Reviews for The Calling
Ziver69 chapter 163 . 5/5
Ohhhhh, a wonderful chapter! Those must be some heavy duty cravings if they got Sara to not only want meat but to enjoy it as well. And it was so sweet how she was worried how her growing with pregnancy might affect Gil's attraction to her physically and he reassured her. I can see him only loving and wanting her more as she grows with their child. And then the cream in the cookie, the baby kicking and Gil getting to be there and feel it for the first time! Squeeeeeeee!
Guest chapter 163 . 4/29
Great job. GSR ALWAYS!.
gsrmaniac chapter 163 . 4/28
Anxious to find out how everything turns out! Cannot wait, I love gsr!
Guest chapter 163 . 4/25
Its not time for the evil hat...wait until after baby is born. Sweet a baby horse...fingers cross
bonbon48 chapter 163 . 4/24
I happy for the update. I hope you locked evil hat in the basement and threw away the key like I told you to do. I hope the next chapter comes soon.
Guest chapter 163 . 4/24
no evil hat
aninom chapter 163 . 4/25
If it worth the wait? of course it did, I loved it!... They felt the baby for first time, that's so sweet! And he is coming (well, in another three months or so and I'm really excited!) because I'm hoping it's a baby boy;) and Pandora will have a baby in her own, huh? That's so very nice!.. next chapter will be about the birth already? Hope evil hat will not make a reappearance, please?... I'll be waiting for more:)
onlyinyourdreams77 chapter 163 . 4/25
Heheh. I like this chapter! It was really cute with the garden part. Aw!

I think you already have the evil hat on
RosePetal7 chapter 163 . 4/24
They've grown quite comfortable with the pregnancy. Baby human and horse? How exciting! :)
gsrfan34 chapter 163 . 4/24
Great chapter!

She's moving right along...lets hope it's smooth sailing here on out! Haha
aninha.k chapter 163 . 4/24
Ah, man... hopefully everything is going to run smoothly with the baby... but when I think about what it was like to have a child in those times...well, let's see what happens!
edge15684 chapter 163 . 4/24
really good. keep going.
mcsip3 chapter 162 . 4/6
Just got caught up. What a great idea for them to get away for a couple of days. I'm sure Grissom will be a crazy Father to be. Sara will just have to keep him happy.
janeybird chapter 162 . 3/31
My God! I haven't moved for the past day as I've just found this. Don't know how I missed it as I follow all your other stuff. This is amazing! I'm completely hooked. Thankyou.
calicsifan07 chapter 162 . 3/28
Good chapter. NO MORE evil hat. Give them a little bit of a break please.
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