Reviews for Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
Tango Dancer chapter 68 . 7/12/2012
This is extremely well-written. I love the way you deal with the relationships, especially Dean's with Samirah and God (funny you made Her female, btw), and write Dean as beautiful, eternal, etc. I also can't applaud you enough for your imagination. Bravo! I'm really impressed, this is definitely one of the very best stories I've ever read.
Keep writing, I can't wait for more! Curious to see how Dean's gonna get out of this one -and trash Abaddon's ass!
StoryTagger2 chapter 68 . 6/20/2012
I think this may be your creepiest chapter yet. And so much drama to be played out. And now I'm trying to figure out why 'God' is not helping...haha, great chapter!
ccase13 chapter 68 . 6/13/2012
Things look bad for the good humans.
Medic04 chapter 68 . 6/10/2012
Wow that was spectacular! Awesome just doesn't cover it!.. Love the Samirah / Mary "bonding." :D

Wonder what Gods up to. Ever get the feeling you're being tested.

Sam and possessed John. Ouch.

Can hardly wait for the next chapter!

Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1 chapter 68 . 5/27/2012
God telling the reapers to get back to work? Wow, I guess the world really did go to Hell.


Nice that She did check in on Dean, but srsly? Why didn't She heal him while She was touching him? Not just Luci haz some 'splainin' to do.

Oh Samirah, buying time for Mary. I wonder if many readers will just stop and ponder that for a minute. Death's Apocahorse is trying to prolong a Human's life? Wow, that's incredible. Is it a 'two sides of the coin' thing. I like how you've worked that through the whole story. Like with Famine growing food for others.


It touches me that we see the same in the Horses.

Uh oh, Equine and chick fight! This could be the scariest part of this whole story. I'm already wincing.

"You don't scare me."

Family tradition. Fearlessness.

"No. We can stay here and fuss at each other, or we can get moving.

Another Family tradition.

Immediate action taken.

Bonus Family tradition also there for showing concern for the one they're confronting.

"You can move me away from you, but it won't do you any good. I'll follow you. I'll find you,

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner, Folks!

Persistence and Grim Determination.

I think that's the most dominant Family Tradition of all. It seems that trait came from both sides of the family.

Samirah sighs. "You're just as stubborn as he is."

"Yeah, I get that a lot," Mary says proudly.

I lost it at this point in the story. It was so funny, I had to quit reading for a moment and just get it out of my system. Thanks, I loved that.

The fight scene with the angels was great. This scene...

The three Horsemen and their mounts stand in the midst of a rough circle of angels. Horses and riders alike have all taken damage:

That is such a powerful sentence all the visuals, Pow! right there.

Oh, oh! And this...

"And the angels rush in where only fools dare to tread."

That was like having the bottom out from under you and hearing the whoosh all at the same time.

The Roadhouse scenes were intense. I smellz a Cliffie coming. Now that Abaddon has ridden himself of the Spear Of Destiny I wonder if it'll be useful the second time. I'm watching that juggling plate very closely.

"1,973 of them were reaped. They may be the lucky ones." Sounds like the Reapers not only went off-strike, they're putting in some major over time.

"TBC this week."

No, No, NO!


*tears hair*


Next: Dean makes his final stand against Abaddon, and Sam confronts the demon inside John Winchester."


Dean's final stand. I KNEW I should've put off reading that SK book about Roland the Gunslinger. This is gonna be a great chapter. I don't know how Dean can become any stronger than he was as Death!Dean while in full battle with Abaddon. Where are the other two Death's? Will he need them to join with him to defeat Abaddon?

And Sam confronting a demon in Daddy's meatsuit? There are gonna be juicy meaty scenes there. Are we gonna get some "Daddy Issues" aired out? Are they gonna learn something about each other that drives a wedge further between them? Or will they come away with a little more insight of each other? Or will they just simply kill each other?

I really can't decide which confrontation is going to be more intense. Each one is going to be excellent. I'm gonna be running all different kinds of scenarios through my head of both of these battles.

Thanks, as always I enjoy your work very much.
sylia91 chapter 68 . 5/27/2012
I liked Samirah and Mary bonding as well as the Horsemen kicking ass but Dean needs to GET UP!
UniCryin chapter 68 . 5/27/2012
Yay! Looking forward to the next chapter, I've been MISSING Dean :D And mby I'll take the 'kicking God's ass' comment back, She wasn't such a b!tch in this chapter :)
Zinfer chapter 68 . 5/27/2012
Oh my gosh so intense XD I love this epic storyline! _ I'll b looking forward to deans comeback!
Medic04 chapter 67 . 5/19/2012
Sorry about the lull in feedback. RL is kicking my ass. As always it's awesome. There's something to be said for a story that when you read it, you live it. Kudos!

Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1 chapter 67 . 5/13/2012
This fic needs artwork so bad.


I'm loving the vivid imagery so much. "...a crackle of black and copper lightning", " woman in white and the black horse". Not to mention of how awesome a sight it would be to see them disappearing into a mirror.

"The black horse screams angrily. Every windshield, every piece of glass in the place shatters, filling the air with a fine silver spray." I can see this! "Her hind legs slam into the bright blue 1923 Cord roadster sitting directly behind them." Sami's stompin' cars again! lol

"Samirah and Mary slip ghost-like into the walls." Love the imagery. Lots of action here for Mary and Samirah. I think it would take an accomplished rider to hang on through all of this, especially going through walls and mirrors, etc. Makes ya kinda wonder if Mary had some barrel racing or Rodeo Queen experience in her background.

lol *laughs*

Oh no! Please don't let the First Dragon eat Sami! I hope she stomps his scaly ass like she does cars.

"It ends, the way everything else does this day, out in the open, underneath the wild dark sky."

It's sentences like this that show a writer that's a true master of the written word working their mojo.

That Michael, what a dick! Wow, that sounds so underhanded like something Luci would do. That song "I Did A Bad Bad Thing" certainly describes him well.

Lots of action in this chapter. And everything is moving at breakneck speed. White knuckles all the way.

"Sam smiles at the angel, and his thought voice inside Castiel's mind is soft as a whisper, and loud as thunder.

Now, where were we?"

YESSSSS! "What Comes Around, Goes Around". I never thought for a minute Sam would kill the vessel James. Sam still has a part of him that still sees the black and white of things.

"all Sam can think of is one of Dad's favorite Marine lectures: Just when you think things can't get any worse, they will.

Depend on it."

Oh how true that is. Murphy's Law on steroids.

I enjoyed this chapter so much. You are such a great plate juggler. lol! You've got all this different stuff happening all over the place yet you never let any of the plates wobble or fall. Awesome.
ccase13 chapter 67 . 5/13/2012
Sam is very correct to remember John Winchester's lecture on things can always get worse.
UniCryin chapter 67 . 5/13/2012
I want the Horsemen go kick some feathery asses, and Dean should go and kick God's! They are all bastards! .

Great chapter, please update!
Zinfer chapter 67 . 5/13/2012
There's so much bad happening! This is such an epic fic! And dang it I wanna know what's gonna happen to Dean!
Maz101 chapter 66 . 5/13/2012
Awesome Abaddon! Loved the swarm of flying fuglies from under his split skin - stingers at the ready. Great visual.

That whole paragraph describing the eruption of the demons is just wonderful.

Abaddon "doesn't play well with others" - Heee!

I practically whooped with the freedom of the horsemen and Circe's end...eating herself...justice!

Great writing.
Maz101 chapter 65 . 5/13/2012
Your chapters are work-out for the senses - You use the full pallette - the ever-present copper/amber that represents Dean/Gaelen is a great continuity. Loved the image of that connection as a wave of copper energy that "flows over The Fallen like a river". But there are so many other colours in here too - the spot of bright light that "bursts through the blackness over his heard, spreads through him" ...there's also the pale white & red flesh - the black smoke and the bright red.

Then there are the sounds of Abaddon's flesh ripping "like old, rotten canvas giving way" and the "acrid stench of burning rotten flesh. All so very physical.

I love that even when Gaelen thinks he doesn't need Dean, when he thinks actually he may be better off without him, he really does, that it it is Dean's voice that is the warning- it's the human that sees the truth of the danger.

Can't say I like Michael but I did enjoy his wings!
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