Reviews for Ultimate Sleepwalker: The New Dreams
JaredMilne1982 chapter 108 . 9/11
Thank you very much for the kind words. I'm actually working on issue #95 right now, and I should have it uploaded in the next couple of weeks. I've just needed a break for a while now, and to slow down my pace.
Bookworm Gal chapter 108 . 9/7
It took me quite a while, but I just finished reading through the entirety of this story. And I am completely awestruck by how amazing this is. I truly am. The way you've adapted the various Marvel characters to fit into this unique verse that you've crafted is astounding. This is absolutely fantastic.
T-1000000 chapter 108 . 8/1
Sleepwalker's downward spiral into nativity is made ever more painstakingly clear, with him doing everything he can to stop himself from killing-destroying bones, psychological tactics, etc. And now, with the Ringer also deciding to employ murder, Sleepy's brought ever further to simply snapping and breaking his golden rule. It's one of the few things that keeps him a Sleepwalker, and we can only begin to imagine what will happen if he kills somebody...

Another stimulating issue of US from you. You keep me hanging with this "Sleepwalker beginning to lose it" arc.
T-1000000 chapter 107 . 7/1
Fever Pitch is the exact kind of lunatic who would be able to force Sleepwalker to reconsider the very ideals and morals implanted in him from such a young age by his now-far away species. A villain like him does not just enjoy bringing pain and sorrow, he's not just the follower of some perhaps made-up god of evil...he does it because he thinks that the world would be better off a dystopia. Villains like him are utterly irredeemable. However, Fever Pitch only lays the seeds; if and when Psyko breaks out again, he will be the final test of Sleepwalker's no killing rule.

Don't forget to review the latest (and kind of not latest) issues of SM, TP, and Guardian!
T-1000000 chapter 106 . 6/17
Sorry 'bout the holdup. Had to have SM, Guard., AND TP updated.

I was wondering where Fever Pitch was. He's pretty much been the only one of Sleepy's villains mentioned in "Legion of Doom" that hasn't made any move yet. Let's see just how destructive his plan will shape up to be here.
The Lobster's Claw chapter 106 . 6/7
Yes! A villain was beaten, but he still succeeded in his mission!
JaredMilne1982 chapter 105 . 5/5
Sorry about the lack of reviews on my part-I have about a thousand things on the go at any given time, but I'll try and post some reviews soon.

In regards to the symbiotes, if they exist none of them have ever come to Earth. The Secret Wars never happened in this continuity, so Spider-Man never got an opportunity to acquire the symbiote that became Venom. Nor have any symbiotes ever arrived on Earth of their own volition, either.

I'm not particularly fond of Venom or his successors. There's a reference to a "Project Venom" in an old issue of Ultimate Sleepwalker, but the Kingpin never really followed up on the project.

That said, Malus likely still has his notes for the project, so you never know...
T-1000000 chapter 105 . 5/2
Sorry I didn't review this at once, but I still have a month of school left, and that doesn't leave me with much time to remember my priorities on this site. That also means I have little time to write for my stories; but that does not mean I will stop with the somewhat-monthly issues for Slender Man, The Pocket, or Guardian. By the way, you still have to review the latest issue of Slender Man, The Pocket, and the two issues of Guardian.

I knew there would be a real reason why the Hobgoblin would attack the party; he's not just another "let me cause chaos because" villain, he still has a noble cause. As it turns out, it's not Hobgoblin; it's Cletus Kasady. His appearance here, Eddie Brock still working for the Bugle and Angelo Fortunato's death makes me wonder if any of the symbiotes exist and if any will face Spider Woman, but that's a story for another time. We still have Karl Malus, after all.

And I don't think Macendale, a hardened cop, would be too pleased to learn that a simple serial killer has decided to pervert his gear...
Moka-girl chapter 1 . 4/10
Found this on TV tropes. :)
alex 988 chapter 103 . 3/21
Can't wait for more!
T-1000000 chapter 104 . 3/23
The 2nd person POV is a nice touch. 2nd POV is criminally underused and under-appreciated; there's no reason not to use it.

Feeling that Sleepwalker is starting to lose it as he keeps thinking that he's not worthy of his existence and that he begins to feel human, in mind and soul. I'll be interested as to why Hobgoblin is attacking the Fright night, though.

Please review the second and third issues of The Pocket and the zeroth issue of Guardian! Thanky ou very much!
T-1000000 chapter 103 . 2/8
You know, we might never be able to know whether Christopher Dawson really did what he did, or if he himself really was the victim. Firefly and Hobgoblin are also very similar, in that they consider themselves heroes but are shunned by the rest of the hero community and their methods are incredibly brutal.

Anyways, second issue of The Pocket, new issue of Slender Man, and the third story in that universe-Guardian-has just been published. Hope you can review.
T-1000000 chapter 102 . 12/28/2014
You know, you almost had me thinking there that Firefly was a similar entity to Carrion. When will Tania learn about Rick and Sleepwalker's secret?

Also, not to be a bother, but-can you review the latest chapter for Slender Man?
T-1000000 chapter 101 . 12/13/2014
Well, Pryor is kind of right in that, for thousands of years, people have been terrified of innovations that have helped further the human race; how can we be sure in that some Outer Gods or whatever are really capable of driving people to madness if we haven't made contact? Who knows how much can be done if humanity and some race of cosmic beasts cooperated?

Of course, using such cooperation purely for the purposes of domination is another story...
Radio Driver chapter 101 . 12/5/2014
Good goin, Jared. Keep on keepin on.
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