Reviews for A Love Story
Ynot364 chapter 12 . 9/13
I think?
Good chapter! i'm guessing Maxi's still going to get money for *cough* "Saving" Zelda and Link. idk fluff and stuff
cya later!
Vinely26 chapter 1 . 8/18
I know it's been a while since this story was active, but I finally got my own account on here after these past years. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this story. I read this 1 chapter a night on my 3DS lol. It made my summer like 2 years ago. Sorry for the weirdness, but I just love this so much. You probably won't respond, just know I love this story and you.
Lana chapter 45 . 7/10
OMG it made me cry i luv the zelda games so much GREAT STORY
ZeldaGirl101 chapter 14 . 6/30
been playing zelda for 7 years now BEST GAME EVER
Guest chapter 45 . 6/30
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay(I didn't cry, I was sweating through my eyes)
Wth chapter 44 . 5/22
To potential new readers: Would not recommend.

Link was utterly worthless in this story. He was more of a 'Hero of getting his ass kicked' than the 'Hero' he should have been. Zelda reads as more of a mary-sue insert than anything else and didn't help things along either.
MusicFreak2k14 chapter 45 . 4/18
That was absolutely beautiful. You are a fantastic writer. I started reading the story this morning and, after several breaks, have finished it the same night. It just captivated me so much. It's so beautiful and pure and fantastic. The end brought tears to my eyes. Fantastic work
Shade-Oh chapter 45 . 3/25
Really good. I loved it. I wish it was a book. i hope i see more from you. and the ending was magnificent. i think a sequel should be made. if there is one send me a Link (get it?). 8D
Loz fan chapter 31 . 3/13
I fell sad for them two
It would be horrible they are my fav. Couple
Guest chapter 19 . 2/21
Great can't wait till I finish it
ZeldaTitan chapter 16 . 2/12
I like the story, but you say they're ten year olds, but they sound like 7 year olds. Other than that, I love the story!
AriatheAlpha chapter 12 . 2/10
I think the answer is suicide
AveragePichu chapter 45 . 1/2
Overall, I'll give this 7.8/10

-Too much whipping

Please get the reference.
AveragePichu chapter 44 . 1/2
I appreciate the Phantom of The Opera reference. It's a good movie.
AveragePichu chapter 42 . 1/2
I feel like I need to tell you that the Sheikah are a race, not a title.
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