Reviews for The Calling
thegirlinflat4a chapter 176 . 11/22
Wow. I'm so impressed that you've managed to keep the standard of this up for so long. Even though it is AU, you've managed to get the characters so perfectly. Absolutely amazing, well done!
chris keeler chapter 176 . 11/14
Have to say I have not been able to stop reading. Read for last 3 days and just finished all that has been written so far. Loved it very talented writing. would love to see this as a movie with the CSI cast named doing respective parts. Thank you will be waiting for next chapter.
RosePetal7 chapter 176 . 11/7
I can't believe it's been that long! I'm glad to see Gil looking after Sara. Now that she's well-rested, it seems like the perfect time for some fun ;)
onlyinyourdreams77 chapter 176 . 11/7
OOH! That was a good chapter. :)
Guest chapter 176 . 11/4
Nice job

Btw... to make you feel better I have who's been writing a little fiction going 10 years! And still writing!
Guest chapter 176 . 11/3
As this comes to a close...fingers crossed that you will start another one. Good chapter
Ziver69 chapter 176 . 11/4
Oh goodness, little Thomas is being tended to, Sara's had a restful nap and Gil's got THAT look...I hope they stretch well first or someone could get hurt, lol.
aninom chapter 176 . 11/3
Well, what can I say? Ok, first happy anniversary! and then that it still makes me sad to know these will be the last chapters of this wonderful story, sigh... anyway, I loved this chapter! I could picture little TAG pouting on his mommy shoulder, he's so sweet and cute! I would love to hear more from him. And I love a little of private time, too! and I'm sure they're going to enjoy it very much;) I'll be waiting for it!
edge15684 chapter 176 . 11/3
I loved it
CSIINGRIDGSR chapter 176 . 11/3
aww I love little Tag such a cute chapter can't wait for more.
Paommt chapter 176 . 11/3
mcsip3 chapter 175 . 11/1
So now he is officially Thomas Albert Grissom. A nice peaceful chapter. Sorry for late review got lost on my comp.
RosePetal7 chapter 175 . 10/27
Wow, Thomas sounds like such a good baby. It wouldn't be like GSR to follow the rules ;)
onlyinyourdreams77 chapter 175 . 10/26
this was the cutest chapter. :)
Guest chapter 175 . 10/24
Very sweet
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