Reviews for When Worlds Collide
Kagehana.Tsukio chapter 7 . 3/25/2013
LOL 'dat ending reaction. pricelessness right 'dere man. XD
jtcr chapter 1 . 10/20/2011
Oh so they will kill naruto without a second thought but when it comes to sasuke Uchiha he can walk free out of the village what a bunch of damn hypocrites

Well he will always be accepted in wave
Reece12345678910 chapter 4 . 8/25/2010
not that I'm complaining but could you credit the original writer of this lemon because it comes from a tenten naruto fic
Lord of Murder chapter 7 . 9/8/2009
kinda interesting but a bit short.
Paul Namikaze chapter 7 . 6/25/2009
hey nice story but r u still working on it?
jacalman chapter 7 . 4/3/2009
sweet this story could turn out grat. so when are you gonna finish it?
ShinobiGama chapter 4 . 1/25/2009
hey love the story but after this chapter im convinced. This should have an M rating...keep up the good work!
Muffin-crumbs chapter 7 . 1/11/2009
intresting i look forward to reading this, and i have to add i generally hate cross-overs but this seems interesting
Amrun chapter 6 . 1/9/2009
If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says if you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.

I get inspiration for MY stories by reading the masterpieces that are posted on this AWESOME site! Some of my stories may seem similar to others, and the storyline will often be twisted any way I please, but I NEVER take anyone's storyline! I just like trying new ideas, and trust me...I've got plenty of em!

I instead put an Entirely NEW spinoff of the original instead, and add or subtract characters while adding as much humor, romance and anything else i possibly can! Oh and I've been at this for at least a year now, so I AINT A ROOKIE! I do know what I am doing here! HOWEVER, I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE ANY IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS THAT ANY,(AND YES I MEAN ANY!) OF YOU WISH TO OFFER!

Those things were copy-pasted from your abomination of a profile - which, by the way, is not meant to be your holding place for internet memes or chain letters.

These words truly sadden me. I can only hope you're not aware that lifting stories verbatim, only changing the names and failing even to do that at times, is NOT "inspiration". It is STEALING.

If you're aware that what you are doing is plagiarism, then you are guilty of not only stupidity, but also of the worst kind of lying hypocrisy.
Amrun chapter 7 . 1/9/2009
Life Lessons (I've learned these the hard way):

NEVER make someone an priority, when all you are to them...Is an option, and nothing more.

Ever heard of the saying: 'It's better to have loved and lost, then never loved at all'? Its DEAD wrong. Once you experience love, that wonderful, perfect feeling of happiness, you would do ANYTHING to keep it. But if that special girl is taken from you... You want that feeling back. You want that PERSON back. But one cannot change the heart, that which you have broken forever. And so, you are left feeling hollow and empty, forced to move on, with a hole in your heart, and sorrow in your face, wishing, PRAYING that you could change the past. But you cannot.

And it's enough to make you wish you had never loved at all, to prevent yourself from losing it all.

She is gone forever. And its all my fault...

And I cannot change that. Although I pray to God for forgiveness, I know, deep in my heart, that I was the one who drove her away. And THAT was what caused the chain of events that occurred afterwards...

Long story short: Hold onto your loved ones. You NEVER know when they will be taken away from you.
Amrun chapter 4 . 1/8/2009

Hasn't anyone ever told you that when you rip off someone else's work, you should at least not screw up his grammar?

You're obviously Jetslinger's #1 fan. In addition to the characterisations and situations you lifted from Melody of the Fox, this "lemon" is ripped off almost word for word from Illegitimate Love.

It's just proof that something good in someone stupid's hand can still turn out pretty damn bad.

Authoring 69 stories isn't so time-consuming when you plagiarize them, I guess. Show respect for your fellow authors instead of flooding the fandom with pathetic imitations.

I reported you, by the way.
jaredhimself31 chapter 4 . 1/8/2009
lemon scene seems like a direct copy of the first one in the NarutoxTenten fic Illegitimate Love. Look for it you'll see what I I honestly have no problem with borrowing ideas from other works on this site, I must say that something this similar to anothers work is nothing short of disturbing. At the very least you should give credit where it is due if you're gonna borrow an idea.
AppleL0V3R chapter 7 . 1/4/2009
Oh my gosh. Wow. That was awesome, I definitely see that one coming. But it fits. Please update soon.
The Crimson Apocrypher chapter 7 . 1/3/2009
Wow, a Bleach/Naruto merging that is really original in it's creation!

And what's better is that it's got TAYUYA rather than Hinata.

Keep up the great work and update SOON.
Elemeffayoh chapter 7 . 12/22/2008
o.o wow
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