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Orz chapter 18 . 2/28
Woah man! Fian will swim is sea of girls. I see some cat fight in the Fian future lucky bastard. It better that they are not that easy as this chapter suggests where is fun then.
Letomi chapter 18 . 2/27
YEY! New update! xD
Aw little fairy is so CUTE when she try to apology to Fian. x"D
Bad bad Fian you scare poor little fairy .
Where are the rest of them O.o ?!
I'm was sure there were more of cute fairies T_T
Hope they are not dead T.T
When did Fian become anyone's territory o.o" ?!
Where do I sign up for one x"D ?!
Will cute fairy get a peace to ? :3
Melfina seems to have hots for Fian. I didnt know she was that fast to change tune that is not right somehow something up o.O

Please please dont stop the updates .
Or let as know if you are working on more of the chapter :3
RedDawn chapter 18 . 2/26
New update is good to show as more of what happens with some adventures. Will wait patiently to see what's happened next to the rest of them. Good job.
Allynas chapter 18 . 2/26
Good to see this story is still been updated. The previous chapter was nice and this one is good sequel for events from it. The story progress more and show as more interactions between Melfina and Fain. The new fairy is nice edition its amusing how she tryed to cut their conversation as fast as possible from fear that something could turn things bad on them. From retrospective she does have good reason to be afraid. Many of adventures are dead by his hand and I assume rest of adventures we know were alive after that cut in arena is a assume imprisoned. We didn't see them die and after they surrendered it would be out of Fian character to just kill them off. As already mention by some people I don't think Melfina would agree that willingly to stay.
Some argued that it might be a mask for Melfina to by her time and try to prolong life time of comrades but Fian never mention them been alive or dead and that also apply to other two. Hopefully it will be address in the next chapter in more detail.

Its interesting to think that Azrin is caring for Fian Deval but I think that at this point it more about position and opportunity to influence things that is main reason for it. Keep in mind that from very beginning Fian is diffrent. He shown interest to take care his minions, plus his when looked in core of things, insanely powerful. It a gold opportunity for her and her sister. The down side in her plan will probably be that Fian really care for his minions, at least by what have shown so far. Once that realization hit her I can see her starting to change. And replace raw ambition for genuine feelings and affection.

The only downfall I see in this chapter that is still short. The development is there and its interesting to read but it ends to darn fast and leave you want more of it. Its sure is frustrating at least for me. Other then that its fine. A bit more development on other things in the story also should addressed but that will take time it seems because of nature of how long that chapters are.
Deval chapter 18 . 2/26
Chapters direction looks good maybe a bit rush in on that understanding part and Melfina for lack of better words willingness to just play a long.
The hint of attraction is ok just to forward and shown on plain sight. Its not bad that there is some just maybe make it more subtile and develop over course of story. Some in comment mention that it could be a attempt to let Fian hear what he wants to hear and by doing it try to lead him to spare rest of the group. But if more of event show otherwise its more likely that it was just small oversight from author nothing mayor.
The idea theory that you proposed Zeo about rest of goup dose have some weight in it. Hope to see what happened next in future.
The elf part was nice it really show that they might really care about their master we will just need to wait and see.
All and all its nice edition to the story still short but it was fun to read.
Daiichi chapter 18 . 2/26
Very neat chapter. I really think is funny how little fairy is still afraid of Fian and apologise for every little thing that she think could lead to be killed. It really highlights how Fian can also look frightening.

His come Dwarf is not with them and what's with all that "Sir" thing from Melfina, didn't expect her to sound so well meek and submissive in some way. She also at least in my opinion agreed with all to fast. I could get behind idea that she thinks she dose for sake of the rest of the group but years of teachings of same thing doesn't go away that fast. Some things is not right and I will stick around to see it.
Mandyohara chapter 18 . 2/26
Interesting development. Good to see more of the story. I almost thought that there would not be any new updates in near future.
Its cool I was wrong.
ZeoUnit chapter 18 . 2/25
well this looks interesting. we got new development and it seems that Dungeon will be getting new residents in it.
My question is what will happened to other fairies since nothing is mention about them so far. If my memory is not playing trick on me in chapter 16 is was said "one of the fairies" which implies that there were more of them then one and by extend some others maybe. there is a bit inconsistency between Chapter 16 and 17 in the form that in 16 is mention that there are others heroes besides the ones that died by Fian hand but in 17 the fight is end by Dwarf that was stop dead in its track. that suggests that fairies that were there are not killed or any other hero that was left after that encounter. But later when Azrin Brings Melfina and small fairy she say "master the heroes you chose to show mercy to are here to speak with you, as per your request". That kinda indicated that Fian was basically slaughtered the rest of the party and i thought it was kinda out of place.
The last chapter clearly show that slaughtered part did not happen considering how Melfina and little fairy are addressing to his offer and Fian own words about himself. so Im really interesting how will things go for the rest of the party. It's clean they are still out there a live for now.

Would they also get same offer. Maybe they would see Melfina and Fairy as them "selling" them out to survive considering that Fian is treating them differently?
If let them go free in some dungeon section what would they do. How would they react to idea that he even plan to maybe let them go. I'm pretty sure base on Fairy that was with Melfina that they would try to not piss off Fian in anyway so I'm interested to see what would their decision be.
What about Dwarf, is he imprison somewhere in the dungeon?
I think him dead would be kinda waste because he could be nice catalyst for some events if he escapes or source for some conflicts in the story twists.

So far we didn't seen any effect from Fian that are reflect on out side of dungeon. I would be logical that this chain of events amplified with his earlier "achievements" in the city would have huge effect on Underworld realm. Hopefully we will see how are rest of keepers and world think about of this chain of events.
I any cease hope the story will keep up the phase after this small rest. So welcome back Valtharos.
Best wishes and good writing from ZeoUnit
ZiBeX chapter 18 . 2/25
FINALLY! Story up date!
I thought the story was done for and left to dust. Don't do that anymore I got so depressed with those thoughts...
As for chapter... HELL YEAH! looks great as always and as always annoying as hell that we get this good stuff on sugar spoon. Please man make it longer...
Also where is the rest of the heroes ?
Exodius chapter 17 . 2/18
You sir did one fine job here. The story telling is enjoying to read so I will look forward in reading your next update.
RedDawn chapter 17 . 2/15
heh not bad not bad. Hopefully this will be continued.
Orz chapter 17 . 1/30
EPIC dude! The small duel looks terrific! Can't wait to see what will happened next. Where is the next chapter I need my my next fill of this awesomeness?!
Mandyohara chapter 17 . 1/28
Wow nice work any chance we see more of this ?!
CenturionBlade chapter 17 . 1/28
Good work on this. It was worth the wait to get more chapters to read. The current situation looks promising. Will have to wait next chapter to see.
Elciufolo chapter 17 . 1/23
The plots will get more complicated as far as i can tell. Now I'm interesting to see what will he do with them. Update when you can and i hope we will see some development with others DKs they are so far left behind.
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