Reviews for The End Is Near
scorched black chapter 31 . 3/21
This was a good mix between punny and sweet. :) It made me smile and other such fluffy things. Good job.
Izaranna chapter 31 . 3/12
An epic-logue indeed...
America is Awesome chapter 7 . 11/17/2013
You fucking Rickrolled me and for that! earned yourself a review ; )
You dick
BCIA chapter 3 . 10/17/2013
"Two chapters. Two chapters and I'll go to bed."
(Two chapters later)
"Well, who really needs sleep anyways, right?"
Feli chapter 7 . 7/24/2013
Mind. Blown. I nearly killed the wall I punched mere nanoseconds after reading the authors note at the end. And to think I'd stop losing the friggin' game for a while...
The Weird One chapter 19 . 7/13/2013
"I guess we'll just have to revive him with obsienly loud music," Mello /noted/ HAHAHHAHAHHHAHhahahaha..ha...ha... that was not funny in the least. i think im turning into matt o_O Did u do that on purpose? Sorry i probably just ruined ur day.. oh well XD
RealityKills chapter 31 . 7/14/2013
This story was absolutely amazing. It definitely brightened my day(s), and I would read it again. I loved your writing style and the shenanigans you thought up. The way you developed the plot was pretty fantastic, and I was eager to see how you would end it. Great job!
RealityKills chapter 30 . 7/14/2013
That... was absolutely adorable. All I wanted and more. I was a bit sorry that L stopped his major butt-kicking when he noticed that he had company, but I was incredibly satisfied to see it. And to see a Jealous!Light for once, too. Matt and Mello have resolved the UST beautifully, and I approve of the grand exit out of BB's castle. Everything was just... Gah.

Oh. And Near snuggling into Light's arm? Too cute for words. akljflkfjldajkflkas :D

Great chapter. One more and I'm done! I can't believe it!
RealityKills chapter 29 . 7/14/2013
Oh L. You really overthink things too much, sometimes, and it gets you into these situations... How did I forget about that man's powerful kick when I was ranting in the last review? Now I feel a little silly :)

I like this chapter, surprisingly. Though BB is as creepy as always and L is taken hostage, L shows a bit of his human side by being afraid, but also shows his bravery by not letting it show. Light also shows that he can assert himself, something I feel is overlooked sometimes when pairing him with the world's greatest three detectives, and it shows that Light really has a heart. He's not just doing this because he's a cop; he's doing it to save L. That's a heck of a difference.
RealityKills chapter 28 . 7/14/2013
GODDAMNIT! No, NO! You so cannot make it all cute and fluffy and then just let L get L-napped and make me worry about him! :( I was so happy that the guys found Near, then you had to go and take away L :( WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD?!

Okay, all prejudice aside, it was a good chapter with a major cliffie. With my prejudice firmly back in place, would you consider taking Near back and returning L? A girl has to try.
RealityKills chapter 27 . 7/14/2013
Poor Light! Though the fangirls appreciate the smexiness, Light had JUST gotten to the point where he was comfortable walking in on them when things sounded vaguely sexual. Such evil Fate... Oh well.

So our couples are finally getting steamy! :D This is good. Now the guys just need to find Near and have a happy ending and I'll be satisfied.

By the way, Mello's innuendos were wonderful. I was impressed. Great job with this chapter as well!
RealityKills chapter 26 . 7/14/2013
Mello! He had to ruin Light's cover! (In all honesty, I would have giggled too.) Gah, Mello is so enjoying his time in drag, isn't he? XD And L is just the opposite; he's so quiet and meek, it's easy to forget that he's really the guy that kicked Light in the face while they were hand-cuffed together. I love the dynamic. And I do feel sorry for poor old Matt.

I have to admit, the anticipation is building for me. Now that I know BB has Near, I'm super worried about him and I really want the gang to get to him fast. Not to say I'm not enjoying the shenanigans :) Great job!
RealityKills chapter 25 . 7/14/2013
So. Many. Puns. My Lord, I was in Heaven. Or Hell. Pun Hell. XD That was great.

Mello and L make pretty girls ;) Though I do wish that Light would have given in to his sadistic desires and snapped a picture to send back home. Maybe of L rather than Mello... But I can see the humor XD Nicely done.
RealityKills chapter 24 . 7/14/2013
Go L! I never thought he'd be so bold ;)

It really sucks that BB is brought into the equation, because now L has to face the dark side of all that Wammy's has done. But, on the other hand, it definitely makes it interesting. I can't wait to see what else happens.

Cross-dressing. Now THAT is a fantastic idea. Geez, first clubbing, now cross-dressing. These detectives sure are party-animals! I'm loving it. And I'm also loving that L gave Light his real name. AWWW! I think I could do a Fiona squeal! :D
RealityKills chapter 23 . 7/14/2013
Well... I guess my second theory was right...

That chapter was so cute, too! BB had to go ruin it :(

I really like that Matt and Mello have trouble admitting their feelings. Too often they're just shoved together since they're already really close friends, but you take time to go through the awkward stages in between. I like that. And I loved Mello's prank on Light :D Nice work!
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