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Rainbow169 chapter 18 . 7/24/2017
I really like the way you write the episode adaptations, especially the battles against Ash. It's a great perspective-flip story, yet at the same time, it keeps both Ash AND Paul sympathetic and doesn't ignore their flaws. It would be so easy for a story from Paul's perspective to demonize Ash, and I'm very glad that you've avoided that mistake.
1995hzq chapter 20 . 4/14/2017
Its been almost a year. Though up of anything yet.
MirrorOfTheLost chapter 20 . 11/23/2016
Chapter is as lovely as always, thank you for not giving up on this story! Hope you're feeling better!
Lilis the pokemon lover chapter 20 . 9/16/2016
Please continue! I just love this story! I'll be looking forward to your next chapter!
Sakuya chapter 20 . 6/7/2016
Es increible! Palmer apareciĆ³!
Adoro cuando Reggie halla la forma de sermonear a Paul, se lo merece XD
Me alegra que Conway y Paul vuelvan a ser amigos.
Espero ansiosa el aproximo capitulo.
Byebye :33
PD: Amo el fanservice shonen-ai!
Is incredible! Palmer appeared !
I love it when Reggie finds a way to preach to Paul, he deserves XD
I'm glad Paul Conway and be friends again.
I look forward to the next chapter.
PD:I love shonen-ai fan service !
Calvinball chapter 1 . 6/5/2016
Well isn't this update a pleasant surprise! It really is a treat to get to read another chapter of this fanfic; it's one of my favorite fanfics of all time, and it's definitely my favorite serial Pokemon fanfic! The interesting spin you put on Conway and Paul makes the whole story highly engaging, and you do it well enough that it feels like it can fit with canon. I'd love to see more, but know that what you have so far is already really awesome, and I've just gotta say that it's great getting to see Conway and Paul reunite and reconcile.

And two random additional compliments: Paul VS Candice round 2 (Black Ice Battle!) was AWESOME. Also, I love that your chapter titles sound like they could be Pokemon episode titles.
Lady of the Old World chapter 20 . 6/5/2016
I've been here from the beginning, though I was at times VERY late on reading chapters. And, now, after almost three years apart from this story... I've remembered an event that struck me. Shortly after I personally read the chapter in which Reggie was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, I myself was diagnosed with the exact same thing. Re-reading this story now... I see a lot of myself in Reggie's actions. Being willing to go that far to be respected and accepted by one of your parents, reminds me a very great deal of how far I've gone in the past to acquire the same from my mother. I know this isn't the chapter that corresponds to any of this, but... It's only really seemed relevant to me now, seeing how much Reggie has recovered in such a relatively short time frame, despite having the hurdles of living and coping with this sort of disease, one that I as well have personal experience with. I mean, it took me three years to get to a similar point as Reggie seems to have reached, but then again, I did have a much more toxic environment I was dealing with... In any case, I LOVE this story more than I can put into words, and as always, I look forward to whatever comes next with great excitement.
Rainbow169 chapter 20 . 6/4/2016
Paul had to wear Conway's clothes! LOL! I loved this; I've been waiting for them to get back together, especially because I was curious to see how Paul would react to finding out Conway had been wearing his clothes (which I had imagined as Conway wearing Paul's classic anime outfit). Paul getting pink paint dumped on him was hilarious too!
PokeSpeBanette chapter 20 . 6/4/2016
YOU'RE ALIVE? hehe, kidding, i know you're alive and i know there's always real life issues- they suck like balls, don't they? i'm glad paul and conway are back together, and paul seems to have lightened up a lot compared to how he was in previous chapters. think this could be a turn for the better, for him? i certainly think so, and i'm not gonna ask for spoilers beyond what i've read on the internet (they're gonna go around kanto or something, right?). otherwise, this is still one of my favourite fics and i'm glad to see that we've got such a light-hearted chapter in it (with barry being, well, barry). bye for now!
Axel Davis chapter 20 . 6/3/2016
O. M. F. G. it's been so long! As usual, another phenomenal chapter, I didn't even notice it was shorter than the others (30k is a FUCKTON, near novel length!). Sadly I read somewhere in the Internet where you basically summarized the rest of the arc chapter by chapter, but that was so long ago I don't quite remember everything. That means this was still a godsend, I enjoyed literally every single LETTER. Thank you!
Mideila chapter 18 . 11/10/2015
For the 19th Chapter )
Wow, I finally finished reading this story. I must say that you surprised me. The episode was released on may 21, 2009. Your story started almost a year before DP128. You seem to anticipate that they will meet. Amazing. Actually, your fanfic has come very close to the Canon. Others as this story I have not seen. Bravo.

Though of course there are things that are a little not compatible with Canon:
1) When Paul spent the night in Conway's home they go down the tree in yard. Conway acts as Tarzan, and Paul, to put it mildly, scared.
BUT episode "Different Strokes for Different Blokes" (DP006) shown that Paul has a certain degree of fearlessness and athleticism, when he and Chimchar were able to downwardly scale a cliff of a waterfall near Bewilder Forest by swinging and leaping from rocks and branches.
It's so weird to see his fear here. And then he didn't know about his illness.

2) Conway can be a secret admirer of Dawn. But he obviously scares her. Objectively speaking, she is more likely to stay with Ash, Paul or Kenny than with Conway.

3) In "Shapes of Things to Come!" (DP015), Roark sees Paul clearly for the first time. But in your story Roark and Reggie had known from childhood. The question arises: now Roark does not know how looks younger brother of his friend? Or Roark and Paul had agreed not to advertise their familiarity in front of strangers too?

4) In the series the impression that members of Team Galactic does not have friends and relatives who can give Saturn and other for the defenders of law and order, so they easily show their faces for the police and other.
In "Enter Galactic!" (DP069), Maylene and Saturn was sees each other in the face. In your story they had meeting at the funeral, without any masking. And they definitely know each other. But hold each other for fools and are quite civilized? Why?

And now the things that confuse in the fanfic:
1) If Brandon and his wife knew about her genetic illness, why they did not bother to give birth to healthy children with medical care? In such cases there are IVF or intrauterine insemination. Just have the feeling that they gave birth Reggie and Paul by the method "may be lucky". But it is irresponsible. In past "dead mom" has the personal doctor. Where was he looking? He didn't tell her about the risk?

2) Even if the grief-parents got two children, do they not bother to check sons on presence of this genetic illness? Again irresponsibility.
P.S. What is this terrible illness? What exactly is it doing? It's as hemophilia? Or oncology? Or AIDS? Or what?

3) Why so many years later Brandon not bother to check his sons on presence of genetic illness? He learns that his youngest son suffered unexplained fever. The eldest son miraculously survived after a lightning strike. Such circumstances could wake up the dormant in the body of the pathology. But their father don't worried about it again. This is strange given that he knew about the illness of his wife.
And why Reggie not bother to check his brother on presence of genetic illness? He had with him all his life and had to think about it.

4) Why Saturn need Conway's sister? She's lazy, and her brother is more smart and hardworking. It would be logical from the beginning to Saturn recruit Conway, not her. So why? Why only she?
And explain please why Saturn doesn't like Conway? Envy? Jealousy? I don't understand.

5) It's not confuse in the fanfic, just a question: It seems to me or Brandon really loves Reggie more than Paul? No, father recognizes Paul's strength and understands his temperament. And even he showing some concern for him. But... When he learned that Paul was affected with syncope and fever in Canalave Gym, he was caught off guard. But then he forgets about it and all he could think about is Reggie and the lightning. A month passed, both recovered, but Brandon still remembers about the lightning, but he forgot about Paul's fever and not even asked what it was. In my opinion, Brandon cares about Paul because he thinks it's his parental duty, but he loves Reggie just because he exists. You feel the difference?

In principle, despite these plot holes, I LOVE THIS FANFIC. Just because I love Paul. I consider it one of the most complex and interesting characters of the franchise. I think it's disgusting that he appeared in only 31 episodes over the entire serial. It's damn little.
I really want to see him and his pokemon again. In the serial and in your story too. I think at the moment your main problem is that you so many idealized Conway. Looks like as Paul almost can't do anything without him. No need. Paul ill, but not disabled in the end.
I hope that you will soon begin to write again. )

And so I will give three advices for your story to ensure that to more will not strong distinctions with the Canon:
1) In "The Battle Finale of Legend!" (DP152), Saturn was arrested along with Mars and Jupiter and Team Galactic was finished. It happened because of Ash, Dawn, Brock, Cynthia and Looker.
It happened spontaneously, and Conway and Paul took no part in this arrest. You just make note of this.

2) In "Double-Time Battle Training!" (DP155), it was revealed that Paul had earned the Mine Badge from Canalave Gym and, by doing so, had collected the eight Badges required to enter the Sinnoh League. In your fanfic he's got this badge in the beginning story.
Now you have posted only the events before DP132. So you can beat that reporter Kelly caught him when he returned to Canalave Gym.

3) In the serial Barry and Conway first met in the Valley Conference. In your fanfic they met much earlier. So you can beat that Barry and Conway had agreed not to advertise their familiarity in front of strangers too. And Paul and Conway too, because they both sees each other in the Conference (After Paul leaves, Conway appears suddenly in the same room in DP184; And Paul saw battle Conway vs. Ash in DP185).

And please finish this story who everyone loves. Good luck )
OlgaKalmarova chapter 19 . 11/7/2015
Just tell me, what are you going to add this story to the end. )
PokeSpeBanette chapter 18 . 9/15/2015
can't wait for paul to meet up with conway again- i can just imagine him stumbling over himself trying to figure out how to say sorry, but eventually failing, and then conway just says something along the lines of 'well at least you tried' and hugs paul and paul's like 'i'm doing this because i want to apologise, i'm doing this because i want to apologise, don't kill him, don't kill him'. speaking of, i see it's been...something like over two years since this chapter's been up? if you don't mind me asking, when's the next one coming out? (meant for chapter 19 but apparently i've already reviewed it)
AsariKei chapter 19 . 7/1/2015
Not sure if i reviewed before but I've been a long time follower of this story (since late 2010 if i remember correctly). I just feel that you give so much depth to the characters, yet somehow manage to not make anyone OOC. As someone who have read hundreds of fics I can safely say that Trifecta is one of my top five. Thank you for sharing your literacy arts with us and I cross my fingers for the next chapter (please tell me this fic is still ongoing!)
TrapEds chapter 12 . 6/7/2015
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my LORD. This fanfic is so perfectly written I might just cry.
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