Reviews for Dangerous Attraction
Skyz5034 chapter 18 . 6/29
Wow you made Yoruichi sound completely spoiled and lacking much intelligence to give away a company that her parent build and left behind... the concept is interesting but I have lost interest and I dont care to finish it.
Oaden chapter 27 . 6/28
Just binge read all of this. And Loved it. Thank you for writing. Thank you for finishing it. All in all, thank you
Skyz5034 chapter 1 . 6/27
I'm hooked like a fish on the first chapter, love it so far...
Husbamf chapter 27 . 4/14
*enthusiastic clapping*
Beautuful...simply beautiful. I have no words. This is a work of art.
More YoruSoi Please chapter 4 . 3/21
"no blush, no crush, and no worship"
I freakin' love this. It's such a breath of fresh air in the midst of so many fics that are all about that. And still you managed to keep it in character for both of them. Props for that.

PS: I love me some blushing mumbling Sui as much as the next person, but it's a nice change

Oh and I should probably say that I really love your writing skills :p
Soi Yo chapter 27 . 1/30
fifteen minutes published what I was reading, I must say that it looked like something incredulous ... but in a nice way I can feel satsfecha that it was a good story, cool, rugged, tender and the end has left a satisfaction that the actors walked and long way to be together and in love.
Now I can say that I have nothing to wait on weekends, but the rest.

Thanks for writing, by the effort to come to an end ... not all do after a while.
I hope no taste goes by this couple and especially to follow giving stories.

Take care and thanks.
I happy to read you.
last white feather chapter 27 . 1/30
A shout out? Pour moi? Awww *glomps* Really, this was such a great and entertaining story, I looked forward to every chapter. It's easy to see you put a lot of work into this :) Great job!
RPX chapter 27 . 1/30
This was lovely start to finish. You kept things fresh, and the pace was on spot! Absolutely wonderful work. Thank you for your hard work :) Mad kudos.
aiXcon chapter 27 . 1/30
Can't help but get emotional that my favorite story has finally ended but thank you for the awesome finale..
FongShihouin chapter 27 . 1/29
Keep going with ur stories, it's good to have some Yorusoi alive
Zivyx chapter 27 . 1/29
I feel so special :)
Sciani chapter 27 . 1/29
That was a great ending to an amazing fic
ays102 chapter 27 . 1/29
and so thats it. that was a great story. im glad i stuck to the it was a great story and i hope u make more
Lazy Penman chapter 27 . 1/28
Im so very happy you decided to revisit this after such a long break. These past few weeks has seen a rebirth of my love for this pairing, so thanks for the memories. You wrote a lovely story. - LP
Zivyx chapter 26 . 1/26
Almost to the end. Can't wait!
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