che Guevara, by profession a doctor, was killed by counter-revolutionary armies which used the widest help from the USA. I respect him, and I respect Cuba. I don't respect Spectra.
"But why do you even let this thing stay in your mind in the first place?" she asked him. "Why are you letting it out at night?"
Thing? Why do you dislike him so?
"Why the hell should you care what he thinks?" Alyssa demanded. "This thing just about ruined your life!"
Alyssa... Have sympathy. Not pity; but empathy.
"That you're sorry for ruining Rick Sheridan's life," she accused him. "For living in his mind like a goddamn parasite."
Sleepwalker tried to help Rick as much as he could. Protecting and healing his mind, soothing his pain, protecting his friends. Sleepwalker is not a parasite; he doesn't take anything from Rick. If anything, the relationship is symbiotic, mutually beneficial.
For forcing my boyfriend to keep secrets from the people he cares about, because he was too scared of how he thought we'd react.
Sleepwalker hadn't forced Rick to keep secrets. They were going to speak about this - to Alyssa and Rick's parents - but then the deaths happened.
"For not doing your fucking job right in the first place and having that Cobweb demon trap you in his mind. If you hadn't done that, none of this would have happened!"
One mistake, yes. Nobody is perfect.
Alyssa sat impassively as Sleepwalker spoke. When she finally replied... "I just want you to promise me one thing." "What is it that you would have me do?" Sleepwalker asked. "Promise me that, no matter what happens, nothing will happen to Rick."
Alyssa... I don't know whether you are an idiot or a genius. Sleepwalker puts too much guilt on his shoulders. I would have told him that he is going the best he can, and it must be enough - because if doing the best you can isn't enough, then the world is doomed. But, Sleepwalker wouldn't have accepted such words, not at first, for he considers protecting others to be his eternal duty, and any failure - however unintentional and unpredictable it was - to be a crime, to feel guilt for.
"You don't need to say anything," she assured him, as he leaned on her shoulder. "All you need to know is that you're not alone anymore."
Sleepwalker is lonely, too.
Had Ben not turned his back on them as he left, he would noted the grim, contemplative looks on the faces of both Peter and Rick, who were both too wrapped up in their own thoughts to notice each others' expressions.
I cannot wait to see Peter and Rick exchanging their secrets. And, I like Ben.
"I am the Sleepwalker who can no longer remember his name," Sleepwalker said in a cold, grim voice, before flying to the passage leading into the human world and disappearing from Rick's mind.
Pain, pain, pain, yet again...
Having revealed his secret to Alyssa, Rick begins to wonder whether this revelation has begun to affect her feelings towards him, based on her increasingly unusual behavior.
Interesting. What is on Aly's mind? A formet suitor? A supervillain-superhero?
How did he keep from losing it altogether?
Sleepwalker helped him. Sleepwalker is not a monster, or an object, or a machine. Not a creature. Not a monster. Why is Alyssa so narrow-minded?
"Daffy Duck enjoys a fabulous show business career and becomes rich and famous, while Bugs Bunny gets booed off the stage and ends up cleaning toilets for minimum wage?" Instead of answering, Kenny began staring into space, his eyes gleaming brightly. "Booed off the stage…rich and famous…that's brilliant!" he said in triumph, as Cyrus and Red glared at Rick.
Hugs to Rick and Kenny.
This imp gives nightmares? Yess...
Sleepwalkers were significantly weakened without access to a constant supply of mental energy… Mr. Jyn's Cheshire cat grin came back after a few minutes, reaching almost to his ears as he considered the possibilities.
The look Sleepwalker shot back at Rick told him everything he needed to know.
Sleepwalker and Julia... I though so.
"How can the slayings share so many common characteristics, and yet clearly have not been committed by the same man in each case?"
Possession? Your heart is in my hand…
In her mind's eye, she saw it spinning, spinning…spinning What was it? She felt something heavy on her head and shoulders, an almost overwhelming urge to…what? To what? To what?
Three tomoe of mirror wheel...
"You fool…" Jack rasped, as he began to fade away. "You're…destroying…the only…tool…that can…return you…to the Mindscape…"
Even if it is truth, even if Sleepwalker cannot create it anew, I wish for Sleepwalker to remain on Earth.
Can the Sleepwalker possibly survive the final breakdown he suffers under Psyko's merciless assault?
He has to, because otherwise, Psyko will destroy the world further.
Grim Reaper... An interesting name. Poor Mongoose...
"Think of the agony, the misery you have inflicted upon your human host, Rick Sheridan. His despair very nearly overwhelmed him, did it not? His life brought almost to ruin?"
No. Think of Rick protecting you, caring for you.
"Were you a truly worthy protector of the Mindscape, you would have found a way to defeat Jack the Ripper without casting your warp beams on a human!"
To protect your loved ones, you have to be ready to fight.
"Whether you kill me in my current form or not, my survival is guaranteed and I will live on."
Why would his survival be guaranteed? Think, Sleepwalker, think. Don't drown in hate and despair.
"Your death at my hands serves a dual purpose, both to further illustrate my basest nature, and to liberate you from the pain I have inflicted. I would execute myself, but I am in no way worthy of such a dignity."
Sleepwalker... It's not your fault. Rick, speak. Sleepwalker knows pain, but he doesn't know love, friendship. Rick, care for him.
"The one who must take care is Psyko himself," Sleepwalker said, his eyes shining brightly, "for no power on Earth shall protect him from my wrath."
Thank you, Rick, Sleepwalker.
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 20 . 3/29/2013
Interesting description of Sleepwalker... Thank you.
He had had the strangest dream-a spider web-like demon and a green-skinned humanoid were fighting for control of his mind.
Not exactly control... Cobweb would have destroyed you if it could, and Sleepwalker would have left you in peace and freedom as soon as Cobweb was pushed out of your mind.
Sleepwalker shrugged-if this Reed Richards was as experienced with other worlds as people thought he was, then he probably wouldn't be bothered by the alien's appearance.
"You…monster! What are you doing?" 8-Ball heard an unearthly voice from behind. That didn't sound like any hero he'd seen on the news. Spinning around, he saw…
Sleepwalker... Haven't you seen humans killing each other before?
That smile could brighten Doctor Doom's heart.
I like Victor Doom.
"I…need to go home," Rick replied. You want out that bad? Damn it all, Rick thought to Sleepwalker.
It's not Sleepwalker's fault that humans hurt each other.
Poor Spectra...
Those who would trade essential liberty for temporary security will receive neither. - Benjamin Franklin
Thank you.
. He was still enough of a Sleepwalker to do that, at least.
Thank you.
They're each others' enemies…so why do they both want to destroy me? All he had wanted was to keep innocent victims from suffering. That was all he had ever wanted. So, why…?
Neither of them is as peaceful as you are.
He had found other books, ones that would allow him what he most desired, that taught him how to summon his friends-his real friends-and bring them to life, allowing him to get what he most desired: Revenge.
Rick and Peter... Interesting.
Poor Lullaby...
Taking up his shuriken and his spare billy club, Daredevil took off like a bat out of hell.
I already like him.
Darkhawk is somehow similar to Sleepwalker.
Theo... These fights were mind-controlled by Spectra.
Red's eyes? Peter's eyes? Rick's eyes? They were all looking at each other. They had each others' back.
Interesting. Peter didn't even know that Rick is with Sleepwalker.
Cobweb had been here. The monster had struck again. Tears erupted in the alien's eyes as he clenched his fists, shaking all over with…with…. He could hear the monster laughing. He could hear the screams of the other Sleepwalkers. He wanted to scream himself.
War. Pain.
Cyrus just stared at the two of them intently. Had he just seen them winking at one another? Or was it just an illusion?
Illusion. Cobweb.
Once he had dispensed with the Sleepwalker, what then?
It's not as easy as you think.
"I am the Sleepwalker who can no longer remember his name," Sleepwalker said in a cold, grim voice, before flying to the passage leading into the human world and disappearing from Rick's mind.
Sad. Terren'sk has lost his hope. Rick, help him. Or he will slowly destroy himself while fighting as superhero in the human world.
"I've even traded blows with the Incredible Hulk. Ended in a stalemate-all his punches and blows kept powering me up, and his anger made him heal too fast for me to cripple or kill him."
"Sometimes, our minds and our spirits can travel very far, to many different places. This place you call the Mindscape may well be one of them."
And now, Sleepwalker knew-knew!-that the monster was going to go after Wyatt next. Sleepwalker also knew something else. He would not fail Wyatt the way he had failed Silent Fox. He would protect his friend. Or die trying.
Analyse his strengths and weaknesses.
He did not notice Julia, standing on her balcony, watching him as he flew away. She lowered her head in shame, before turning around and heading inside, going to sleep herself.
Why would Julia feel shame?
I like Stretcho.
Beatrice had insisted it be done this evening, as it was likely Wingfoot would head back to Oklahoma before too long, giving them little opportunity to finish the contract.
Wouldn't the stolen holy object keep Wingfoot in New York for some time?
A new mob of supervillains is in New York: Clayface! Poison Ivy! Firefly! The Electrocutioner! But where did they come from?
Bookworm?.. The king.
Nelson has missed one point: Alyssa is already with Rick, and she will not be your queen.
And that's not mentioning that Red is not a villain to be punished.
"You can't blame yourself for things you aren't responsible for," Peter told him. "You're not Spider-Man, are you?" "Hell no," Rick answered.
Peter is Spider-Man, Rick is with Sleepwalker.
"My name is Psyko," the thing rasped. "I am you and you are me. And now, you die."
pacificuser chapter 76 . 1/30/2013
oh,my,god! simply amazing! After more than one year,I'm back! this is your long-time fan from the Philippines Bien Canonizado! Thank you for continuing this story while I was away! suffered a stroke and was hospitalized for a few months,so I missed out on several updates... but now I'm back! And this story has only gotten better! Thank you for keeping the silver age of commics alive! this feels like the classic 1970s commics of my Father's time! I like the lovecraft theme! more please!
GeckoGecko554 chapter 78 . 12/18/2012
Wow. I cannot wait for the next chapter, dude!
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