Reviews for Be Yourself
EClareObsession chapter 1 . 2/18/2009
awwh. that was adorable!
Kat RoadKill chapter 1 . 11/26/2008

I love how you did this.

It is so realistic and deals with real things kids these days have to put up with.

I truly admire Ashley's Boldness towards Michelle. lol I am surprised she didnt do more than just slap her,

Aww Poor John. LOL my siblings do that to me too.

Randy is so when I see him Im gonna think about calling him Oprah ROFL!.

You did and awesome job on this :)

I loved it!

Love ya!

TJ Sparkles chapter 1 . 11/15/2008
This might be quite a long review, twinny. I might even use up all the characters. LOL. But first of all, I loved it. I'm glad you decided to write this and post it, and I'm glad I could help you with it!

High school's cruel. I, for one, hated most of it because of the whole labeling and cliques thing. I just never understood why people made assumptions about you based on who you hung around with, or how you dressed. It also bothered me that the cliques had this belief that they weren't allowed to mix. I was a lot like Ashley in high school-I wore black clothes and listened to punk music, and so I can relate to how she feels.

I hate Michelle. I bet she was exactly like that in high school, the typical Queen Bee and leader of the popular group. She even looks like she was a cheerleader. I can't believe she did that to Ashley. Really, what is the point of bullying someone who's done nothing to you? I think Michelle was jealous that Ashley was comfortable in her own skin, and how she didn't feel like she had to impress people. Ugh. I do not like her.

SO glad that Ashley slapped Michelle. She was acting like a brat, and she got exactly what she deserved. Michelle's so immature and I feel sorry for her because it's sad that she has to bully people to be liked. I bet none of her friends are true friends.

Aw, Randy. I'm glad to see that he wasn't mean to Ashley in this. I mean, he was one of the jocks, but he didn't tease Ashley and I liked that. The only thing that made me a little bit upset is that he wouldn't go stick up for Ashley because he thought that he wasn't "allowed" to. But he's still a good guy.

You know I love Jashley, twinny. I'm glad to see another oneshot featuring these two from you. You're good with both of them! And I liked the flashback, where they met. It was cute, they met while getting ice cream!

This song worked perfectly for two reasons: 1, Ash used it once before in WWE, and 2, this whole oneshot was about Ashley struggling to be herself and not succumb to the peer pressure and labels that her high school had. In the end, being yourself is so much better than faking it to get people to like you. I think Ashley will be just fine.

I loved this, twinny :) I loved it as soon as you told me what it was going to be about! Love you :)