Reviews for The Calling
aninha.k chapter 159 . 2/27
Well...Grissom shouldn't be to upset, after all he knows where sex can lead. I'm more concerned now because I remembered that wedding gift from hell. What happened to it?
Guest chapter 159 . 2/24
I think Grissom will have a few sleepless nights (nightmares)
Bonbon48 chapter 159 . 2/22
I'm glad grissom is ok about the baby. I would like to see the preganacy go smooth. I think you should lock evil hat in the basememt and throw away the key.
GoneMental42 chapter 159 . 2/22
I like this new development. Those two deserve some happiness.
But keep Evil Hat away! Just say no to Evil Hat.
Guest chapter 159 . 2/22
Loved it! Evil hat has to stay away, they've been through enough...I guess if there has to be a hat, you can just give us a double dose of smut hat ;). If you must of course! More soon please
aninom chapter 159 . 2/23
Oh, he reacted better I thought, I'm glad he did although as Sara said he still needs time, it's good Laura's knowledge helped with his fears although these will not vanish suddenly but as Sara also said he has to try and not be too stressed, it isn't good for any of them... loved scene with the horses, too! Dante is so nice... thanks for sharing, I'll be waiting for more!
calicsifan07 chapter 159 . 2/22
He will over-think it like normal for him I fear. No evil hat though.
crazykat77 chapter 159 . 2/22
I think he's probably in denial and freaking out. He loves Sara so much and he is scared. He is also maybe the stress will play a part but he won't tell Sara...until later bc it is not good for her?
Ziver69 chapter 159 . 2/22
Oh, I do so love it when fluffy hate is in charge. So glad Gil took that as well as he did...but now you have me wondering if it will be a fleeting thing. Of course he'll be a worry wart, but oh, I can't wait to see how cute he is as Sara becomes more and more pregnant. And what kind of guy will he leans towards being with the far a ahem...relations go. Some guys shy away from it in later months but I can see Gil seeing how beautiful she is with his child growing and it only fueling his already keen desire for her. A baby! I will spend my time trying to figure out whether to hope for a boy or a girl. Hmmm, maybe twins. Dante scenes were adorable as always.
RosePetal7 chapter 159 . 2/22
I'm relieved that he took it so well! They've gone through enough. I hope it's as smooth as it could be!
Hithui chapter 159 . 2/22
::giggle:: Can just imagine Laura'so and the midwife's faces if Grissom manages to stake a spot in the birthing room ;)
gsrfan34 chapter 159 . 2/22
Great chapter!

Loved it!

I hope it runs smoothly from here on out...
crazykat77 chapter 158 . 2/18
Oooh! She's pregnant?! Oooh! I can't wait for his reaction!
calicsifan07 chapter 158 . 2/18
You better not have the evil hat come out. I think Grissom will be just fine with the baby...after a while.
bonbon48 chapter 158 . 2/16
Hey where is the up date? Said it was posted 7 hours a go. Don't get my hopes up like that. Reread the whole story waiting for the up date. PLEASE get it up got to know what happens when Grissom finds out he going to be a daddy.
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