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AJleefan chapter 4 . 5/7/2015
I love you're story, but... when you said "I'm thinking of putting a no gay people sign up." I found it kind of offensive because I love gay people, and Yaoi/Yuri. Other than that, I had no other problems with you're story. I really love the comedy you put into it, and how much you make them suffer.
AJleefan chapter 1 . 12/23/2014
One of my favorite fanfics!
AnonXVII Alias HyperCenturion chapter 7 . 5/7/2011
For God's sake, PLEASE CONTINUE...
Krizzfizz chapter 1 . 12/6/2010
This had me a little peeved when I found the doc of this.

How many years have gone since last time I left my gigantic Q&A? Anyway, now that I have this of my chest, thank myself.

I could finish it, but thats depends if you are going to write more of this, so bye for now

“Now I better get back to the show, I don’t even want to think about all the damage Thanatos has done in this short time”.

(This happens at the same time)

After Krizz have walked down Thanatos walks over to Metal.

Thanatos: Can I have a kiss?

Thanatos: Can I at least have a hug?

Thanatos: Please! *with a puppy face*

(I think you know what happened with Metal there) *after Thanatos has sucked almost all of Metal’s soul out, s/he begins to undress him. After he is completely nude, and somehow Thanatos manage blocking the view to his ‘Jewels’ from everyone’s sight, and then take out a dagger of sort.

When s/he is just inches away…

Krizz: Hey Thanatos, what are you doing?

Thanatos: ehh…nothing

Krizz: yeah right!

*then Krizz hit Thanatos with the end of his scythe and make Thanatos to lose his grip on the dagger. Of course Metal awoke in the right time to see the dagger fall just some inches from his ‘jewels’, so close that he could feel the cold blade that was right between he’s legs.

(make Metal say something)

Krizz: ehhehehe…. Sorry about that, but hey no harm done

Krizz: Anyway on with the show

To Falco: Necropheliac *begins to have a laughter fit, then he becomes completely calm in a second* Kuchiyose: EDO TENSEI * then a caskets come up from the ground with the name Vixy on it* (use your imagination here, it has endless opportunity’s)

To Fox: Vixy punish you child, he’s have been a VERY bad boy *She begins to beat him*

Krizz: fact about Edo Tensei: The user will first sacrifice a living person to provide the vessel that the dead soul will inhabit. The dead body will then be incased in ash and dirt to resemble the soul of the person that was resurrected. When the user wishes to recall the souls, a portal will open in the ground and the caskets holding the bodies will appear. When the caskets open the bodies will be grey and in a state of minor decay. At this point the dead souls are able to remember their past life, but they are at the command of the one who summoned them.

To all: any question?

To Fox: Vixy! Rape Fox now, Destroy his childhood memory’s of you and him, Make him suffer, Make him feel hopeless, weak, traumatizes, make him feel that you don’t love him, aren’t proud of him, that he isn’t safe anywhere and most of all; MAKE HIM SUFFER!

To Shadow: Want some popcorn and see what going to happening here? *take out a bucket with popcorn* it’s bound to be something exiting happening soon!

*after Krizz say that Vixy shall stop doing all those terrible thing that won’t be described*

To Fox: How ya doing bud?

(Taken from “No More Heroes” the Wii game)

To Katt: Yeah, Yeah. You want to learn THAT. I show you THAT technique! Your cloth off!

To Katt: THAT! How’s THAT! You like THAT!

(Do something? What I do I even don’t know myself, I have a cat fetish figure something out)

To Katt: …*he just stare on her almost naked body. Then he manage to compose himself.* Just as sexy as I remembered your body was.

To Katt: How I saw your body before? Well let say time traveling is really tiring and confusing. And you look lovely in a black dress.

*then Krizz get a chalkboard and chalk and begins to have a lecture about time and time traveling that last an hour. He also throw chalk on all that falls asleep (except the audience, and female felines in the room), and he hit right between the eyes and then the chalk explode*

To Shadow, Fox and Fara: I need you three to come with me.

To Fox: if you don’t come with me, I use Edo Tensei on your dad to. Do you want me to do that?

Shadow, I’m using genjutsu now to talk to you right now, I have also put a genjutsu on Fara to. She is in my control now so just agree on almost everything I say, can you do that?

Once we are downstairs,

Krizz: So Fara don’t you want to tell Fox the good news now?

Krizz: Remember Fox, I’m a Death God, my I can see when and where someone are going to die or if I want someone to die in a specific place , there real name, aka the name the get when the are born and from both parents even if the don’t know it, when and where that are born and all that

Krizz: My point is that simple one party with alcohol can really screw up some one’s life

Krizz: Aww come on Fara, tell him already.

(From all that I guess that you get where this is going, and you know how blackmailing works from there, he do whatever I want or I tell Krystal, get it? Good)

(Feel free if you can improve it, I’m almost out off ideas)

To Everyone: and I’m finally finish with the question, well then see you soon, bye!

Then he walks to the tower of torture without anyone noticing where he is going.

Krizz: Aww to hell with the Guy, I still haven’t done the torture.

(Let hear some groans and make Panther say something like this: But…but… you just said you where finish!)

Krizz: Panther it’s called false hope. Anyway can all get here? You guys need to sign some contracts’ here

To the furs: The contract allow me to do whatever I want on you without you suing me, you also get health and mental care after this is over so that you are in the same body and mind when you came in. also you get a free meal after this is over.

To all authors: the contract make so that you can’t use any power even AAP inside the torture tower, you can leave when you want if it get to gruesome in there, also get free memory wiping if you need it.

And last Metal: I’m sorry to say but I have been bribed to mentally agonies you and I found the perfect way to do it, but it is going to pain me too, but money is money. So I had to make a special contract for you. You can’t use any powers in there; you can also sue my anonym ehhh….briber if you find him/her, you get one free memory wipe, the free food and the mental care.

And yeah even if you guys don’t sign I would still do it to you and you don’t get the health, mental and free food also you “can” try to sue me, but that would be a waste of both our time and lots of lives. Now can all sign on the dotted line and we can get the show on the road.

Then Krizz walks to the W&T room and open the door and a very bad smell comes out from it, like everyone have to hold so they don’t smell anything. Krizz then see the room and get big creepy smile and begins to laugh a little.

Krizz: Wolf you do know that you have to stay here for 30 hours right?

Krizz: Good, good, and did you know that the other are going to stay here for 15 hours?

Krizz: Well you see that room there that Fox and Bill used last time?

Krizz: Yeah it’s a mess, and you are going to clean it all

Krizz: if you don’t then everyone here have to stay here 10 hours more

Krizz: did I mention that you have to clean it with you _ (Didn’t remember how you wrote the muscle inside you mouth, damn memory)

Krizz: so what are you going to do, clean the room or make everyone hate you? It’s a lose-lose for you so just decide.

When the grupe leave to go to the 3rd floor and wolf where ready to go in to the W&T room (or not) the Wolf’s room’s door fly open and a three headed dog that are three times as big as Wolf run out and pin Wolf to the wall.

Krizz: Ehhh…yeah right, everyone meets Cerberus the demon dog. Cerberus meet everyone, now that introduction are over tell me, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!

Cerberus: Can I ask you a question Mr. O’Donnell how would you like to suck my balls?

(Southpark I think)

Cerberus: Hey Krizz, can I keep him as a sex toy?

Krizz: ehh…yeah sure, be my guess, but you can only do that when he is inside that room.

Cerberus: so Krizz, do you have rough sandpaper here?

Krizz: yeah, I think in the storeroom on the 5th someplace there.

*then he runs up to said floor*

Krizz: HEY WAIT, at least give me a ride to… damn he’s gone, now I have to walk all the way to the 3rd floor, great.

*then Krizz walk to the wall and use chakra to walk upside-down up to the 3rd floor.

Krizz: Ain’t ya coming?

*then he walks to the far left door and they all walk in to it*

Krizz: Welcome to my personal library *and let say everyone is in awe how big the library is* and its here we part way Peppy

(Depending on what you make Wolf do comes here. If he refuse to do it then just skip this for the moment or not)

Krizz: Thanatos can you check if Wolf is finish cleaning the room, and if so can you get him to us?

Thanatos: yeah sure, and if he’s finish he can clean some thing for me to.

Krizz: don’t even think about doing some other thing or something with him, we need him now.

(Feel free to start a small chatter there or something if you want)

[Stands for what if]

[Krizz: now when we wait for Wolf to come] let’s go to the restroom here.

*once they are there* Krizz: so guys if you want something, its now to ask because you wont get any food or liquid in 15/25 hours

(if Wolf cleaned the room he gets in here)

Krizz: Now just tell me whatcha want and I make it.

*he make all the food they ask for and, but Kursed, Fay and Katt get there food last. Once they are finish eating*

Krizz: Lady’s the bedroom is there *he show them the way*

Krizz: I “poisoned” Kursed, Fay and Katt food so they would do some naughty things to each other but they still can talk, see, feel, and hear anything. You can say they are on autopilot now.

Krizz: So those anyone know where Panther is?

Thanatos: he’s in the love suit on 1st remember.

Krizz: ahh…right, do you mind getting him for us?

part 2/2 (2/3)
Meekl chapter 6 . 11/3/2010
To Fox, Krystal, or Wolf:

What is the largest-caliber weapon you have ever handled or fired?

To Peppy:

You tell Fox to do barrel rolls all the time, but how many have you actually done yourself?

Appearance: Approx. 7 foot 1 inch tall, wearing camo tanktop and black pants, with a metallic right arm and an oversized blaster on his belt.

German accent. Mech arm has an audablepneumatic engine servomotor sound and several external weapons,ex retractable plasma arc whip
I miss your story chapter 6 . 7/13/2010
To Fox: I wonder who is bigger, You or Wolf. Well, come on boys, whip em out!

To Krystal: I wonder who'se is bigger, yours or Fara's? Note, this might affect the outcome of your marriage.

To slippy: FIST FULL OF GTFODIEBBQ! *Pawnch*

To Falco: I have brought you three presents. First is a picture of Slippy barebacking Leon, second is a picture of Oprah's cooch, and the third gift makes you choose both. so watzit gonna be pawnk?

To Shadow: Whats your favorite type of cat :3


To All: I have forced you to read Twilight. your reactions please?

To Hakkyou: Team Necrophilia or Team Beastiality?

To Wolf: Justin Bieber or Greyson Chance? Which one would you fuck? (Pedophilia is also present between a wolf and a child in Twilight)

DinoGuy2000 chapter 7 . 7/5/2010
To Kursed: How fast can you dodge say a bullet? Oh and i would watch out for land mines. not that i put any down. (steps away in odd pattern.)
Guest chapter 7 . 11/21/2009
* a large black and red dragon walks in, black flames begin to appear on the stage, zoom up to the dragon, form body, dissapate to reveal hiddenwolf who is holding a zanpaktou, and a black and red scythe*

hello wolf, remember me you furry bastard?

*jumps off dragon, uses Futon: Fusoku Shunshin(wind release, wind speed body flicker) in mid-air to appear in front of wolf. karate chops throat*

betrayal five biatch! *hit with scythe hilt repeatedly*

why...won'! screw it, tired now.

*throws scythe at slippy, it chases him around the studio*

thank the gods for the hunter scythe

hi krystal! _ im not sure you remember me, but i rescued you a while back. remember general scales? remember the first time you met him? yeah, remember the nervous saurian that burst in right before he tied you up? yeah, i caused that. i was the one up there eviscerating the annoying bastards...also, it's kinda my fault you got stuck in that crystal. my bad. lost control of my powers there. don't blame me, blame the annoying little robots that were zapping me. it was only supposed to take them out.

fox; Mortal Kombat!

*engages fox in Mortal Kombat. tries to round-house, misses, completes spin with blue glow in hands*




panther; get over yourself, you are pathetic, i could probably last longer than you, also, *hit with frying pan* i was told to do that by...some-one. you don't need to know who my clientell are. also, why are you so obssesed with Krystal? (no offense krystal) but she's not the only girl out there, nor is she the hottest.

falco; if you are done recovering from ma lazer, i want you to test out this prototype arwing im working on. *throws keys* dont blow it up or i'll have your soul!

*presses button, turns into controller, starts controlling arwing*

what? can't have that feathered teme crashing my prototype can i?

while im doing this,

fox; what was your most perverse action with the blue one? you say bunny position and i'll ram this arwing into you.

krystal; how have you been faring since i locked you in that crystal...heheh.

peppy...*crashes arwing into him* i really don't like you. do a barrel roll, do a barrel roll! you know what? you do a fuckin barrel roll you annoying ass rabbit!

*drops peppy several feet in front of himself,drops controller goes through a series of handsigns*

Hyoton: Hyookami (Ice release: Ice Wolf)

*more handsigns*

Mokuton Hijutsu: Tsuru Kusa no Yomi Numa (Secret Wood release technique: Thorn Whips of the Underworld Swamp)

*Futon: Fusoku Shunshin, aooears behind him, even more handsigns*

Katon Hijutsu: Kitsune Bi (Secret Fire release technique: Fox Fire)

*collapses, exhausted*

'pant' too...much...chakra...used!

*goes through one last set of handsigns. hands glow blue, grabs miyu's head, gets energy back.*

cool. thank the gods for that technique.

to fay & miyu; who the hell are you anyway? wait, why do i care? also, *kicks in shins* i've been enlisted to dish out punishment to certain people

Shadow! lay down and hold still, this will help you keep your inner power under control and let you use it without the severe drain, i refuse to let one of my favorites take that much damage from a cool attack.

*draws a strange symbol on the ground, concentrates energy*

let the gods awaken, let the devils all slaughter. let shadow take control, let his control never falter!

*slams hand into stomach*

there, now you won't take so much damage when you unleash your shikai...bankai...not sure which you released.

krystal; wait...*trance-like voice* bounty...*lunnges, grabs head cackles crazily, throws her into wall*

i think i might just borrow this body for a bit...(skull mask forms and covers left half of face)

"Oh no you don't!" *second me walks out, chops masked me in half* bastard.

to krystal; your lucky i like you otherwise i'd turn your ass in so fast your head would spin.

katt; have a cookie

slippy; ...die.

wolf...i like wolves, that's the cool thing about being half demon wolf. *three tails unfurl from beneath shirt and wave lazily* can i hug you?

leon; ass-bitch is what you are. it what you like and what you are. therefore you are both.

*yawns, lays down*

im too tired to leave. if that vip balcony is still there than i'll just teleport there when im not as lazy.
Georgasaurus chapter 1 . 11/7/2009
I saw your flame invite on your forum. I dare. ;)

Anyway, aside from the usual of 'Q/As are against the rules, etc.', this is probably one of the worst fics I've ever seen on the site.

The dialogue is awful, with unfunny, flat attempts at humour and conversations that make the characters sound like retarded children. There is absolutely no description or plot, hence why Q/As aren't allowed in the first place, and no originality in it whatsoever.

Get this pathetic piece of down. I can't understand why you'd think it was good. You're a terrible author, with no writing talent, and no sense of creativity.


Tiger Army chapter 7 . 11/5/2009
To Fox: I'm picking up a signal... In mah DRAWERS! HaHAH!
Krizzfizz chapter 6 . 10/15/2009
Sorry if this it to late, but here it is (Part 1)

When you have call out who’s going to appear (aka me) no one are coming, then some minute go’s and still nothing. After two hours I come and say “Sorry I’m a little late, I hade a little accident on a mountain and broke some of my limbs, and now I have to use crutches, it take forever to go somewhere on foot”.

“I’m not lying, do you can to see my hospital bill? Anyway when I was on the way I saw you, Shadow, chasing some guy and screaming something about Timid, what was that all about?”

To Shadow: Hey Shadow…umm… Can you give back the Scroll to the Cookie no Jutsu?

To Shadow: *Krizz opens the scroll and begins to check it* It was as I ‘eared! ‘Ey Shadow, do you by any chance use the jutsu ‘er?

To Shadow: *whispering* The scroll contains one of my different variation of the Harem Jutsu!

To Shadow: Here, this IS the real scroll *Hand Shadow another scroll*

*Snatches the scroll from Shadow and begins to go over it, then some time go’s and Krizz begins to sweat and with wide open eyes* Shadow would have killed me if he hade used it

To Shadow: I don’t think I am going to give you any of my scrolls anymore. For safety reason, both our physical health and your mental stability!

To Steel Scale: Don’t worry; Panther’s torture is pretty sweat. Trust me

To Ninja: HAHAHA so you don’t want me to do a torture one more time huh? Sorry to say but I are going to do it one more time. See if you can kill me hahaha, so BRING IT ON DUDE! *go’s into a pose with the pointy finger in the air (you know, the “OBJECTION” pose)

To Timid: Me an overachiever? No, no, no, no, no, NO! THIS IS OVERACHIEVING *Take a scroll out of one of his random pocket and throw it on the ground and it begins to roll out and continue to the very back of the stage that we are on* this is all question and action. *then the scroll turn to ash before some of the crew can read it*

To Everyone: No peaking on what I shall do to you, shame on you guy’s!

To Fara: Hello to you, I hope you have a nice time her on Q&A Madness (take her hand and kiss it)

To Fara: Why did I just suddenly want to scream Kavaii?

To Fara: *after she go’s in a very cute pose* KAVAII! *he runs up to her and begins to nuzzle her

To Fara: Was you very hyperactive and playful in your youth?

To Slippy: I have a surprise for you, but you don’t get it before the end of the show.

To Slippy: Slippy, it’s to die for!

To Everyone: I forgot to say, but everything you guys say, CAN and WILL be used against you!

HELOO KURSED *tackle her in a breath taking hug, (I hug Krystal just as you know)

To Kursed: So wait… you are Kursed?

To Kursed: *whisper to her* Hey want to be partner in torturing Fox for what he did to you?

To Kursed: *Hand her a stack of paper* Here is everything what I have done to Fox, just read it.

To Kursed: *after she is finish reading* So… How was my torture to Fox? Do I need to increase it? Decrease it? More painful? More gay thing’y happening to him? *begins to shack her violently* TELL ME! I NEED TO KNOW!

To Panther: Sorry about last time, you know the auction thing.

To Panther: Your cloned pleasure is waiting for you in the love suit in the ‘tower of torture’ on the ground floor, first door to the left, so go get it!

(The trophy room has been changed to a tower that is 99floor up in the air and down in the ground)

To StarWolf: Panther are such a BAKA, why do you even have him on the team? He is ONLY thinking with his thing down there *point downward to his crotch*

(After answer)

Thanatos: Well… then it’s a good thing I switched out the Krystal’s and Katt’s clones with the clones of Fox, Wolf and Panther and made them gay. (someone’s reaction on that line) And Krizz didn’t you set up a security system that if someone got in they would be trapped inside the room, and only you can only open the doors from the outside?

Krizz: Yeah I did do that, why do you ask about it?

*then, all could hear deadbolts and other locking devices locking themselves*

Krizz: so that why you asked that. Well… I at least know that my security system work now…kukukuku

To Krystal, Kursed and Fox: Well there is just 10% to 20% chance that IT will come!

To Krystal, Kursed and Fox: You don’t need to know what’s going on right now, its not so important for you guy’s now, but later it may be important for your life’s IS on the line there and then.

To Shadow: Can I also torture the Announcer guy to?

To : Hehehehehe. I’m going to torture you trough your own mouth

To : Meh… I do it next time?… maybe?… idk yet? Do you?

To Slippy: *poke, poke*

To Peppy: That much huh? You have written that much in your free time?

To Peppy: Do you mind if you could give me all of those books to me? For free?


To Peppy: Can you also sign all of them? It is just about… ehh, more than 270 books to sign!

To Wolf: So what. What if I like to read, just to let you know: my personal library is 5 times bigger than this place we all are in now!

To Wolf: It’s really that big, and that is just MY personal library, think about how big my official library is?

To Wolf: You Wolf are now on my BAD LIST. Just wait a little while until we get to the “happy” torture season. *begins to have a laughter fit*

To Slippy: *poke, poke*

To Metal: Hey Metal can you play the Gerudo Valley (From Zelda Oot) on your guitar?

To Miyu: May I have this dance? *Asked in a very gentleman way*

(And yes I can dance, I’m not as good as the expert dancer but better than your average one. At lest I don’t have two left feet)

To Wolf: so yours best holiday is Halloween huh? (Wolf’s reply) And you like to scare small innocent children huh? (Wolf’s reply) Well I remember once that I and Thanatos gave some candy on Halloween to some children, but the part is that we game them exploding candy, and it said “BOM”, then it became I little gore’y with all body parts flying around here and there, than the rest of the children began to panic and running for there lives, I don’t know why tho’.

To Slippy: *poke, poke, poke*

To Wolf: the sad part of the story is that I and Thanatos had to destroy the planet afterward. The people that lived there was really peaceful, lived a little primitive but did have some advance stuff, I also remember they did have blue fur, concentrated on magic and that they was mostly vulpine’s there. I think that happened sometime between 10 to 30 years I think

(Make Wolf say something rude about he’s age)

To Wolf: THAT’S IT. I’m tripling the amount of wolfs in that room, that are going to mate with you. (Wolf’s reply) AND you are going to be there in 30 hours’! UNDERSTOOD (Wolf’s reply) DON’T MAKE ME WANT TO INCREASE IT ANOTHER LEVEL! ! !

*Krizz screams that with a sadistic smile*

To Slippy: *poke, poke, poke, poke, poke*

To Krystal and Kursed: umm… why do you two looks so mad?... oh about what I said too Wolf… oh shit, damn… it…it isn’t what it sound like…

To Krystal: Hey, you should be glad I did it, otherwise you wouldn’t met Fox and still be trapped on that doomed rock of a planet, and be force to married someone you didn’t know. HUH! How would you like that?

To Kursed: You to should be glad that I destroyed that planet. If I didn’t destroy it you wouldn’t be born through all that hate and negative emotion that Krystal build up when she was with Fox’s and Wolf’s team.

To Kursed: *whisper to her* and I hope this didn’t interfere with our partnership to torture Fox?

To Fox: I think you heard wrong, I said the word “Fortune”, not torture. Kursed and I would never do something like that to you. Isn’t that right Kursed?

To Slippy: *poke, poke, poke, poke*

To Katt: what would you do or give me in return if I gave you a…

To Katt: Some yarn? (Katt’s reply) Trice you size? (Katt’s reply) Colored pink? (Katt’s reply) With the smell and essence of catnip?

Krizz: excuse me. I have to go to the bathroom

*At the same time you have to go do something… don't know what yet*

When Krizz have gone two steps down the stairs he trip and begins to fall.

“Aw shi….” And right before he hit the bottom of the stairs and somehow manages to not hip and stairs on his way down, and then silence, nothing.

“eh…... a little help here?”

When someone go down there they see Krizz upside down with chakra coils holding him up, just like a spider web.

“thank guys, I hate going with crutches

When Krizz is down there he check the stalls if some one is there, and there are no one there he take out a cell phone and call someone.

“It’s me Krizz.” “Yeah no one here” “After this he would be completely under your control” “And you better have the money after this, I don’t work for free you know” ”hey my methods are the best you are going to find here, if not THE BEST” “and there seems to be someone that overhear us, what do you want me to do to him?” “I have a better idea, I’m going to use him in the next part of the show, so get ready for some ‘action’ soon” “Krizz out”

(If you can, make it sound like I’m talking to the one trying to kill and destroy you and your show)

When he walks out of the WC

“Hey you, how much did you hear?”

“Wait a minute, aren’t you the gay raccoon from the Twilight Hotel, hmm?”

“Then what do you say about getting in bed with Fox, eh?”

“Okey then it settled , *Edo Tensei no shitaku* (preparation of Resurrection to the Impure World) just walk in here” he point to the empty casket that came out of the floor, and when he have done it Krizz make the casket sink down it to the ground again.

“Now I better get back to the show, I don’t even want to think about all the damage Thanatos has done in this short time”.

(Part 1 Part 2 coming soon)
1950'sTV-Family chapter 7 . 10/13/2009

Also, have fun dealing with your "personal matters".

Har-dee-har-har. (this is where I would raise an eyebrow)
starfoxluver chapter 7 . 10/13/2009
Yeah my Q&A is on haitus until i like maybe im available on a computer or something, i miss writing stuff all the time, but being a junior is tough _
Telekenetic Mind Freak chapter 6 . 9/27/2009
Yo Shad, wazzup...

To Fox: ... dude! take a shower! you smell like wet dog!

To Krystal: ... you smell like you just had a threesome...

To Shadow: so what? I have an acute sense of smell...

To Bill: what was that? *lifts him with telekenisis* what did you just think?

To Katt: hm...

To Falco: your sister is outside that door *points at the door leading to the hallway*

To Panther: is it love? or is it fancy feast? *chuckles*

To UNKNOWN REVIEWER: dude you're such an idiot, if I didn't know any better I'd say you were StarLightDragon (no offence SLD he just reviews kinda like you)

To Everyone: if you like being alive then I suggest you run, except you Shadow, I want a fight. BAN-KAI! *he activates his Bankai which is him with a white sword and his soul reaper robe turns into something like Ichigos except white*

Joe: HA! *puts his hand in front of his face a dark aurora surrounds him, he brings his hand away and he has a Vizard mask on* FIGHT ME!
UNKNOWN REVIEWER chapter 1 . 8/22/2009
a voice from no where

oh really ?

you want a fight?

you will get one

the voice stops
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