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Guest chapter 2 . 7/3/2012
Can my oc join pleeease if so her name is aria she has black brown hair bright green eyes and black and white angel wings she wears a long black trench coat to cover her wings black skinny jeans and a black tank top. She also knows pit

- fallen angel
muffinz chapter 1 . 1/10/2011
(this one is weird) i think, anyway, i'm a fan of link and zelda and pit and toon link and for some reason, ganondork, anyway you should make link(teen) eat a bunch of food and ride on a roller coaster. ( i've tried it before and let me tell you, i did not make it to teh trash nor da restroom) (shivers) anyway please consider it!( sister is behind me and has a rock ) o_o ( a big rock )

mark chapter 1 . 6/10/2009
sorry my previous review went weird:

i dare pit to make love with the metroid assist trophy

i dare rob to do the robot while plugged into a

ten million wat line

i dare kirby to inhale crazy hand
mark chapter 2 . 6/9/2009
i dare pit to make love with the meroid assist trophy

i dare rob to do the robot while plugged into a 10 wat line

i dare kirby to inhale crazy hand
SamPD chapter 3 . 4/13/2009
I'm back... On my DSI! MHAHAHAHA!

Ok then on with the dares. For Pikachu oh by the way Pit fan, you can't read this or anybody else except Pikachu. Anyway Pikachu I dare you to break Pit Fans DSI and leave a note that Bowser did it. This message will selfdestruct in 5 seconds. For Mewtwo I dare you to challenge Fox and see who will win. Well that ends it.
Ramen-The-Bull chapter 3 . 3/28/2009
I dare Bella to marry Jacob, instead of Edward! MUWHAHAHAHA!

I dare Pokemon Trainer to release all of his pokemon!

I dare Mario to throw toilet paper all over Peach's castle!

I dare the Ice Climbers to hit Dedede over and over again with his own hammer!

I dare Samus to destroy her Power Suit once and for all!
Tnelson711 chapter 3 . 2/19/2009
For Mewtwo: Let him know that he's not in Brawl, and Lucario is a big candidate for the next SSB game, provided that there is one, see where that goes.

For Mr. Game and Watch: Have his mother, Mama Game and Watch, embarrass him.

For Pikachu: Have a random female hug hum tightly.
SamPD chapter 3 . 2/15/2009
Well nothing new to report exepcpt I now have an account.
Sam PD chapter 3 . 2/10/2009
Oh PIT FAN! Oh wherever yo are. I got some dares for you! Why don't you update? Hm? I am a loyal fan to this show. But why did you stop? Maybe the disturbing reviews? Or your other storys need attention... WELL STOP RIGHT WHAT YOUR DOING AS OF NOW I'M YOUR COMMANDING OFFICER AND YOU WILL OBEY MY EVERY DIRECT ORDER! IS THAT UNDERSTOOD? ( A cowardly Pit Fan Says Yes Sir!) GOOD! I bellowed. NOW MOVE IT I WANT THESE DARES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Written on Feb-9-2009 12:48 AM WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! GET A MOVE ON!
Sam PD chapter 3 . 1/18/2009
Chef Colette


ch 2, Great chapter!

For Ike:I dare him to bring in Soren and give him a smash ball(So we can see what his Final Smash would be.)

For Fox:Bring in Krystal and also give her a Smash Ball.(same as Soren.)

Keep up the great work!




Ok first dares:

3d: race bowser and wario.


Link: Switch bodies with Vaati for untill chapt. 5 (if we go that far) U find y at end of reveiw.

Samus: insult Ridley untill he gives up and goes to Alaska.

ice climbers *runs to closet so 3d doesn't hear*: STEAL HIS HAMMER.

And Author: LET ME BE DARED! Yes I am probably very insane BUT I HAVE A REASON!

*Vaati shows up*

*makes out with him* (heart) I FRICKIN LOVE YOU_TURN THAT CAMERA OFF!

Silver Horror


ch 2, I dare Dedede go crazy in the nude... to annoy the smashers for 6 months

I dare Pit to sing the "Poke rap" in front of countless Pokemon fans!

I dare Sonic play the violin in front of Zelda and confess his love to her...

I dare the Ice Climber to switch places with Gemini Spark (Megaman Star Force)...

I dare Dedede to kiss the Pokemon Trainer... while singing "Shake it" by Metro Station...

sorry for disturbing you, wish to join you, but nervous... sorry



ch 1, Well, first of all Can I join the story. Dare stories do that a lot. If so I just look like a regular boy but with imense magical powers and angel wings( I need a life) ( To put it one way, to make sure the smashers agree). By the way I dare

-Pit to tell everybody in a large speech once and for all that he is NOT gay! ( Albeit, he's terrified of crowds)

-For Samus to act girly

-For Sonic to have physical restrainers put on him so he becomes slower than a turtle.

-For Pit Fan to add me, Dark Magician, the Ranma 1/2 cast. Hope for More!

Invader Aqua


ch 1, Okay, Pit needs to confess his true feelings for his goddess... I mean, you don't just save someone from Hell and then "just be friends"! C'MON, PIT! BE A MAN!



ch 1, Hehe, I suck at coming up with good dares, but I cant wait to see ow this turns out! Update soon plz :)

Super Saiyan Crash


ch 1, OK, so I get to dare some characters huh? OK. I got 4.

I dare Link and Mario to switch roles for one day.

I dare Lucario to kiss Pikachu.

I dare Bowser to act girly around Ganondorf.

And I dare Toon Link enter Luigi's Mansion.

That's all. Update soon.

Twilit Metroid


ch 1, Interesting idea. As for dares, let's go with:

I dare Samus to avoid physically assaulting Falcon for 24 hours (mental scarring is fine, however).

I dare DeDeDe to stop sacrificing waddle dees in order to solve problems.



ch 1, Hm... this looks very interesting. I've got a few dares... *evil laugh*

I dare Meta Knight to drink 20 containers of 20 gallon vodka in 20 minutes.

I dare Kirby to throw eggs at Dedede. For an hour.

I dare Dedede to dress up like Peach for a day.

I dare Jigglypuff to... to... to... um... steal Meta Knight's mask. Yeah, that's it.

That's all for now...



ch 1, OI!


Make Fox and Wolf stay in a closet with each other for 30 the door, and you decide what happens, mate.

Silver Horror


ch 1, I dare Dedede to switch places with Samus for three days!

These are the orginal reviews that started it all.
ProbablyNotKim chapter 2 . 1/2/2009
Will you ave my OC join in? His name is Hiaru, he's from LoZ. He has a crush on Saria,he is sorta tall, he has black hair, brown eyes, and has a sword called Muramasa, Blade of Angels. Alright, time for the dares! *smiles evilly*

Dare 1: Bowser and Peach date each other!

Dare 2: Let me come in and torture someone, anybody but Link, Pit, or Toonie. They are my three favorite Brawl characters. Besides, Pit and Link are awesome!

Dare 3: Have Pit do whatever he likes to his most hated enemy, but it has to be absouluetly horrible.

Dare 4: Have Artix from AQ come in, and make his think everyone but Link(regluar) and Pit. (He has a sword, and loves to slay the undead. Any questions?)

Dare 5: Have Bowser say he was cheating on Peach, and was using her to get Zelda. See what this does to Link, Bowser, Mario, Peach, and Zelda!
PeridotSwan chapter 3 . 12/22/2008
Lazy today...XD

Let's see...I dare Ike to kiss Flo...then, Flo can whack him with whatever item she wants (..unless she doesn't want to...o_0').(happened once before. Flo whacked him with Peach's frying pan. Was quite funny actually.)

I dare Meta Knight to AT LEAST try to sing ''Blaze'' from Tsubasa Chronicles.

Lastly, I dare the Smashers, Cullens, guest and whoever else to all sing the song ''Very First Christmas to Me'' from the Spongebob Christmas special. Pit Fan, you don't have to participate.

Oh yea...can Lugia come in for one chapter?
Sam PD chapter 3 . 12/10/2008
Addional DARES from me! Here's the scoop. I dare Kirby, King Dedea- ER 3D, and Yoshi to eat properly For a month. I haven't heard Pikachu annoying for the chapters. If you diden't want it, too bad cause I'm increasing the Dare to 5 months. The same rules still apply to it and I'm adding a Ditto who love's ROMANCE! Oh and on second thought They will stay with you for all the dare's avalible. They can be dared unless I Don't want them to. Oh and I still want join as a Latios. And Ganondork Has another dare. I dare him to be and Links body and Links in Ganondorks and I want them to find out how hard it is and joyfull to be in each others boots. I Dare Jigglypuff to NOT SCRIBLE On people's faces if they fall asleep for a month. If she completes it She can become Giga Puff any time she wants. MHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...
CrazyAcorn chapter 3 . 12/7/2008
I, CrazyAcorn123, dare PitFan and Pit to make out during the rest of the next chapter! (Honestly, I should be Cupid!)

I also dare Lucario, MetaKnight, Ganondorf, Snake and Wario to form a boyband and sing 'Hey Juliet'. If you don't know what that song is, then search it on YouTube!

Love you, Sonic!

Love and Kisses from CrazyAcorn123

(can I be in the story too...? pwetty pwetty pweease?)
Ketchum Kid chapter 3 . 12/4/2008
Wow! You have one sucessful story here! Though I don't know how you're going to fit them all at the current chapter length.

All of my dares I posted after chapter two are still valid, in addition to:

1: Despite not being an author (yet), I have made several OCs for others, most notably TK/Battonage from Quest to Capture the Shadow Pokemon. Can he join the Brawl/help you out with dares/accept dares? (His bio is in my two chapter 30 reviews)

2: Red to ask Zelda on a date...that involves some stupid fact about Pokemon.

3: Kirby to raid every McDonalds in the world.

4: Everyone to Pokemon Coliseum's Vs Miror B.! theme, with Miror B. himself! (Let the music play!)

5: Boswer, Wario, and Ganondorf to watch Pokemon...all 600 or so episodes, specials, and movies of it.

That's all for now. Hope to see my dares in the next chapter!
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