Reviews for Failure
Dandielion chapter 1 . 11/7/2008
This chapter...wasn't good, now I know why no one reviewed it Radio Interference. Do you, cornwallace, and The Archaic Minister always flame other people's stories? When The Archaic Minister first reviewed one of my stories, he wasn't saying anything about my Grammar he was just saying how bad my story was. That's why I hate him and added him and his friend cornwallace to my list so they wouldn't send me any e-mails again! But, I didn't know they had another friend and I didn't call my sister! I told her and I told my mother too also my brothers! My mother told me to add The Archaic Minister and cornwallace to my list because he was just making me feel like a bad writer! He told me I made a fool of myself! I hate him for doing that stuff to me and saying my sister's stories were pathetic!

Goodbye Radio Interference, and how many flamming friends do you have on this site?