Reviews for The Calling
onlyinyourdreams77 chapter 171 . 8/18
Aw! Their little cutie! HEHE. He's going to learn to change the diaper too? HEHE. This is going to be interesting!
Guest chapter 171 . 8/16
Well done!. Keep going. GSR ALWAYS!.
Guest chapter 171 . 8/13
Very cute picture you wrote on the new family
Ziver69 chapter 171 . 8/14
Aww doesn't even begin to cover it. This was chalk full of so many great moments; Gil and the Captain having their early morning drink and chat, Gil admiring his new family, him making sure Sara knows she shouldn't feel embarrassed by the tearing and how proud he is of her, him being so tired he just crawls into bed naked and then telling Sara that if she starts crying he will too, him calling Thomas Tag...Sara is looking like she's gonna be a great mommy, but right now I'm totally enraptured with Gil's first few hours as a daddy...oh, and his eyes getting wide when Tag let out that wail. I do hope the first smelly bottom changing will be put up for us to read...or perhaps a re-telling by Sara to Laura. Adored this chapter!
RosePetal7 chapter 171 . 8/13
Awwing times 100 lol.
aninom chapter 171 . 8/13
Yessss! Awww! Now, the smelly diapers aren't going to be nice (those were called diapers already in that time? Blah) but it's part of the job, huh? And he's an adorable baby boy! I love him:) I'll be waiting for more, thanks for sharing!
aninha.k chapter 171 . 8/13
Awwww! Soo sweet! Love babies, I do, they bring such joy to a family! Think baby Tag will be a quiet boy, just like his father. Can't wait to read more.
edge15684 chapter 171 . 8/13
That was good
calicsifan07 chapter 170 . 8/8
Glad there was an evil hat ass kicking. Thanks for posting. Glad there was not drama for the delivery. Looking forward to more.
gsrmaniac chapter 170 . 8/3
I like drama as long as they have a happy ending!
Guest chapter 170 . 7/31
a little more fluff then some drama
Guest chapter 170 . 7/30
Nice job!. Keep going. GSR ALWAYS!.
mcsip3 chapter 170 . 7/29
All I can say is PERFECT
Ziver69 chapter 170 . 7/29
You are so TOTALLY forgiven for the cliffhanger! I teared up! It was incredible! (The update, not me tearing up) A little boy! I love the name they picked! I love that Sara and Tag are healthy! I love that Gil is so happy and proud! I am so completely beyond the SQUEE stage! I may have to read this one again. Stupendous!
aninom chapter 170 . 7/29
Yes, squeeing! I'm so very happy! A healthy baby boy, TAG, yay! A mini Griss, I'm sure! Who didn't want to make fuss, he's just as tired as his mom and want rest against her;) and yes, continue, please... no drama, stay away evil hat!... Loved it, thank you:)
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