Reviews for Ultimate SpiderWoman: Change With the Light
T-1000000 chapter 82 . 7/18
About time somebody stood up to Louise. Though I wonder why Randy didn't want to tell her that it was about a mutant. Wouldn't Louise be able to relate to something like that?

Did you intentionally not put the word "criticism" in quotation marks? Still, you prove how distant Verys' way of thinking is from that of other people when he kills somebody just because he doesn't like their style. At the same time, it looks like Verys will become pitiable, as his condition begins to turn him into a monster even he doesn't want to come back.

Can't wait for the next issue!
Uncle Yetibacca chapter 82 . 7/14
At least everthing remains in good shape between MJ and Randy. I'm happy for that.
TheGunmaster chapter 81 . 6/30
Such a great chapter. This hit me right in the feels. So good.
T-1000000 chapter 81 . 6/27
Just to correct you-Hellner, Armando's boss, is the one who used to work for the SCP Foundation. Trey Gardner is the asshole sports writer who bullies Armando.

Why would anyone like April Reese? Was she a hooker? Otherwise, I would see no reason to like a hipster. Though I do have the feeling that something Blizzard does will result in Tendril's creation...

Don't forget to also review the latest issues of TP and Guardian! The next issue of SM will be coming tomorrow.
Nimbus Llewelyn chapter 81 . 6/26
Good. Very good indeed...
T-1000000 chapter 80 . 6/23
Tendril...I wonder why he never became big as a Spidey villain. He reminds me of Carnage a tad bit, actually. In fact, here, he seems to be similar to Psyko concerning his childhood and interests. Interested as to how you will handle Verys' transformation into a half spider-bacteria thing.

Forget not the recent issues of Slender Man, The Pocket, and Guardian.
Guest chapter 80 . 5/18
Nice :)
alex 988 chapter 80 . 5/18
Great chapter !
Nimbus Llewelyn chapter 80 . 5/18
Fascinating as ever. Poor old Nate. No matter, the universe, he can never catch a break.
Radio Driver chapter 79 . 4/24
Good goin, Jared. Keep on keepin on.
T-1000000 chapter 79 . 4/11
I have the feeling that Caesar had hired Styx and Stone to murder April because of her inability to work with him. Of course, I'm not too sad at all that Reese is dead. Can't imagine anyone would mourn that hipster.

I feel that Nathaniel and Mary Jane's meeting will anger Randy, which would make him go to his mom and dad telling them that Mary Jane cheated on him, which would create a self-fulfilling prophecy...

Guardian's zeroth and first issues are published, and the latest issue of Slender Man has already been released.
Mega DMX chapter 79 . 4/10
nice :)
spanky1988.awj chapter 79 . 4/10
Great chapter wonderful story featuring the uncanny xmen!
Nimbus Llewelyn chapter 79 . 4/10
Ah, and here Nate is. I'm liking it, and I see the theme you're running with here - perhaps it's a little overdone with Nate... though that looked somewhat purposeful, from a writing perspective. His powers flaring up, as you mentioned, and the human brain translating that as sexually attractive?

Anyhow, you seem to have caught Nate's loner tendencies rather nicely. Well done, and as ever, I look forward to more.
Nimbus Llewelyn chapter 78 . 2/23
Excellent as ever, and I'm very much looking forward to the introduction of Nate Grey. As a wise man once said, let the good times roll... :)
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