Reviews for All I Have to Do
slytherinsal chapter 62 . 2/16
umm what happened to magical healing and potions to sort things out a bit quicker?
slytherinsal chapter 51 . 2/15
I dunno the corn and maize reference but I surely do know that dandelion and hawkweed are two different plants. Hawkweed has multiple heads and is tall, dandelion has a single large head and is short.
slytherinsal chapter 26 . 2/15
Albus' problem is that he forgets that human beings are human beings because he expects to be the puppermaster and the script writer
slytherinsal chapter 23 . 2/15
I got it.
As I write sub plots in my original fics which I fondly hope will give women courage to escape abusive relationships [a soapbox close to my heart for family connection reasons] perhaps I know more about real abuse. Hope nobody flamed you. It was the only piece of extra window dressing necessary to add verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative, if I may quote WS Gilbert
slytherinsal chapter 20 . 2/15
Just a question here, why the devil didn't Min notice that Barty Jr was masquerading as her lover? she of all people should have noticed
slytherinsal chapter 18 . 2/15
Didn't see that one coming but I like it
slytherinsal chapter 6 . 2/15
I thought he saw her belly showing? I assumed Albus had speeded things up as it was supposed to be only weeks. if it wasn't due until June, and this is plainly winter if Orion and Cassiopeia are clearly visible, then no way would there be any show. In fact if she's fairly fit, with a first baby, she might not even show a bump, even when naked, until April. Alternatively of course she might be the size of an elephant by april if she has a lot of water. But no pad until at least 3 months pregnant and with a first baby maybe not for as much as 5 months, though that can vary between boy-shaped and looking like pregnant with twin erumpants.
cbac1990 chapter 68 . 11/30/2016
Brilliantly written. And such a heart tugging ending. Characterizations were on-point for me and it was like reading poetry in prose. I absolutely truly loved it.
vickety chapter 68 . 10/12/2016
Very good. Thanks!
tigersmeleth chapter 68 . 8/26/2016
Achingly beautiful, thank you!
gruen chapter 68 . 7/16/2016
This was long, winding, and enchanting. The end was a bit abrubt. Thank you for writing.
Guest chapter 68 . 7/3/2016
no matter how hard i try i cant warm up to this story because its just written in such a strange way!
Imwaiting4myAliceandEdward chapter 68 . 6/26/2016
Very well written story. I enjoyed the character buildup and plot. The uniqueness of adding in Native American stories and Goblins added to the appeal of this story. I think you had a wonderful Beta (I am almost positive you mentioned someone helping you repeatedly which I count as a Beta). The way that you followed the basic premise of the Harry Potter books, yet made them uniquely your own is what I love when reading fanfiction on here. Great job with your story and thank you so much for taking the time to write such an enjoyable story and share it here. I will add this to my favorites! :)
bookworm661 chapter 68 . 5/18/2016
Absolutely adorable! Loved it and hope you write more like it in the future.
happiness8000 chapter 68 . 3/2/2016
Loved it. Especially the other relationships, Hermione's journeys and the final battle. All the characters were beautifully written. Thank you.
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