Reviews for Breaking Dawn the Musical
xEmmaxSophiex chapter 5 . 12/18/2009

it's really funny!



Lulu Lollipop chapter 4 . 3/4/2009
i would love 2 adopt the story if u would be my betta reader?
pearberry14 chapter 3 . 11/24/2008
Trina Mason chapter 2 . 11/14/2008
I enjoyed that WAY better. Thanks for the URL to the song. I'm a big silly songs fan, and I've heard the song before, but I wouldn't have been able to conjure it up in my head alone.
pearberry14 chapter 2 . 11/13/2008
ha! singing!
KCCullen722 chapter 2 . 11/13/2008
still laughting...
Lulu Lollipop chapter 2 . 11/13/2008
ohh funny
Guest chapter 2 . 11/13/2008
I like it, but can you make the chapters longer? maybe explain what bella is seeing, where she is, the backstory, etc. i know what is going on due to your summary, but if i hadn't read it, i probably wouldn't understand at all. i also agree with the other person, music would be nice! i know that is hard for us who aren't composers, (i can't compose a note to save my life, so if you can't, i wont be mad) but it might add a bit more depth. funny concept, though! keep it up, can't wait to read more.

Trina Mason chapter 1 . 11/12/2008
I think it would be better if I had a song in my head to go with it...something silly like Bohemian Rapsody by Queen.