Reviews for The Calling
mcsip3 chapter 162 . 4/6
Just got caught up. What a great idea for them to get away for a couple of days. I'm sure Grissom will be a crazy Father to be. Sara will just have to keep him happy.
janeybird chapter 162 . 3/31
My God! I haven't moved for the past day as I've just found this. Don't know how I missed it as I follow all your other stuff. This is amazing! I'm completely hooked. Thankyou.
calicsifan07 chapter 162 . 3/28
Good chapter. NO MORE evil hat. Give them a little bit of a break please.
Guest chapter 162 . 3/26
A little more fluff
Ziver69 chapter 162 . 3/27
She really did turn into quite the little sex kitten, didn't she. Loved the chapter and that they've reached a compromise. He is too adorable with how much he loves her and wants to keep her and the baby safe. Please more fluff. No rough...unless they're tieing each other up again and then it's fine, lol.
onlyinyourdreams77 chapter 162 . 3/27
they are so cute. I am glad they are finally talking things through.
RosePetal7 chapter 162 . 3/26
Hehe nibbles made me giggle. They're having a glorious time. Let's hope it continues now that a truce has been called.
aninom chapter 162 . 3/26
No, not rough please!... I love the chapter and I'm glad they've just talked and worked up things in regards his over protectiveness, hopefully the next months things will go ok for them:) I can't wait to meet to baby Grissom!.. but will that be the end of the story?... I'll be waiting for more;)
edge15684 chapter 162 . 3/26
I want more fluff
calicsifan07 chapter 161 . 3/22
Good chapter. Grissom is going to give himself an ulcer if he doesn't relax a little.
mcsip3 chapter 161 . 3/21
It's gonna be a long 9 months. However it seems like they are going to be having a good time at the hotel.
Guest chapter 161 . 3/17
Gil has a lot to work through since he knows how his mother died. His love for Sara will help him not be so stressed out.
gsrfan34 chapter 161 . 3/18
Great chapter!

I for one love an over protected Grissom... ;)
SevernSound chapter 161 . 3/18
Such a temper for our Grissom, you'd think he was the one that was preggers.
RosePetal7 chapter 161 . 3/17
A getaway is just what they need :)
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