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fairyninjaM4 chapter 68 . 2/24
Its very hard to express how impressed I am with this story, not only have I read a TON of stories through out many diffrent anime, book series and movies but I also tend to read several diffrent pairings for each one. Kakashi/Sakura isnt my OTP but it's up there so ive read a few( im extreamly picky , ill drop a story so fast if its poorly written or just ridiculous) so when i came across this was i was excited because Id somehow missed it, WhooHoo a new story to read! As i read each chapter your story evolved with each new detail to the plot, you felt for the characters with each internal struggle; every new detail about there lives and how it affected the people around them brought you deeper into the very vivid world you created. You relay emotions fantastically, minoto and kakashis moment in the garden, omg you had me blubbering, i felt their hurt and the healing it was beautiful. Im not sure if this is something you plan to do with your life, creating an original for publishing one day but if you do, I hope I get the opportunity the read it. You obviously worked hard on this story and i think thats pretty clear to anyone whos read even a few chapters of Sinch in Time, please contine writing. Thank you for the story. Me
Namikaze-Hime chapter 11 . 2/2
I might but that'd just be for fun XD
Namikaze-Hime chapter 12 . 2/1
I might but that'd just be for fun XD
Guest chapter 68 . 12/5/2016
This was an awesome story but I feel bad for that ass Sasuke... okay he's not an ass in this story but still...
sweetysm chapter 48 . 10/26/2016
huff, this story is depressing and longwinded. Seriously, all the secrets are unnecessary and I get annoyed at Sakura being another person than herself - seriously, he loves her, she should just reveal herself and end all his misery instead of trying to make him fall out of love with her and in love with her - she is the exact same person! t.t
ZatannaZatara06 chapter 68 . 10/11/2016
I can't believe I just found this! But I am happy I did. This was heartbreaking and brilliant from start to finish!

All the kudos to you!
precious889.pretty chapter 68 . 10/10/2016
OMG your story made me cry
But! It's a very good story. I love it!
Guest chapter 59 . 4/29/2016
I wonder what would've happened if Kakashi had ended up crippling Sakura's brain forever.
Guest chapter 34 . 4/25/2016
When that flashback came with Minato pulling Kaka out of ANBU, I thought he was gonna say, "I've brought Yamanaka Inoichi in. He'll remove your memories. I'm sorry Kakashi but I can't bear to see you like this. It's for your own good."

VanillaMilkshake18 chapter 2 . 4/24/2016
Omg I just imagined Sakura teasing the lot of them when they got back and being all "Naruto! Oh you've grown! And Sai you've styled your hair into...a duck's ass...and you've gotten so tanned! And Kakashi-sensei! You developed those lines like Jiraiya! You look so old now! Not covering your face either, eh? Kakashi-sensei from 6 years ago?"

Explanation: Naruto is always recognisable. Sasuke changed and she 'mistook' him for Sai. She 'thought' Kakashi was Jiraiya and anime characters never age unless purposefully so Kakashi still looks the same!

Gods they'd be so offended! XD
Crystal Midnight Rose chapter 68 . 4/17/2016
INCREDIBLE, just spent half the day reading you story! Only stopped to eat, never felt bored or skipped chapters either. I Love your story so much I could re-read it of I had the time.
OptimusPrimegirl213 chapter 1 . 3/25/2016
Keep up this sweet work loving it
AvidFangirl chapter 68 . 3/23/2016
Overall, I enjoyed it. That being said, I do have a few issues. The most noticable being your characterization of a key character: Sasuke. Although he is supposed to be going through some personality altering events that are divergent of canon (i.e having Kakashi and Naruto throughout his revenge quest, then later on when the future is changed and the massacre never happened.) his personality is majorly ooc. He's way too talkitive and emotive and his interactions with everyone just felt strange especially the banter scene between himself and stalker. I personally felt there was a bit of silliness and friendliness that shouldnt be present. Not to say that he has to be antisocial jerk to meet standards either. He's at best introverted and more about actions speaking louder than words. I've always seen him as the one that is hard to get to really know and be abrasive and a bit egotistic but can be (grudgingly) sweet, and fiercely protective and team 7 accepts him as he is. Furthermore, you kind of just forget about all the other characters in the later chapters and only focus on Sakura and Kakashi.

Secondly, I personally felt post time travel arc of the story was a little dragged out. It was cool to see the journal entries in Kakashis letter book. But I almost feel that the realization on Kakashis part should have come sooner and more like Itachis was. Where she would constantly drop hints subconsiously and it would stir things in his mind of wondering if she could possibly understand the weight of the things she was saying. He's a smart highly experienced shinobi who has probably seen his fair share of the unbelievable in his time, and would put two and two together much faster. Especially, if he were to have seen the ring somewhere on her person after logically denying the possibility but having felt it all the same and even if he couldnt believe it, he could have read her memories. It just felt like drama for the sake of drama when it could have been avoided. The scene when he hands her the ANBU mask I kind of hoped he was testing her to see if she would have any reaction to things that were important to their shared past. But alas that just wasnt the case. I also felt the ending was a little bit rushed.

Third was the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors of which there were quite a few. But that was minor.

I actually really enjoyed this regardless of my few grievances that I have. The story especially in the beginning was great and I really liked the dynamics between Kakashi and Sakura with the flirt scene in the bar and then later on when she constantly surprises him in the past. One of the reasons I like this pairing is the love and respect these two could share laced with heavy doses of banter and innuendo (the latter with adult Kakashi at least). And I think you were able to depict that fairly well. I also liked your depiction of Minato and the scene with Itachi and Lilith was really cute and good for his development. I also liked the cute little fluffy moment between sasuke and sakura at the end when she tells him she knows about the altercation he got into with Kakashi. I really liked the idea of it and the idea that all the extreme hardships that they had been through were not as it was meant to be. I think it was good and an interesting read but I feel like if you were to go back and edit and rewrite here and there it would have the potential to be great.

I want to thank you for putting yourself and your writing out there and sharing it with the world and I hope that my review is contsructive to your future endeavors and not offensive in anyway. I'd be interested to read the sequal eluded to in the little epilogue at the end when Eon approaches Sasuke and see what you had in mind for him.
Guest chapter 7 . 2/28/2016
It's KIA moron
toukarinluv4ever chapter 68 . 1/9/2016
absolutely loved it i wish for a sequel but hey awesome story
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