Reviews for Illuminare chapter 1 . 4/18/2011
[it looks like Pelleas is clinging to a light tome in his official art] Really? Seriously? How did I not notice this? Is it really a light tome, not a dark one? . . . I thought he was a dark mage! Now I’ll have to look at the art again . . . brilliant idea, if it really was.

[the white pages spread out like wings of mythical beasts and birds, the writing like veins and feathers over the thin paper], [It was all a lovely nonsense, the flutter of the pages under his fingers. Like wingbeats and lullabies, something so soft and pleasant he couldn’t help but love the sound.] You’ve very poetic in your writing, the descriptions of the tome are lovely . . . shows Pelleas’ awe of it, how much he treasures it.

[Sometimes he couldn’t help but wonder . . . was kindness the sacrifice one had a pay for strength?] Excellent question, and it makes perfect sense for him to ask that.

[He was the weakest, and most valuable player on this board, and he couldn’t join in no matter how much he longed to.] Wow, sweet metaphor there—very true. He must be in anguish.

[when the night was calm he had waking dreams, fantasies of pressing her out of harms way only to take the blade himself. The look on her face would turn from shock to awe. His name would be on her lips, their lives would be bound by the thread of a life saved. But that, was the thing of imaginings alone. In the end he knew that he would be the one to be saved by her, not vice-versa.] He really wants to do something for her in return, doesn’t he? But this is almost unhealthy . . . Does he sense that she will later execute him and free him from the blood pact he made?

[Guilt overtook him. What if this one tome could have been the key to victory? Whati f by him keeping it, he’d damned her to be weaponless on a battlefield? He cursed his selfishness.] Automatically blames himself, the little martyr . . .

[It seemed that he had treasured little more than a dulled sword. He wasn’t sure if he was to feel foolish or ashamed so he settled on a combination of both.] Poor guy . . .

[“Well, um. Yes. I did look through it, though—I couldn’t read the text, but—I shouldn’t have intruded. I’m sorry.” He bowed his head in apology, a far from noble gesture for a king to make.] It’s just like him to confess like that, the poor dear.

[“I’ll teach you sometime.”] Micaiah as the one who taught him magic? Interesting explanation!

[He wondered if it had been an accident at all. Had she been protecting him from afar? Had the leaving of his very book been a clever tactic to keep away the nightmares and sins of the past that were all too willing to manifest upon him?” Hmmm . . . WAS her forgetting it an accident? It’s a mystery, I guess . . . but how like him to assume it mere thoughtlessness.

[And he knew that she knew, on some deep instinctual basis of her own. She knew everything he hadn’t said and how to be the balm for his wounds.] She’s like his healer! Awww . . .

[A tinge of sunlight, a lamp to keep his slumber safe until the morning rays could filter through and drive away the last remaining darkness of yesterday.] So cute! It’s his combination light and teddy bear, until he can recover from Ashnard’s shadow and his past as a pauper.

A sweet, lighthearted read . . . I enjoyed it! Best of luck in your further literary endeavors!
TheTwilightRurouni chapter 1 . 11/17/2008
Aw, I'm surprised this didn't get better reviews, or at least more. Come on people, there's a nice Pelleas/Micaiah fic right on the first page. It's got a good title and summary too!

Anyway, onwards and upwards, to the review. Um...let's see, you had capitalized words in odd places at times, like in the middle of the sentence. Nothing to worry you really, it's an easy fix, along with the occasional mispelled word. No, I'd say this one-shot was good enough to just ignore the mechanics of it and focus on the actual story. True, it was darker than most fics, but appropriately so. You did a good job of instilling a sense of fear and twistedness, bringing out the sadistic aspects of the Keep. I'm being a bit formal right now, but it was very gripping to read.

Also, I liked how cool, almost dismissive Micaiah was. This is truly Micaiah/Pelleas, but it's platonic if you ask me. She knows what he needs to hear, and she says it. It's a nice break from overly sappy romance fics, I think she was my favorite aspect of this work. Just the way she was there for Pelleas to lean on, it seemed firmly within her character. Thanks for posting!

Twilight Rurouni
Herr Wozzeck chapter 1 . 11/17/2008
I'm not sure if I was supposed to feel creeped out by this, but I did find it just a little strange...
accountkiller20199 chapter 1 . 11/17/2008
I hate Pelleas. But this is lovely, if only for the poetry. I like your writing, especially now that it's not about that *other* pairing xP

"When she came into the room Pelleas stood a little taller, as if for once he could bear to stop stooping under the weight of his life."

I like this one.