Reviews for Blood Brothers
Crimson Flower chapter 1 . 9/22
Hot! Need I say more? Kankgaa, I can't get enough. Incest or not this story was awesome!
Avaron Shikai chapter 1 . 3/23/2014
Tell them... Kankuro!
Gaara is all yours
MisterI'mSoCool chapter 1 . 2/17/2013
Incest? A well written story to me is the same nevertheless, incest or not.
strictlyninja chapter 1 . 9/11/2011
honestly that's pretty sweet. i get incest is a bad thing, but really, this story is too cute. (does that sound bad? _')
Barunka chapter 1 . 8/18/2011
Oh God, that was sadistic, fragile, gorgeous, I'm in awe, I'm mesmerized, I adore Kankuro and his point of view, his rotten self, and Gaara's confusion, and his love, and his fears.. I'm in love with this.
Mantinas chapter 1 . 5/1/2011
You don't understand, Kankuro. I made that face solely because you played with Gaara's frayed emotions, toying with him even now. I could care less that you're related; Kages do it all the time. I just hope you work out your own issues before Suna falls into the camode.

This was a good, insightful piece. They say powerful, and it is for the subject of such incest.
Silentz chapter 1 . 9/17/2010
DAYUM. (Again, notice my lack of anything coherent). This was like a slap in the face (that I liked, of course.) Five-hundred-and-some words where you just sit there, eyes wide, just taking it because you really have no choice and you want to know what's coming anyway. Bloody brilliant.
atomic-oblaat chapter 1 . 6/20/2009
This is just fantastic. I love that this is done in second person, it's not a common fanfiction tool, but it's very effective, especially for conveying your particular message. I love how human these characters are and the fact that is is very accurately what would happen to these people in this situation.

My only complaint would be that this is so short, but I only say that because I'm selfish and want to read more. XP I actually think the length suits this piece quite well. (Although I certainly wouldn't mind a sequel! xD)
Ugawa chapter 1 . 3/27/2009

That was bloody damn brilliant. And I should know. I edit peoples manuscripts before they send them to publishers.
Profound Yaoi chapter 1 . 1/26/2009
Aaw! I love it! So sad... so cute!

Lol, that's telling 'em, Kankuro! ;)

This was written so well. Poor boys... they have it hard in this, don't they?

Awesome job!
xxxitachisloverxxx chapter 1 . 11/24/2008
Great story
Don't intend to cause problems chapter 1 . 11/20/2008

But that is an alternate you, right?
Caliraphy chapter 1 . 11/16/2008
Made me sigh, made me giggle, good write :)