Reviews for A Small Problem
Crystalzap chapter 2 . 12/20/2017
squeeeee, so cute! XD
Charm Caster1127 chapter 2 . 6/18/2017
Awwwwwwwe! *melts into goo* I love this little universe so much!
ScruffydaDruid chapter 2 . 11/28/2016
That's my favourite line of the entire story. My family is looking at me weird for legit laughing for 5 minutes after that line. *slow clap* hats off to you my friend, hats off!
I think I've melted into a puddle of cuteness. *idiotic Merlin grin* Good job!
San chapter 2 . 11/22/2016
I loved this so so so much! Could you please write another chapter?
Cloudfire Of SunClan chapter 2 . 9/18/2015
...If I hadn't been to the doctor and subjected to THAT particular form of sadism today, I would be making a dentist appointment. That was so SWEET!
P.S. Awesome story, they totally should've made this an episode. Also, I feel like I should explain the above randomness. I have a tendency to be overly sarcastic about things. take it as a compliment and keep writing!
ExcaliburStuckInMyStoneHeart chapter 2 . 8/19/2015
too kawaii for me ! *_*
guardianofdragonlore chapter 2 . 1/13/2015
They are so...adorable. I wanted to melt into too.
It's a crazy-kept secret chapter 2 . 7/10/2014
Madkatt chapter 2 . 2/11/2014
Please please write more of this fluffy goodness. I would love to read the one you mentioned the possibility of writing plus many more! I don't care if it ends up rotting my teeth cause they are so sweet!
Fai's smile chapter 2 . 10/14/2013
Ooh damn that was cute and heart-warming. Uther didn't stand a chance.
dreaminreality chapter 2 . 10/6/2013
These are so sweet! I would love to know how they became children and what will happen when they get turned back, assuming they would get turned back. I would love it if you wrote more of these little oneshots :)
MaeDay In Hell chapter 2 . 8/24/2013
PLZ CONTINUE. I DON'T CARE THAT IT SAYS COMPLETE. its just too adorable and cute.
LillySmith chapter 2 . 8/18/2013
umm... MORE
Izzywing chapter 2 . 8/16/2013
"goo on da floor"
EmrysTheMerlin chapter 2 . 8/14/2013
So very cute i died of cute! And im happy about it. In the words of Oliver Twist 'may i have some more please?'
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