Reviews for The Calling
1luvgsr chapter 179 . 4/10
Wow, what a story. I haven't reviewed before seeing as most of my reading was done at work lol. It was sooo hard to put this story down. It was intense, beautiful and everything in between. I'm sad to see it over.
RosePetal7 chapter 179 . 2/26
I should've expected an ending like that! Regardless, I'm glad everyone's in good health and the estate is thriving. Of course I'd follow a sequel if there were to be one...;)
onlyinyourdreams77 chapter 179 . 2/21
OOOH! Wow! Nice ending for sure. I love how Pandora and Dante have their own baby too. Aw! Full circle. YES TO SEQUEL!
gsrmaniac chapter 179 . 2/14
More,more and more!
Ziver69 chapter 179 . 2/15
I don't know where to begin and I don't want to write you a novel, lol. I'll address the most conflicting of my emotions first. I am very happy for you in finishing this tremendous story. You really and truly deserve to be proud. And yet, I am so sorry to see this end. I really loved reading this (so much so that I am starting over again). And YES! Please, yes, write a sequel. To leave us hanging so precariously like that would be beyond cruel and wouldn't be just evil hat anymore, that would AN ENTIRE EVIL OUTFIT! So many ideas are running through my mind at the possibilities you could use in a sequel, and yes, Grissom in a Civil War era uniform IS one of them.
Now, as for the actual review for the chapter. 1.) I SO love that man with the horses and their bond. What a lovely image, well, aside from the yuck. 2.) A wet Grissom in the tub holding Tag, playing with him while Sara washes his back...YUM! 3.) Tag laughing for the first time was adorable. 4.) Grissom and Sara adult time...SQUEE! 4.) They're in their new home! I love that they have the privacy of their own home but are a stone's throw away from the family. 5.) That cliffhanger was set up spectacularly!
JellybeanChiChi chapter 118 . 2/14
You forgot about the kitten, didn't you? :-) Don't be shy about that. You were typing the chapter and in the midst of a line you went, "OH SHIT! THE CAT!" It's OK. It happens.
JellybeanChiChi chapter 101 . 2/14
Angsty "trapped in sorrow" Sara can be annoying to me. I know most readers love it, but it annoys me. Just a personal opinion. I prefer when she slams trays in people's faces.
JellybeanChiChi chapter 96 . 2/14
why don't they stay at Taylor's?
JellybeanChiChi chapter 86 . 2/14
Tag team of Laura and Grissom pummeling Tommy boy's worthless ass.
Nice throw back to the reading of the story. You used that device well.
JellybeanChiChi chapter 83 . 2/13
Hey Laura. News flash. Your husband's a dick.
OK, I have GOT to stop reading this story, even though I really want to push the next chapter button.
JellybeanChiChi chapter 78 . 2/13
Great chapter. These are the types of chapters where you excel.
JellybeanChiChi chapter 74 . 2/13
Sara smacking that woman in the face with a tray was the greatest thing she has done in 74 chapters! That was great.
JellybeanChiChi chapter 73 . 2/13
Oh, just go to the Grove already!
JellybeanChiChi chapter 56 . 2/13
Tom Sidle. Father of the Year.
JellybeanChiChi chapter 54 . 2/13
Laura Sidle, mother of the year.
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