Reviews for Nuku Nuku and The Storm
Martin III chapter 1 . 9/9/2009
Heh, judging by his comments, I guess Ghost in the Machine hadn't yet seen the Nuku Nuku TV series. Much as I prefer the original OVA series myself, and wish that there were more fics for it, there's no denying that the TV incarnation of Akiko is indeed very "domestic" and the TV incarnation of Ryunosuke is indeed icy and cynical.

In fact, my main complaint with this story is that it hugs too closely to the source material. This story is altogether too similar to the Alligator episode of the TV series; it really doesn't present anything that that episode didn't.

On the plus side, the quality of the writing is good, well-paced and not overdone. Nuku Nuku's bits of absent-mindedness don't succeed in being funny, but the sentimentality of the story works, not choking on cheesiness or what-not. And it's nice to read a little story that's just about Ryunosuke snuggling with Nuku Nuku for comfort and protection. Like I said, this piece isn't terribly fresh, but at least it's suitably cute.

Kind of funny that at 2,463 words, this is still the longest Nuku Nuku fan fiction yet written. Hope that we'll see some longer ones in the future.
Ghost in the Machine chapter 1 . 11/24/2008
This would feel a lot more like a Nuku-Nuku story without the 'Mr.' in front of Ryunosuke's name. While it might be technically correct, it just looks weird.

The reference to Ryu's mom also feels out of place because if there is one thing she's not, it's 'domestic'. (At least not in any version I'm familiar with.)

Overall, try to make it more of a Nuku-Nuku story and not just a variation on someone else's theme.