Reviews for Mad World
Sephiroth'sGhost chapter 1 . 9/18
Can I just say that I adore your disclaimer? ~~ Hojo sends creeping shivers into every part of Gaia that he's even thought about...
Guest chapter 4 . 7/25
faunalind chapter 3 . 6/28/2015
Hi, I'm re-reading this from years ago. The first time through I completely missed the Biggs reference!
AI chapter 39 . 5/18/2015
100% applause in Sephiroths analysis of the meaning of family. A.
AI chapter 22 . 5/18/2015
Aspect reintegration scene was So So good. I didn't even think about poor C but it makes perfect sense that he would have the wings and he is the aspect with poor self esteem and guilt issues. And, of course, the photograph.
AI chapter 19 . 5/18/2015
I can't express how wonderful this fic is. I love the little mind-homes as shelter from the lifestream. I love that Zacks was so dark because of the time under Hojo. I love splintered Cloud and each aspect's unique personalities. And the affectionate interaction between the three protagonists is gold. Love Clouds cute wings!
Guest chapter 14 . 3/23/2015
I recognized Monty Python, The Prisoner, The Twilight Zone, Alice in Wonderland, a disco, and Nightmare on Elm Street.
Morgan K'Treva chapter 57 . 3/20/2015
You did a good job with this.
Guest chapter 23 . 11/19/2014
I like the theory that the reasons Vincent hides in his collar/scarf are often either to hide from smells that are extra-unpleasant to enhanced senses or to hide a blush, because Chaos is a lech and Vincent is bit prudish in comparison. XD For all we can see (in-game) he might be hiding a blush quite often!
Guest chapter 5 . 11/19/2014

Yep, Reno gets the same warning as Zack. He speaks, therefore there is cursing. *giggles*
Guest chapter 4 . 11/19/2014
I like that 'Warning'! XD I think Reno tends to get a similar one too. XD
Neleothesze chapter 57 . 8/5/2014
Reading this took a huge chunk of time over more than 3 weeks but it was an amazing story. I'm really glad to have found it. It made me see many characters in a different light.
Magyk Knight chapter 52 . 4/4/2014
Since Chaos first made his presence known I have been trying to decide whether I want to hug him or deck him... I still haven't decided.
Angelwrath chapter 47 . 1/21/2014
I last. (Claps franticly) yeah some het sex whoopie!
Love Zack's direct mind to mouth thing. Friggin riot.
And what's this stuff about Reno?!
Angelwrath chapter 40 . 1/20/2014
Hello Etrixan Having fun immersing in this Au thusfar. I have a soft spot for my man Angeal...becaume a little misty as he was attending to Cloud...
Liked the psychological rescue of Cloud. nice metaphors of fragmenting . multiple personality to protect the whole person from tremendous trauma and the methods, better than a battalion of psychologists, used to put Cloud back together by seph and Zack. Liking the interactions between all of the characters, especially Vincent and Tifa. Zack as a bat...funny...
Loving the reference to the Advent children Cloud outfit. Sexiest outfit EVER!
Oooh and Chaos is oh so wicked...I like him... Will continue!
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