Reviews for Better Off Dead
Bastet Goddess chapter 14 . 1/3/2012
Ooooooohhh! I loved this! SookieXBill forever! I'm so happy you made her a vampire.
allbookedup chapter 14 . 5/21/2011
Super story and even excellent spelling and sentence structure and grammar!
allbookedup chapter 13 . 5/21/2011
This is not at the appropriate chapter but I wanted to say..terrible about Niall's forced delivery and abduction of Sookie's baby.

And...Sam firing! Sookie?

Lovely scene with Bill and all the roses and a ring to follow-up!
allbookedup chapter 9 . 5/21/2011
Enjoying your story immensely...thanks.
allbookedup chapter 4 . 5/21/2011
Thank you for reuniting Bill and Sookie!
Jazminblu chapter 14 . 10/31/2010
I hope there is more!...WOW nice story
BillFan45 chapter 14 . 8/6/2010
I love the fact that Sookie has become a psychologist and has earned a reputation in her field. I love the way you have made her character grow: she sure is different from that immature young woman who fell in love with the tall, dark, handsome vamapire.

I just love the way you have them playing and teasing each other. That makes for a long lasting relationship.

I am so glad that I re-read this fic and will read yournext one too.
BillFan45 chapter 12 . 8/6/2010
I just love the interplay between Sookie and Bill. Your story is so loving and real. I like it a lot.
BillFan45 chapter 9 . 8/6/2010
Great chapter. I like that you give lots of details.

I sure hope that since they were in love before she was turned that they will be able to stay together. QSA had a special vampire gift that allowed her to keep her children with her, I hope Bill has the same.
BillFan45 chapter 7 . 8/6/2010
I love Bill being maker, lover and teacher.

I just love the way that Sookie and Bill play and tease each other. Bill sure does need to lighten up, and she seems to be helping him do that.

Your sex scenes are intense. Very, very hot.
BillFan45 chapter 4 . 8/6/2010
Good chapter. I always thought that Bill always had a bond with Sookie, even after she bonded with Eric. Feeling the blood bond growing between Sookie and Eric must have been devastating to him.
BillFan45 chapter 2 . 8/6/2010
I love that he made her vampire, but love even more that she wanted him to do it.

All I can say is wow! Chapter 1 was tenderness and love; this one is a burning forest fire of lust and love.
shadowkissed586 chapter 14 . 7/17/2010
OMG please update soon!
Lady Sibyl chapter 14 . 7/1/2010
Yet another wonderful opening line! Well, Sookie's never been one for conformity, always dancing to the beat of her own proverbial drummer, and since meeting Bill—and other supernatural beings—nothing about Sookie's human life "followed expected paths", and why shouldn't her vampire life be the same?

Sookie as a psychologist is perfect! She's friendly and empathetic and an excellent listener.

"Pam was actually in treatment with me for a few months when a woman she'd turned got staked in the supe war of 2015." I know on the show Pam is acerbic and sarcastic but she's also rather awesome so I ached for her when I read that.

"I'd had to abandon one large hope: that of finding my daughter, stolen from me before I ever saw her face." I ached for Sookie when I read that.

I love all the lines about staying faithful and reuniting. I like the detail of Sookie confusing hunger and feels real and true, plus it fits nicely with her earlier comments of how she was "maybe even a little in love with" her first live donor and also how when she feeds live she "senses an urge…to talk" to her donors. "So as tricky as it is to stay faithful to each other over the days he's gone...the reunions are fucking fabulous. Literally." For some reason that "literally" made me smile. It seems true: take two feral, passionate creatures, separate them for any length of time, then reunite them. What's the first thing they're going to do? Be feral and passionate.

I like the detail about the different types of vampires "exactly like their fellow humans". I agree with Sookie: there are as many types of vampires as there are people.

I love the detail about Sam agreeing to be best man. That feels very real and true, the kind of thing Bill would ask and the kind of thing Sam would do.

I love the line describing Bill as Sookie's " friend...husband", first because it's a wonderful line and second because it connects him even more firmly to Gran, specifically Sookie's description of her as "parent, teacher, counselor, friend." Bill is home just as Gran is home, and both love Sookie as she is.

I like the line about how even though Bill and Sookie are soul mates, crazily-happily-stupidly-in-love, that does not preclude them from, to use your phrasing, "[driving] each other nuts." That's an important detail. Yes, they are soul mates, and yes, they share thoughts and emotions and blood but love, even epic love, is not perfect. There will still be disagreements and misunderstandings and arguments. However-and I love the way you describe this-to use your phrasing, "But because we can read each other so perfectly, we rarely get to the point of fury. And when we do, I’ll tear a tree out of the ground and Bill will flip over a car and we’ll fuck until we can’t walk." So love can be perfect and then imperfect and then work its way back to perfect again.

I don't suppose Bill will ever stop being jealous. As you said earlier, "vampires wrote the book on possessiveness."

I love the detail of Sookie pointing out that even though Bill is older than her, she is more knowledgeable. I love how she just looks at him through narrowed eyes, practically daring him to say he’s not jealous, but he does, and that makes her mad.

I like the detail of how Bill is stronger than Sookie (and probably always will be) but he "never showed [her] his true strength, especially directed at [her]." Yes, he will happily use other vampires as wrecking balls but Sookie trusts him "to never do that shit with me." He will be the gentleman-the gentle man-she knows instead of the wild thing he knows he can be. Which is why he allows her to grab him and bite him and pull and pull and pull at the wound. And, since feeding and lovemaking are invariably linked, it is no surprise that instead of escaping, Bill starts growling from somewhere deep in his chest, most definitely aroused and "ready for something more." But Sookie, perhaps to punish him or perhaps to tease him, continues to suckle the wound until Bill fears she will drain him and so he quickly makes them one, and their mating is savage and primal and she is emptying him while he is emptying her and then, suddenly, with a great cry, they fill each other. And out of the savagery comes sweetness as they cuddle and nuzzle and lick their wounds.

I admit to clapping and giggling insanely at the last few lines because they are perfectly in character, Bill and Sookie are together and they are so, so in love, they are sweet and endearing and full of sheer contentment and utter playfulness and quiet peace and easy intimacy and promises of wonderful nights ahead:

"'No more soccer players?' Bill whispered in my ear.

'Oh, I'll still play...with you,' I murmured back. Then I flipped my foot back and kicked him.

But not very hard."
Lady Sibyl chapter 13 . 6/7/2010
"Seems there might be things to love about a computer geek, workaholic boyfriend after all." That line made me smile. It’s a very realistic thing to say...All hail the computer geeks! And it is so very Bill to offer to take care of the forms.

I'm not sure if you did it intentionally, but I like the way you echo yourself here. I like how events have come figuratively full-circle here. Sookie's story began in the graveyard and now it almost ends in the graveyard. In the beginning, Sookie felt "heavy and sad", and now, even though at first she feels "rosy with blood and happier than [she'd] felt in months" that soon changes to "feeling lower than dirt."

I like the detail of how she leans against Gran's gravestone. Not only is it a realistic thing to do, but it is also a very Sookie thing to do—when she feels depressed or overwhelmed, what better cure than to sit by the marker of someone who was "parent, teacher, counselor, and friend"? I also like it because it is something physical she can touch and feel connected to Gran, and because it echoes something she says to Bill in Chapter 2: "Some days, when I missed our love, I would sit by your gravestone. It made me feel closer to you." Though Gran (and in that instance, Bill) is gone, there is still something left, something to hold and remember and love.

I love the flow of this line: "The night was calm and close, and there was a buzz of cicadas up in the old trees."

I love the details of Sookie's musings about whether her turning has affected her emotions. I love these lines: "When I was human, I had certainly been aware—and infuriated sometimes—by a general lack of caring in vamps. Maybe if I had hundreds of years of thoughts and feelings accumulated, I'd start closing myself off from others too. Maybe vamps stayed so aloof because time made it easier to be hurt, rather than harder." That sounds very true...if you live forever, you have forever to have your heart broken or your feelings hurt, watching people die around you while you remain, stuck like a rock in a stream.

I like the details about how now that Sookie is vampire too, Bill has been talking a lot more, "although it was pretty obvious that I was the chatty one in our relationship."

I love how you encapsulate everything Sookie's gone through in a single paragraph: "My mind drifted back through the past couple of years...It was all so strange. It had only been a few years since humans had to accept the presence of vampires among them, and now I was one too." I ached for Sookie, reading of all she had lost or seen changed (in Jason's case, literally), but then cheered a little when I read the last few lines because they seemed hopeful—she has learned that her telepathy is blessing, not just bane, and now that she is no longer human, she has Bill, wholly and soully.

I love the term "relationship divorce." Do you mind very much if I borrow it and use it with wild abandon in my daily life?

I love Sookie's analysis of her vampire self: "I can't say I was enjoying the hunting, but definitely liked the blood." I also love the line that comes after that: "And I was sensing an urge…to talk with my victims, and I also sensed that would be a mistake."

I love the image of the room full of roses: in vases, along the walls, even petals strewn along the carpets. I particularly like the flow of the line "Dark pink roses were woven in and around the sconces." A very beautiful, vivid image. The whole paragraph is like a photograph, or a movie scene; I close my eyes and smell all those roses, see them artfully scattered around the house in great bursts of color.

I also love the line "In the midst of it all, gleaming faintly in the candlelight, stood my vampire." Another wonderful image.

I love Bill's first action and line. "Bill pressed his mouth against my hair and moved his face down to rub along my long golden plaits...'You are intoxicating,' Bill murmured into my neck." Wow. I shivered with delight when I read that.

I also love Sookie's reaction. It seems very real, how she is overwhelmed by Bill's gesture, amazed and touched and nervous. In re-reading the scene, it almost seemed like an echo of the first chapter, the bit where Bill suggests turning her and she feels overwhelmed by the myriad emotions: "surprise and fright and white-hot desire" all tumbling together like the stones in a kaleidoscope.

I love Sookie's line about how Bill's rush of love is just blood-deep: "That's just the fresh blood in me speaking to you" and Bill's response is even more love: Sookie and only Sookie intoxicates him. That's an excellent, important detail. These are vampires and traditionally, practically everything concerning vampires concerns blood, even emotions. But—as Bill points out, not just here but in other chapters—some things (emotions, people, whatever) actually surpass blood-bonds: "He grabbed my gaze...telling me through that blood that it was me and me alone who dazzled him, and I felt his look down to my toes." It has nothing to do with blood. It has to do with her. I'm suddenly reminded of a line from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Maggie the Cat says to her husband Brick: "I can't see any man but you. With my eyes closed, I just see you." Bill can't see any woman but Sookie. With his eyes closed, Bill just sees Sookie.

I love the flow of the phrase "to hide my delight and confusion."

I love the image of Bill's "long, pale fingers" gently caressing the yellow roses.

I love how you echo yourself with Bill's attraction mannerism; the description you have here ("Bill...looked into my eyes. His own dark brown eyes moved down to my mouth and his lips parted ever so slightly—my fangs rang out a bit at that—then returned to lock onto my eyes again.") echoes the description in chapter 11 ("his eyes went to my mouth and his lips parted ever so slightly, then his eyes returned to mine—this was a look guaranteed to make me want him, and now it seemed equally guaranteed to run out my fangs.")

I love love love the detail about the language of flowers, first because I love the whole idea of it and second because it's a very strong, very true detail: it makes sense that Bill would know about it, him being a hopeless romantic as well as a true Southern gentleman.

Sookie really does bring out the best in Bill. The room full of roses is one of the best ideas he's ever had.

Wow. OK, correction: the room full of roses and his getting down on one knee while presenting her with a lovely old-fashioned ring and a simple proposal of marriage is one of the best ideas he's ever had.

(I'm convinced that if he'd gotten down on one knee in the show, Sookie would have accepted his proposal right away instead of all that whinging and dithering. But maybe that's just me. I mean, come on, Bill, you're old-fashioned; propose in the old-fashioned way, on bended knee. And yes, I realize that technically his knees have to bend in order to sit down but that's just semantics. :) )

"I love you...There are not enough flowers in the world to deliver that message to you. But I wanted to try." Those are some of the most beautiful lines I have ever read. They are perfect. And Sookie's reply is perfect: "You don't have to try. I get it. And we have all of time to keep showing each other."

And then Bill takes out the little blue box...


I love the description of the diamond "magnificent…in an old fashioned, almost Victorian setting".

I love Bill's declaration: he doesn't know what the future holds; he suspects adventure and danger (I chuckled when I read that; Sookie does indeed seem to be a figurative danger magnet), but "All I know is that I want you with me for all time." Another wonderfully perfect line. It reminds me of his line in the first chapter: "if I survive to be a thousand, there will be no other but you." And also: "I want to be a part of you. I want you to be a part of me. I never want to be without you ever again."

It reminds me of a lyric by Gavin Rossdale: "I shut the world away from here/Drift to you; you’re all I hear." It's Sookie. It's always been Sookie...even when he was with Selah.

I love the flow of "For a long moment, I looked at Bill through the pink haze of my vampire tears." That's an excellent, vivid image.

I love the flow of "I covered his face with kisses, and lying there on top of him, while he tightened his arms around me, I held the diamond up to watch it sparkle in the candlelight."

I love the last few lines: Sookie quietly double-checking to make sure she's not dreaming, and Bill just as quietly reassuring her (and I love the simplicity of the checking-and-reassuring lines), and Sookie accepting with what is probably a stupid-in-love crazy-happy smile and the two of them laughing like fools and kissing till sunrise.
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