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imlovinfanfic chapter 42 . 1/17/2010
i loved this story, thankyou.
Isabella Marie21 chapter 40 . 1/6/2010

your stroy is so wonderful,

i love it.
Ankataye chapter 40 . 12/26/2009
That was awesome. I only wished to have been there from the very beginning to be the ones who helped support you. This story was very well written and I loved it from the start. Though, you did rush Edward and Bella's relationship a bit. I mean, we all rush through things, but it was way too fast especially since Bella was in an abusive relationship. But Rosalie made the whole thing better. I like mean Rosalie but she can get a little intimidating. I wish you the best of luck on more stories to come.

mikenewtonh8er chapter 34 . 12/25/2009
Chapter seriously made my heart stop beating. Such a great story! I've been reading it all day!
retrogradation chapter 29 . 12/24/2009
0_0 *freezes*

aw sh.t :(
deathstar22 chapter 3 . 12/14/2009
i love ur story
shaqbarcalis chapter 40 . 12/13/2009
71star chapter 41 . 12/11/2009
I just finished reading your story... Omg! WONDERFUL! YOU ROCK! That was intense but the love between Edward and Bella was great! Loved it! great writing!
Loulabelle chapter 40 . 12/7/2009
AH! I LOVED that epilogue :D I think it's funny how Bella ALWAYS tries to make everyone think she's fine when she's not. I mean seriously, she's been out of hospital for two and half weeks after having almost DIED and she wasn't to jump in and cook for everyone? Cooking for family functions and stuff is hard enough when your perfectly well :P I thought Jasper was hilarious when he was watching the TV and just agreeing with Alice without really paying attention lol My friend does that to me ALL THE TIME lol I'm so excited about Rose and Emmett's baby too lol And they think they conceived it in Edward and Bella's bed LOL that's priceless. And Edward proposal :D Call me weird if you like but I think that's a really adorable way to receive a proposal :P Don't get me wrong if someone wasn't to go WAY overboard to propose to me I'm fine with that too lol but I think this was perfect for your stories Bella and Edward. The ring sounds divine too :D Chloe is super adorable and I love how she called it the “’mantic” story :D SO CUTE! :D And when she hit Bella’s stomach and started to apologise to the baby...*sigh* Oh so cute :D I’ve used the word ‘cute’ a lot in this review I think :S Sorry! And they’re having a boy :D Love it love it LOVE IT! Once again I apologise for taking so long to catch up. Just know that this is a truly phenomenal story and you are a FANTASTIC author :D Thanks you for sharing your stories with me :D
Loulabelle chapter 39 . 12/7/2009
Am I a bad person if I say I'm glad james is dead? Yes? Okay well I'm a 'bad person' then. But then again he was REALLY horrible and someone (or more than one someone) else was going to die if he didn't so...Gah I'm confusing myself. Basically I'm happy that everyone else is safe and relatively well :) james and Bella's little discussion about the dynamics of their relationship was both enlightening and disturbing. I honestly don't know how someone (namely james) could possibly think that being abused and downtrodden is really what their partner wants. Yes from a very obscure point of view he was making her (what he classed as) 'perfect' but to anyone else it was obvious that it was NOT what Bella wanted. But thems the breaks in abusive relationships, one person doesn't look or listen and the other pays the price :( I really liked 'medical mode' Edward :D He was all loving and caring but still professional and it was really lovely (and exciting). I love saying “tension pneumothorax” :D I don’t know why but I really do and every time I see the words I laugh :D Thank you for making me laugh and relieving some of the tension from the scene (otherwise my fingernails would have suffered from all the nervous chewing lol) I thought it was really cute how Bella woke Edward up in the hospital :) And Bella’s little “life flashing before her eyes” thing was a really nice touch for the transition. It was almost like the montage in the twilight movie only BETTER :D LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED the chapter and I am very happy the all is well again :D
Loulabelle chapter 38 . 12/7/2009
I'm going to rip them to pieces. Tear them limb from limb. Beat them to a pulp. Those disgusting, worthless excuses for human beings :S Gr! And the disgusting slimy bastard watching her shower and *shudder* he's...there aren't words. I was so excited when she got away and called Edward :D And then when the car pulled up I was even more excited thinking she would be able to get help and then...THAT happened :( Poor Bella. I hope Edward get's to her in time. And I don't like thinking about what the "whatever you have to do..." thing might entail *looks worried* And might I say that while it is DEEPLY disturbing I am impressed by the lengths that Vicki went to to keep an eye on Bella AND how she managed to plant all those photos and flowers. But what she said to Edward when she picked up the phone was REALLY scary :S I hope Bella makes it through :S
Loulabelle chapter 37 . 12/7/2009
O-M-G! First off I would like to apologise for my MAJORLY delayed reading and reviewing of your story. I REALLY AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME! But I have gone back and read the story from Chapter One (I still love EVERYTHING by the way lol) and now that I am refreshed I am going to review the rest :D The little "right facing" arrow next to the chapter list is taunting me but I am going to resist it and review EVERY CHAPTER! Okay I think I'm done yapping...Let the reviewing commence...

I was kind of hoping this chapter would be BPOV but I like the EPOV just as much :D Poor Edward :( All worried and upset (which are kind of the same thing... :S) OMG! All the photos :S They freaked the hell out of me :O I mean I remembered they were there but the whole idea is just...*shudder* james is a sick bastard! I feel really sorry for Jasper, getting yelled at like that by Edward, but at the same time I am a little ticked off (lol). OMG you almost gave me another heart attack when I Edward picked up the phone and Red was all like “ I’m The man who holds the key to Marie’s survival” I thought the same as Edward. I wanted to jump into the computer so I could jump through the phone and strange james (Am impressing feat if I do say so myself :D) But its RED :D AND he’s helping :D YAY! Emmett and Rose’s little farewell moment was so cute :) Don’t you just love how I just chuck everything I think into my reviews and they don’t really flow? lol Oh well...Back to the review...I got a crazy sense of whiplash as I was skimming through the paragraphs looking for the moment when Jasper got in the car with them lol He was just there and I was like “HUH? But they left him behind. Didn’t they?” Little did I know that the explanation was actually AFTER the actually event. Silly me :P OH NO! It was Carlisle on the other end of the phone when Edward didn’t pick up? That slimy little rodent (james not Carlisle) is too slippery for his own good :( AH I reached the end of the chapter :O Must. Read. More. lol I can’t wait to see what happens when the boys catch up to james.
Carrie loves twilight chapter 42 . 12/1/2009
I am sorry I did not review after ecery chapter- I read straight through. This was awesome.
welden chapter 40 . 11/25/2009
name him charlie
weldon chapter 21 . 11/21/2009
well then, that was pretty good. but i think that james should have came and kidnaped bella
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