Reviews for Never To Late
TJ Sparkles chapter 1 . 11/11/2008
Liv :D

I have never read a Londrick fic before...and that's unfortunate, because I loved this! I'll be honest, I always kinda liked Paul more than Brian, and I'm sad that they released him. The Brian Kendrick's dance moves do make me laugh every Friday night, though. But that jacket HAS to go. It's really tacky and ugly.

It's sad that Brian got caught up in the fame and that his ego caused him and Paul to break up, because they were such a good team and they really loved each other. Stupid Zeke...he freaks me out. He NEVER smiles and his forehead has this huge wrinkle in the middle.

So adorable. The image of Brian in a pair of fuzzy sweats was cute! I'm so glad they got back together...

Great job!