Reviews for The Substitute
gbakermatson chapter 6 . 9/11
Jesus. What a ride. I have no words for how good that was.
mckertis chapter 6 . 9/1
It's alright, but, i expected more.
Love2read23 chapter 6 . 8/29
Well done. Of course I found the ending sad but satisfing. There's really no way Harry would have been allowed to live in peace of he'd survived.
Himanshu.99 chapter 5 . 8/9
Absolutely loved it. You should rate it as Tragedy too.
Himanshu.99 chapter 6 . 8/9
One of the most tragic and best Harry Potter fanfic I ever read and that's why you became one of my favourite writer.
Virulent Void chapter 6 . 8/3
Aaand... Now I'm sad. Satisfied, but sad. Good work, author.
Torry-Riddle chapter 6 . 8/3
This was depressingly Good. I can totally see Golem Harry choosing to go out that way. I loved it!
talie.coyne chapter 6 . 7/3
I just cried over your story. I haven't cried over a book since a fault in our stars 2 years ago. Well done.
Dcreature chapter 6 . 6/14
Interesting if depressing premise and conclusion of the story. Thanks for sharing.
lipasnape chapter 2 . 6/5
Brilliant. It seems that I have read the story before. I can't fathom how I can't remember it.
fofofofo chapter 6 . 6/1
So so so good. Words cannot describe. I enjoy all your stories, but this was great!
digbygreen chapter 6 . 5/31
Well written, sucks you in. Ending sucks rocks.
OriksGaming chapter 1 . 5/30
This is a really unique idea; I just can't get on bored with Harry being a golem. Magical creature(or construct in this case) Harry stories aren't fun for me, especially if Harry's not on top of the food chain. Making him subhuman really doesn't appeal to me.
Queen Farli chapter 6 . 5/12
Very nice, I have liked all of your fics so far.
I vaguely guessed that they should have made a mistake, left the golem and baby Harry in the crib together and taken the golem with them by accident. Baby Harry's connection to the golem in Avalon acted as a sort of not-horcrux/ anchor which pulled his soul back in after it was expelled by the killing curse.
At his death I think it would have been wonderfully bitter if they found this out - found they had vilified the 'real' Harry. A bite back at the adult Potters for being so selfish. I'd hope that they wouldn't reject their golem son for it though.
I simply felt that that Harry was too perfect to be real - too humble, too good at everything, never getting angry - like a perfectly programmed robot basing itself off its 'parents' and stories of what it should be. Especial with it being too good at social interaction for someone whose only other experience is with family and toys.
Just popped in to my head,
Again, great story,
Queen Farli
Yankeegomera chapter 6 . 5/4
Is so sad...
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